Argentina away shirt released, Lionel Messi wears kit


Argentina’s new away shirt has been released with Lionel Messi promoting it.

As we reported a few days ago, the rumored Argentina away shirt was being leaked and the shirt is now released. Argentina captain Lionel Messi has modeled the shirt.

Lionel Messi wearing the new Argentina away shirt.


  1. With all do-respect to our beloved NT, this is horrible colors. With the exception of the sleeves this says NOTHING about our traditional uniform. Sorry, it’s garbage. I prefer the black kit over this one.
    I really have no clue what Adidas tried to do. Not trying to be negative or bad talk our team, but I love our old traditional colors. Same with the home kit, it should always be Albiceleste stripes!

  2. This is good but not the best!
    2010 wc away & 2011 copa away were great!
    For home, 2015 copa & which one Messi wore in wining the youth wc were superb!

  3. i can t say that i don t like this away shirt.
    just i find little bit better the 2018 world cup away shirt.

    my problem is the home jersey which is ugly for my taste.
    it is almost white and it is far from real Albiceleste colors.
    i prefer we use the 2018 shirts instead.

    my favorite was 1994 and 1998 shirts.

  4. like others have noted, the color deviates from standard blue or black but the color is unique and i think it actually looks pretty sharp. im gonna get one :).

    The home looks cheap and awful.

  5. Argentina needs to stop calling mediocre players from local league and Mexico when they have good players across the European leagues. As long as Scaloni remains, we will not win anything.

  6. I agree with Sabellista. Apart from the shades that in my humble opinion are nice, i don’t like the colour that much either as it doesn’t remind at least to me the wonderful and glorious dark blue Argentina away shirts used to have. For example, my favourite away shirts are 94 and 86 wc jerseys and regarding to the home jerseys, i agree again with Sabellista, the home jersey seems almost white to me as well. My favourite ones were 86, 94, 98 and 14 wc home jerseys. I think that adidas has run out from ideas and i would like to see another brand representing our team, like Reebok at late 90s and early 00s.

  7. I don’t like this color. Argentina away kit was always blue. Now designers are not honoring the colors. I hate the current home kit with a passion. Argentina shirt should somehow resemble the national flag. This current home kit is almost white.

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