Roberto Pereyra injured, will miss Argentina games


Roberto Pereyra is injured and will miss Argentina’s two friendly games.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will be with one player less when his team travels to play against both Brazil and Uruguay this month. Pereyra suffered a hamstring injury while playing for Watford which has ruled him out of the two matches.



  1. Here we go with the Injury bandwagon, get in, Its NT playing time. SMH.

    Slowly and steadily our midfield and Attack is taking shape, Goal Keeping (Gazzaniga, Andrada, Marchesin) and Defense is a worry, apart from LB which Tagliafico has made his own other 3 defensive positions are open as of now. Foyth is not a RB in nature he should be gradually tried in the center. Lisandro Martinez, Kannemann, Pezzella, Mammana, Quarta, Montiel. Etc etc, options are there but I don’t know which pairings will click for us, Otamendi’s clock is ticking, He should be out of contention after Copa.

    Whats happening with Mammana and Battaglia??

  2. Wow goals galore for Argentines; A.Correa, J.Correa, Ocampos, Simeone, Dybala, senesi, licha Martinez and Vietto! *whew*.
    I watched about 40 mins of the Atletico game and Simeone has gone back to his old ways and is putting Correa in the right midfield position even after the great form Angel showed (3 assists in 2 games) in the support striker position (his natural position) *sigh*, is it any wonder that Correa wanted to leave Atletico in the summer and go to milan. Still Correa did well and is doing quite well for Atletico and has regained his starting status and I think he could be of good service to the NT.

    Ocampos is fantastic and has been so for the last 3 seasons now. Once upon a time he was the runner up for the ‘golden boy’ award and great things were expected of him but he left Argentina way too young but now it seems like he’s living up to his potential.

    Dybala continues to kick ass, last time it was saving Juve in the CL and this time he replaced CR7 and took care of business! I’ll be honest I was very worried about Dybala at the beginning of the season but the kid has shown serious intent and grit and as long as he is used correctly for the Nt (up front infront of goal, not far to the right or as a 10) he would be deadly.

    Licha continues to develop in Ajax and he has to be called up, it’s insane why he isn’t yet Rojo and Pereyra are! I still content that Martinez must play CB because next to someone like Quarta Argentina would have a pair of ball playing CBs that would help facilitate the ball forward quickly and would help the midfield greatly.

    Speaking of Quarta, things weren’t all rosy for our Argentine boys this weekend, River lost their game and Quarta was uncharacteristically careless but everyone has a bad day at the office.
    Neuhen Perez had a off game also and was sent off late but he’s been fantastic overall for Famaliacao and I hope to god that he’ll get some minutes even though I doubt it.
    Paredes’s lack of playing time is worrying the heck out of me and this is compounded by the fact that I am certain he won’t move in the midseason since Scaloni won’t relegate him to the bench. If it were me I would tell leandro to go somewhere else to get regular playing time otherwise he could forget about starting for the NT, that’s the best way to light some fire under his butt, yet I doubt that will happen.

    Lastly regarding J.Correa, he’s kicked it into high gear in the last 2 months or so but I am sad to say that Argentina needs the likes of De Paul, Celso, A.Correa and Ocampos more than someone like J.Correa i.e. someone who has the attacking skill to do some damage but is also defensively disciplined and can play midfield when need be and Joaquin unfortunately is a luxury player at best.

    • I agree with most of the things and want to add dybala needed to be on the playing eleven with Messi either as one of the striker or as false nine , last match against Chile showed this duo can be a devastating threat for opponents add Aguero/lautaro with them to form a lethal attacking trio

  3. Why is emiliano buendia not getting any chances for Argentina ? Is scaloni overlooking him? …so far, he has done really well for Norwich city , has almost made that no 10 position for himself in the starting XI, he has got a good vision and taste of passes ….why not , instead of pereyra ,why not him ?. Afterall pereyra is tried and tested material, he hasn’ t done really well to convince us , although , his verstality is something that may have convinced scaloni to call him up regularly.
    There are so many potential players to be tried out , scaloni should look for more .

  4. Ocampos again, scores neirly the same amount of goals as Joaquin Correa, from much deeper position and with a lot of defensive work, 5 goals so far, Correa scored 5 under 2 seasons in Sevilla from this pos. So stop false propaganda.

    • “So stop false propaganda”

      What propaganda. This is not about Ocampos. The fact is that Correa is much much better than you thought. Was not you one of those who said he is not fast?

  5. J.Correa with 2 goals. And just look at the second how fast is Correa. I’ve heard from J.Correa’s critics on this site that he is not enough fast to play on wing in NT.

    • Yeahh Marcelino Moreno ofc, and Angileri, Leonardo Godoy, Barboza, Rigoni, Pussetto, Nicolas Gimenez, Pity, Nacho Fernandez, Reynoso and so on, very boring, some good matches in Primera is nothing…

      • The guy was bang average in his whole career, and now finally plays well, and instantly NT-material, my ass, he will be nowhere next season from his current level, same old story.

      • Guys who have not done anything at Primera have gone on to do better things in Europe, if not great. Ricky Alvarez for Inter, Chimy Avila for Huesca/Osasuna. Catania of Italy had 12-13 argentines in their squad and they used to be the giant-beaters for 3-4 seasons b2b before deteriorating to get relegated, if you can remember, even Simeone was managing them at a point. It should be more interesting to note that almost all of them including Gonzalo Escalante(currently at Eibar) were not even starters at their clubs in Primera before landing at Catania.

      • Csabalala,

        you fire blind with anger because of J.Correa proving you are again wrong?

        Maximiliano Moreno is longer time in great form. The players you mentioned either never got chance in NT or got very few minutes so how do you know about their actual NT relevance. Too many good players came from local league recently both to NT or Europe and quickly proved they have something to offer. Too many to believe people like you that always throws shit on that.

        • you fire blind with anger because of J.Correa proving you are again wrong?

          No he proves i was right, can play only in SS due his non existence defensive work, and still a very wasteful finisher, which is inaccaptable from a striker, any question? And we are full in this position with real goalscorers: Messi, Aguero, Dybala and even Lautaro can play there.

          • Neither Di Maria nor A.Correa as left wingers has not impressed on defensive works during their most recent games in NT, so no problem with Correa playing there (A.Correa – more danger than benefit in last game when it comes to defensive work).

          • They are real-hardworker players, J. Correa lazy as hell, we no need another Messi (who at least a phenomenon on the other side, Correa? Far from it), at least Ocampos works hard, and seems can score too in NT. Protect instead of Tagliafico is not easy, the guy shits in his pants against pacy attackers, and doesnt offer anything forward in NT jersey.

      • Scaloni never trusted Lanzini…may be because of his injury track record.
        Di Maria should be in team. Its not backward/forward issue. Keeping him out of this team is injustice. He has every right to play in this team. Give him some match with new team. I believe he will be called up soon and very useful in qualifiers and next Copa.

        • I tell you what is injustice
          Be so good and confident in your club
          And been below average in the nt.
          In every major tournament.
          No player had same opportunity
          Like angel had and his return is way
          Below standard we require from him
          As fans .

          • In every tournament..? Just this Copa..? He was called up to this new team in the last moment.
            Our best in recent history is 2014. I think he had a good tournament. Also, he was good in 2018 WC. His injury problem prevented him from shining some time.
            In youth team also he was good with Messi and Aguero.
            I still remember Olympic tournament.

          • Di Maria was the best player after Messi and Mascherano in 2014 world cup. Di Maria only failed in 2019 copa.

            Who scored the all important equalizer against the France, against the run of play? It was Di Maria. Who scored the all important goal in extra time against the swiss in 2014 wc. It was Di Maria. Who assisted Messi to score the crucial equalizer against Ecuador in the last match of qualifier? It was Di Maria. Who scored the goal in final in 2008 olympic against Nigeria? It was Di Maria.

            Yet, so many people think Di Maria was below par with NT. Do they actually understand what is below par means actually?

          • Have no idea how people actually r expecting Di Maria to be our Savior..Really??How many times r we gonna see the same failures again and again. I mean WHAT THE HELL..

      • Godin 11. Are you saying the current Argentine players who got called are better than Di maria. Di Maria is still one of the best players we have. He has been doing pretty well in this season. He has performed well in UCL too. So, why does calling him an injustice?

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