Argentina win 1-0 vs. Brazil in U23 tournament, Nicolas Capaldo the winner


Argentina won 1-0 vs. Brazil in their final match at the U23 tournament.

Fernando Batista’s team won their last match against the eternal rivals. The winner was scored by Nicolas Capaldo.

The team will take part in the Olympic qualifiers in January and February where they will attempt to qualify for the 2020 summer games.


  1. “Por otra parte, el Bocha resaltó a seis futbolistas como los de mayor proyección: Matías Vargas (Espanyol), Ezequiel Ponce (Spartak de Moscú), Leonardo Balerdi (Borussia Dortmund), Matías Zaracho (Racing), Fausto Vera (Argentinos) y Adolfo Gaich (San Lorenzo)”

    According to Batista his opinion of players with best projection to go into senior squad: Vargas, Ponce, Balerdi, Zaracho, F Vera, Gaich

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