Rumored Argentina eleven vs. Brazil, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Lautaro


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni already has a vast majority of his players available and there is a starting eleven which is being rumored.

With captain Lionel Messi back in the squad, coach Scaloni will be starting him for the first game of the month vs. Brazil in Saudi Arabia. Per a report by TyC Sports, here’s the starting eleven:

Andrada; Foyth, Otamendi, Pezzella or Kannemann, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso or Acuna; Messi, Aguero, Lautaro


  1. Some of the things you read from here , the footballing world and the rest of the world: it’s really shocking and depressing. It’s like a fake news factory. People are paid to create and spread fake news and make truth disappear even if the actual thing happened 10 years ago, a year ago, a month ago or even seconds ago. Sadly that’s the world we live in.

    Pep Guardiola is a fraud for those people(ignorant, stupid and have no understanding of the sport). They’re trying hard to make look like the incredible work he done at Barca, nothing, absolutely nothing. They say any stupid person or even a kid could manage that Barca and play like the way they did and win countless trophies. Guardiola did nothing according to them! That clearly shows they have not watched Barca during the period of 2005-2009 and they have absolutely no understanding of the game whatsover. It’s ridiculous. I have no idea how people can easily forget the monumental job he did there and start an agenda against him. Shocking! The more stunning thing is there are ex-players(English apparently) and few current women players who have the similar view. In their defence, maybe they haven’t watched the games during that period but that’s not an excuse to say or write bollocks about someone. They have no decency to admit they’re wrong and ignorant and tell lies and spread fake stuff and agenda against someone.

    I see the same sort of thing happening here. But the ones saying it are “football experts” with no understanding of the game whatsover. What to say I doubt they even watch football. Some of the stuff they say here:
    1. Constant Pochettino bashing. Trying their best to make look like the “miracle work” he did and keep doing at Spurs as nothing and he’s a failure.
    Sometime ago I even read someone say he should be sacked and Gareth Southgate should be appointed!!! Pure sitcom material that…

    2. Said it before and now they’re at it again like Copa 2019 and the events thereafter never happened.
    De Paul, Acuna and Tagliafico are their main target. Lautaro, Lo Celso and Foyth also had similar treatment every now and then.
    Another evidence they don’t watch football or have no understanding of the sport whatsover. Just miserable little trolls.

    3. They won’t even leave the kids alone. Lots of rubbish were thrown at the u-17 lads during the world cup. They expect the 15 year olds, 16 year old and the 17 year olds to perform like seasoned veterans and finish off every chance and half chance they get. Idiots!

    Mostly ignore these sort of rubbish stuff and scumbags but anyway I thought I should say something about that otherwise it wouldn’t be right.

    • Want to add a few more things as well:

      4. Lo Celso bashing
      He is at a new club, a new league and a whole new place( referring to English weather). Give him time. He needs to adapt to all those things and besides he was injured in between and had no preseason whatsover with Betis if I’m not wrong. Don’t forget the fact that he’s only 23. Irrational criticism as always. Impatient little brats.

      5. Foyth

      He was injured during the preseason and only returned into action last month. For Spurs, he started the last UCL game and was sensational in that match. His first start for his club in any competition. Showing a lot of promise and he’s only 21!

  2. We need to start Christian Romero who is the future superstar of our team and foyth balerdi as well and Lisandro martninez get them ready so they could play against big team like Brazil

  3. Guys remember we need to produce good player so they could play for Europe become a superstar that will make our team strong than we might have good chance winning the World Cup 2022 we need to produce we got three years to produce to get ready for the World Cup. We need a player like Kylian Mbappe who could help us we need to find someone like him quickly before World Cup comes.

    • what do you mean by produce…no talents could be produced…its just France is blessed with those kind of talents since they have lots of people coming in to France from all over the world…mbappe’s father is Cameroonian and his mother of Algerian descent…Argentina does not have that luxury and moreover there are lots of talents in Argentina at the moment…and you don’t need talents you need a team to perform well (like Germany)

  4. Guys remember we need to produce good player so they could play for Europe become a superstar that will make our team strong than we might have good chance winning the World Cup 2022 we need to produce we got three years to produce to get ready for the World Cup. We need a player like Kylian Mbappe who could help us we need to find someone like him not also a player like him we need to find someone from our country.

  5. I like 4-2-3-1 formation for argentina.. And my team against brazil
    Saravia foyth kannemann tagliafico

    Guido rodriguez paredas

    De paul
    Messi ocampos


  6. every week in this forum one player suddenly comes up and take the blame in his shoulders of everything bad happened in Argentina for the last decade !!!

    last week was Di maria.
    only for the occupy of Malvinas islands people here they didn t accuse him.

    this week is the turn of Tagliafico to be blamed for everything happened.

    i look forward for next week to see who has turn.
    Messi turn passed. Di maria passed. Tagliafico turn is now. Paredes passed. Otamendi passed.

    hmmm what about Aguero guys?
    is good choice i think to start the shooting after Tagliafico i think.

    • Guido Rodriguez and parades who are they, are they better than lisandro Martinez,
      scaloni he can only win Mali, Israel, KSA, Bolivia kind of teams. he will lose against Brazil ad uruguay

  7. Foyth is not slow, on the contrary, he is a fast cb with amazing skills with the ball on his feet. I would rather see him playing as a cb than rb as well, but he is not slow by any means.

    Argentina possesses an amazing wealth of talent in midfield and defence now, while in attack we always were world beaters.

    • True Foyth is a talent and very skillful defender but his best position is CB or CDM because he cant put single sucessful cross into the box while playing as a RB position not even in totthenam.

    • Waveride,

      I don’t know what your definition of “fast” means but for me Foyth’s not fast, nor are any of our defenders. Mammana maybe but unfortunately he’s injured his ACL again which may(or may not) affect his speed. Of all our players, I can only see Di Maria and Pavon as the only speedsters. The ones who can beat opponents in a footrace even when they have a significant headstart.

  8. If Scaloni starts Acuna again means he doesnt learn anything from the disaster of our Copa 2019 , Acuna was wasting all the attacking moves against Brazil either by getting dispossesed or by bad first touch he was disaster at the Left Flank alongwith Tagliafico.

  9. If Christian Romero was there I would started him instead of German pezzela otmendi has experience white him and Romero good center back duo or quart Martinez you need experience center back like otmendi goalkeeper should me augustin because he playing for fc porto European goalkeeper just like I told you their is a reason these club bought him taglifico is world class LB not acuna also they need to bring wonker kid like Thiago Alamdo to the right wing Messi, aguero or laurto , Thiago Almado best front there in world football good be best attacking trio or you could be lucas Ocampus can be include alongside Messi, Aguero or Laurto

  10. They need to get Lisandro martinez for our defense or as a gliding midfielder he is too good I think during copa america 2020 our midfield should be paredes lo Celso Palacios if you guys don’t like paredes I understand you could star three central midfield play like nico there are great players if you star de Paul you will lose the game he’s overrated

  11. You should always start your European player because they are best that’s why some of big clubs bought than for a reason I don’t like de Paul he should never play for national team instead I would have Di Maria who gave us lots of goal and assist for our national team don’t forget that


    You guys can watch the highlights again.
    1st goal – miss pass by masche rojo gave away the Penalty.
    2nd goal – Tagliafico was on the run he tried to back heel but it didn’t connect. Pavard took a volley this type of goal can be scored one in a million time.
    3rd goal – fazio’s fault. Tagliafico was no where near there.
    4th goal – where the fuck was otamendi ? It was 4 vs 2. Only Tagliafico and Fazio was there. Just have a look.

    Have some dignity before blaming one person in a team failure.

    • oh dude…dont make me watch it again…I might cry
      Argentine defence has been like that since maradona era…it was only during sabella’s era that argentina was very strong defensively

      Watch 2010 world cup match against Germany…the defense was horrible… demichelis was the worst

  13. Off topic, i know that such things may seem “silly” to some people and i won’t blame them as i may be a little bit of weirdo LOL, but such silly things make me happy and i would like to share it with you guys:

    Today while i was waiting my turn in a shop i saw a man, at about 65 years old or something, who was wearing an Argentina national team jacket. When my turn came, he came to me and ask me politely: “Excuse me, is it your turn or mine?”
    And i replied: “Just because you wear this jacket you can have my turn!”
    Then he said: “Do you know how many years i have this jacket? This is my team!”
    And i replied to him: “I love this team since i was a kid!”.

  14. Csabalala
    November 12, 2019 at 12:19 pm
    In Ajax? Who cares? With Argentina 0 goal 0 assist and i dont remember one single big chance he has created.

    So.. he’s good player in club…and in NT…he can’t play because…he’s not good…I like that point…
    We all discussed here many times…why Tagliafico can’t play like in Ajax…with NT…I don’t want to do it again…

  15. Tagliafico is simply best Argentina
    Left back right now.
    He is captain material. he was best arg
    Defender in last copa. only haters
    Will criticise very good reliable player
    Like tagliafico.
    Please people tell me how the hell
    You expecting tagliafico to be more
    Attacking left back when your CBS
    Are really vulnerable plus no proper
    Destroyer in front of them top of that
    You have messi. Aguero and lautaro
    Playing together. Only fool or playstation
    Fantics expect likes tagliafico and de paul
    Score goal and assist more.

    • No, only fools dont expect from attacking left backs and ZMs/AMs to score goal and create chances, nonsense, absolute nonsense, world class strikers are nothing without elite midfielders and elite full backs who give the width to their teams, an organised defense will easily neutralize 2/3 elite strikers without support from back. Lautaro, Aguero and Messi uprfront and? What have to de against 8 defending players in 20m zone (central area)? If our full backs would attack this space regularly it would be 40-50m wide minimum, with a lot of open spaces. Plus minimum 1 rather 2 supporting creative world class midfielder is a MUST too. (not o goal o assist guys). So yes with the same team we will propably score exactly 0 goal again just like Scalonis last 2 games vs Brazil with Lautaro, Aguero and Messi and this would be not their fault.

      • Csabalala
        Please watch football more
        Nt and club football are utterly
        and Completely different .
        You don’t have the IQ to understand.
        Go on play your f…king playstations
        Watch you fancy teams and players
        Like Kevin De Bruyne .

      • How do you play attacking full backs with center backs like otamendi, pezella, kanneman and paredes protecting them? And you don’t even want depaul. This is either logically inconsistent or advocating for sampaoli part 2. who are these superman players we have who will fit these schemes? you dont even like anything to do with the primera to bring in some untested gem. just to be a contrarian for contrarian’s sake is boring man.

        • We havent got real world class players except attackers, the reason ARG wont win shit in the next years neither and Brazil does. Look at the clubs where they play and in how important role, till this wont be the case with Argentina dont dream about trophies.

          • Ok. fair enough. we don’t have truly elite players towards the back at present. I don’t think anyone here will claim otherwise. But that doesn’t mean we go into tournaments without looking to win. Flowing, attacking football is not the only way to win. If we have weaknesses we have to scheme around that and that is what scaloni is trying.

    • And if we score it will be all individual brilliance, but the team structure keep unbalanced without world class full backs and midfielders to create constant chances against world class teams.

  16. Tagliafico is an integral part of Scaloni’s plans. People who can’t stand that can quit watching Argentina after all. If not Tagliafico, it must be Acuna starting at LB/LWB(may be in a back 3 s/m). Most people belittling Tagliafico are not fond of Acuna as well.. so such guys can only keep barking. I’m sure those ‘Big hearted fans'(and definitely not villains) will be ill-wishers of the team when they don’t find their favorite players at each position. Because they are mere glory hunters who just want to keep coming back here to bark and bark for ever – ‘Did I not say, what now? ‘ _/\_

  17. Arg v France 2018
    Absolutely nonsensical blame game going on by people with the memory of a goldfish who see only what they want to see and not how things happened. Placing misguided blame everywhere based on their bias. There was plenty of blame to go around that game. Young, old it does not matter.

    But if we want to play the blame game how about the fact that when messi is dispossessed in the final third (which is fine his job is to create) the ball actually lands at banega’s feet with tons of time and space around him and no pressure but he instead shows the touch of a brick wall ending up essentially passing the ball to mbappe to run down the field for a penalty(goal 1). Or how about in the second goal Benjamin pavard essentially makes the most casual 30 meter diagonal run to the top of the box but the trailing winger DiMaria whose job it is to pick a full back in such a situation is caught ball watching and jogging(goal 2). Or that mercado and fazio basically show the heavy feet of an elephant in the box in clearing their lines (goal 3). Or how about the fact that Otamendi makes a complete mess of stepping up to griezmann when pogba plays the pressure releasing press to him going out of position. And then when the ball goes to Matuidi, fazio cluelessly starts pulling wide and running down the half space in the wrong direction instead of sticking to giroud as he drifts central to create a 2v1 with mbappe against tagliafico.

    Bad insights, incorrect memories, poor understanding of the game everywhere by folks who need to write less and watch more. ball watchers, not play watchers. Stick to the future. No rehashing incorrect misinterpretations of the past.

    • Before Pavard equaliser goal Tagliafico kicked a luft…it was 100% his mistake, and where was Tagliafico whole game long? If he had real football intelligence and more football IQ he would have stayed deep whole game to protect and man mark the shining Mbappe, but no rather he was in no mans land, cause attacking-wise he created nothing as usual, so man not talking about Tagliafico horrible luft make you not serious and biased with double standards, why i dont see his mistake here? Hmm? So please stop lying!

      • And that second goal was the turning point, the most important moment for France, a techically gifted defender would have read that cross and kicked that ball to the moon. OK everybody make mistakes, but not this was Taglaifico biggest mistake in that match.

      • really? 100% his mistake when the ball clips his heel as he is trying to keep the height of the back line along with fazio and otamendi when the line is retreating? nonsense. let me ask you when the opposition right back is entering between the defensive and mid line against a retreating defense whose job is it to pick him?. I will answer for you. the wide midfielder.
        Football IQ? They are in completely perfect 2-3-5 in possession when the french transition for the first goal happens. why would he stay deep? the symmetry of the mid line around the holder (banega) clearly shows it is exactly as sampaoli had drawn up. why would he “stay deeper” against what was drawn up?
        no one says tagliafico is the second incarnation of maldini but making him a scapegoat for others faults? please son. watch more. write less.

        (a technically gifted defender would have done of that. he would have done exactly what nico did. keep the height of the line and rely on the retreating mid to be in position for a cut back cross)

  18. i do not understand why some people are. always. saving Tagliafico.Against Germany he was completely exposed.Crossing,Speed , stretching the defense,overlap runs,little pass inside the penalty box are charactistics of left back player but Tagliafico does nothing for NT.So why he is there.Ansaldi. Rojo and Gomez(Argentinos left back ) are good player and should be tried in Left back role

  19. I’d start with Acuña this time as Lo Celso is still not 100% and it is risky playing him against physical giants like Brazil. Acuña can handle himself better right now and has done quite well for us in recent games.

  20. As there is no DM, if I were Scaloni, I would either go with a formation 442 or 4312:

    – 442 with De Paul-Paredes-Nico Dominguez-Acuna, less pressure for Paredes, can make use of Acuna and De Paul’s winger experience, who are actually the 1st layer of defense, like Italy 2006.
    – 4312 with De Paul-Paredes-Mac Allister behind Lo Celso, old-school midfield with a playmaker behind 2 box to box on each side and a holding, similar to France 98.

  21. I have always said #10 is not Messi’s best position. He is not done for being a playmaker and using him in this role will kill his efficiency because he has no room for his dribbling and too far from the goal. He should be always used as right forward, half 9. I think his best season after the unforgettable 2010-2012 was when Luis Enrique’s 1st year when Barca played in 442.

    • Luis Enrique first year was 14-15 and he has never played with 4-4-2, and ofc Messi is the best playmaker of the world with a big margin, only De Bruyne comes close to his passing abilities., he is second.

  22. I have quoted one of our best left-backs ever, Juan Pablo Sorin here before, I’ll do it again.

    Sorin on Tagliafico: “I really like how Tagliafico plays, I think he’s an old-fashioned number three”.

    A case may be made that perhaps Acuna can do a better job offensively as a LB but that’s about it. There’s nobody else that comes to mind, Ansaldi, et all are not at the required level.

        • Why should I ask Questions to you..?
          Which defenders don’t have problems against speedsters. Almost all defenders will struggle with those types of players.
          Nothing in attack..? Do you know how many goals Tagliafico scored for Ajax in the past 2 seasons..11 goals and 9 assists from LB position in 66 games. What more you want from an LB…

          His potential in attacking has been improved…this season..

  23. Tagliafico had cost us the WC. How ?
    It was Messi who missed Penalty against Iceland.
    It was Rojo who gave away the Penalty against France.
    It was Sampaoli who played a midfield trio of old Mascherano, Biglia and enzo perez.
    It was Cabellero who gave away the ball to Croatia.
    It was Dimaria and Messi who lost possession trying to Dribble past players.
    Dont try to make Tagliafico scapegoat of the WC.

    • Messi lost penalty but that was first game or just a start of tournament for Argentina that can be forgiven.I am talking against France many goals conceded by Argentina through left side that was Tagliafico’s area he was not there.Till Rojo’s substituituon both teams were level.Tagliafico was headless chicken there.Ansaldi could have been much better there.What Tagliafico did in world cup worthy mentioning is nothing.Tagliafico ,Pavon and Enzo were reason Argentina lost

    • It’s strange that people still blames players for the things happened in the past. You can’t blame a single player when a team loses miserably. Let me tell you something. In the game against france, I haven’t seen some aggressive pressing from our players. Everyone (including Messi) should press non stop to limit france. Why on earth does Argentina tries to play a possession based football with high line. Taglifico is a decent player but I won’t call him world class. He do have weaknesses so does others. But I don’t think there is any better player other than him for our left back spot. Some of the guys mentioned Rojo and Ansaldi. These players are currently at the wrong side of thirties so they won’t make this squad much better. We don’t have time to experiment. We have to find our formula to win games. In our last world Round of 16 against France, we were mentally and physically outplayed. We had an inferior squad compared to France. None of our players convinced me in that game. Messi was our best player but he was also having a below par game according to his standards. So we better to stict to what we have.

  24. Announcement for all you baseball fans:
    No one ever said acuna is one of the greatest players in football. No one.
    But he adds something to the team which we are lacking on all sides of the pitch… That he is a gritty, get it done player who works his ass off running back and forth between offense and defense. He doesn’t have great touches yes, but he fights for the ball, he retains possession and most importantly he allows attackers to get free and releases the ball. Watch his last two performances for Argentina. Alsoo, another note, anyone who berates DePaul needs to stick to baseball. He is hands down our most important player other than Messi at the moment.
    By the way, there is no slam dunks or pitchers in the game of football idiots. Thanks.

    • I think it would be nice to try him in left back position at once. Let’s see how he plays with messi. I don’t follow portugese league. Is he performing really well in Sporting. Is he a good passer. I mean we can’t afford to play a bad passer as a left back spot.

  25. hey friends… i was passing through a bunch of football skills videos when i saw a video of a 8year old argentine wonderkid claudio gabriel nancufil which was uploaded 5 years ago….
    his skills where similar to that of lionel messi
    when i googled him i didnt find any information….
    where is he now playing…. at which club and how old is he now….

  26. Seems like Foyth is now Scaloni’s preferred RB, Its okay as per me. Even though he is not good in going forward, he definitely brings much needed defensive stability. Gradually if we find a better RB Foyth can move to the center, One of our brightest Defensive prodigy. So as of now the RB and LB looks set, In the Center Otamendi’s rough play is still a problem, I think Kanneman or Pezzella are okay. Will see how they manage against Brazil.

    Rest all looks the usual suspects, seems like its 4-3-3, Ocampos or Acuna as of now looks better than Lo Celso considering Lo Celso just came back from Injury. Andrada is a welcome sight too.

  27. It is true that Tagliafico has done nothing for Argentina till now but had costed Argentina major tournamentvlike World cup and Copa, coaches are deluded by his delusional work rate and his fake strong attitude.First it was Sampoli and now it is Scaloni.There are many left back which are far better than him inspite of playing at small club.Scaloni should get rid of Tagliafico, he is a weak link,otherwise he is going to cost us other tournament

  28. I still dont understand why scaloni is carrying liability players like Tagliafico this was the guy who cost us WC and copa America he doesnt deserve to put on NT jersey, Paredes a bench warmer in Farmer league (He can be useful as subs when we need to slow down the game),
    Acuna such a bad first touch and ball control cant take on defenders we cant start him just for some crosses , if we want to control the whole game. De paul is a big lie to national team ,cant create anything.
    Pezella is still roaming around the NT fiorentina conceeded 5th highest goal in Serie A under leadership of Pezella and slow and unskilled defender.
    Lo celso looks fully fit according to his last 2 matches at Totthenam , he was arguably the best player of Totthenam in both matches he deserves to start over Acuna.

  29. Tuchel is killing off parades confidence…why the hell would psg buy Argentine midfielders and make them sit on the bench…I am a Sevilla and Albiceleste fan but I was still happy that parades was about to join our rivals betis…Gio lo celso lit up la liga with betis last year and is now doing really well at spurs after the injury layoff…played really well against sheffield
    Since Banega is getiing old..I hope Sevilla signs parades and save him from the PSG nightmare

    • Well the truth is I guess Tuchel never wanted him as he was hired by the former director. His playing style is not inline with PSG, Tuchel wants a DM who is solid in front of the defense and plays simple. The playmaker is either Di Maria or Neymar. Verratti for holding the ball and building the link between defense and attack.

      Ironically Tuchel brought Di Maria and Icardi to another level but they are not eligible for NT. I think Paredes is not really made for Ligue 1 or PL. Inter or Sevilla could be great for him, especially Inter, they need creativity and long passing, he can play with 2 very good box to box plus the 2 hardworking winger backs.

  30. My lineup would be
    Foyth, Otamendi, Kannemann, Tagliafico
    De paul, Paredes, Ocampos
    Dybala, Lautaro
    aguero, nico dominguez and angel correa as substitutes

    Ocampos and de paul are work horses with good dribbling skills…they could help us take some pressure off in the middle while parades feeds messi

    Also Otamendi and aguero should retire after copa 2020 and Argentina should start playing cristian romero

  31. Scaloni is such a garbage coach. Didn’t he realize how weak is our back line and midfield is at the Copa??? What did he do to fix it ?? Parades, acuna, DePaul, otamandi, Pezella, tagliafico are not starting materials for this giant NT. He needs to stop starting these players..

  32. Otamandi, Tagliafico and Pezella are utter garbage. At best, they are the backups. Nuhen Perez should start over Pezella. I would still take Otmandi in World Cup due to his experience and lack of World class Argentine defenders.

  33. Marcos Senesi have been discarded from sub23 due to arm injury.
    While Argentina sub23 is yet to find an opponent since Chile u23 resigned from United IFF tournment.

  34. Again, with two strikers against Brazil is risky luxury, especially without destroyer on No.5. Better one working midfielder more instead of striker

  35. This predicted eleven is shit.
    Foyth. Quarta Martinez.Otamendi Tagliafico
    De. Paul. Paredes. Nico Dominiguez
    Messi. Aguero. Ocampus
    This is the best eleven we need chemistry among us.Lo celso should not start i do not see him flourishing in 4 3 3 formation.Acuna Mac Allister Lautaro Alario should be substitute.

  36. TYC sports has no insider information. They are exactly like us.
    Many of the commentators here and myself could have told you this lineup a month ago.
    kanneman or pezzela, acuna or lo celso. hahhahahahah. Look at 4 blog posts ago, I think 20 people predicted this lineup. TyC sports is bullshit. Thanks

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