Angel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi score for PSG in win vs. Brest


Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi both scored for PSG in their 2-1 win vs. Brest.

It was an all Argentina show as the two players gave PSG both goals. Angel Di Maria made it 1-0 for PSG as he dinked the ball over the goalkeeper.

Mauro Icardi would give PSG the win with after Brest had made it 1-1, a low pass into the penalty area was blocked by the goalkeeper but Icardi was there on the loose ball to score.


  1. We need icardi world class striker don’t forget that we need him alongside do Maria Messi aguero dybala laurto

  2. All the pressure is now on Messi because almost all the danger coming from him. Griezmann played as a DM, Suarez always injured, Ansu or Dembele is going nowhere, the other 3 midfielders have no much support for Messi, the 2 fullbacks are good players but not enough solid for holding the ball. Let’s hope our talisman will not get burnt but I doubt.

  3. Icardi can’t stop scoring goals, well it’s what he is, the more he plays the more he will score, I hope he does get called up soon, we may need all the inform players for the Copa and the WCQ. If Dybala is keep getting called up and continuously not performing for the NT, I would rather give Icardi a shot for Sure, it is Alario vs Icardi for the Copa, whereas after Copa, Aguero will have to move on, Lautaro-Icardi-Alario (only issue is I can see 2 similar strikers with similar profiles where as Aguero-Lautaro-Icardi/Alario seems to have strikers with different profile.

    • Yeah I am inline with your thoughts. Actually I would have also included Messi in the list. So for the forward role, we have Icardi, Aguero, Alario. For the half 9 role, we have Messi, Correa and Dybala. Lautaro can do both.

      Tuchel is trying to make him play more outside the box in order to use his great control skill. I believe in his partnership with Mbappe at club.

    • Yes, I think that’s the formation Scaloni has in his mind, its more a 442 because Ocampos(or Acuna) can work like a box to box, De Paul and him on each side can bring a lot of balance. And it’s the only solution when you have Paredes as DM. Nico Dominguez is the best 8 of NT. I am also big fan of Zaracho and thought he should be here.

      This is the best formation because we don’t have any 10 and real DM. If one day Scaloni decides to replace Paredes with Lisandro Martinez, I think we may replace Ocampos by a more creative player.

  4. 6 days till the Argentina and Brazil game. Will it be the same formation we had in Copa with Messi and Aguero coming back again?

  5. I don’t see Icardi and Martinez playing together for ARGENTINA. Lautaro has proven himself very worthy of wearing that #9 while Icardi always looked slow, clueless and out of answers whenever given the ball, now just to be fair, THIS ARG team is better than the one he played on but still.
    He might secure a spot on the team in the future but I just don’t see it happening very soon and his mouthy wife has always been detrimental to his cause.

  6. It is very sad state of clubs – Messi wins for Barca always, Gazza saves Tottenham from embarassment, Lautaro for Inter, and Icardi for PSG..It is becoming 1 man club..

  7. I want Icardi back in the team. Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi and Messi should be the forwards for upcoming Copa. He is too good of a striker to be left out in 3 major competitions in a row. We have to pick a full strength squad to end our trophy drought!!

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