Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni confirms Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero will play


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed that both Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero will play vs. Uruguay on Monday.

The team have made the flight from Saudi Arabia over to Israel for their friendly game vs. Uruguay on Monday. Lionel Scaloni has given a press conference where he spoke about the team, the players and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“We still haven’t confirmed the team, we will wait a bit more. We’ll wait a little more. I want to put out a fresh team, that’s fully fit and that’s why we will wait until tomorrow.

“Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero will play tomorrow. I won’t confirm anything more, it’s barely been 48 hours since we played Brazil. I would like to see a few of the players which didn’t play against Brazil. Since it’s the last friendly game before the World Cup qualifiers, I believe we could give the chance to a few more players.”

Regarding the team:

“The balance is positive. We tried to bring in new players to the Argentina national team. I think we have formed a good base with players who have worn the shirt. we hope to be able to have a good match tomorrow.

“When the opponents are stronger, it’s better. The important thing is to play against big national teams. We are satisfied with the teams we’ve gotten in these friendly games.”

About their opponents:

“Uruguay is one of the best national teams in the world. They have a mix of youth and experienced players. I’m an admirer of Uruguayan football. I admire their coach and the path for us to continue is a bit like the one they started years ago. It’s the way to try and get something beautiful out of the Argentina national team.”


  1. Hard to believe that Lautaro is as important for Argentina as Messi. Argentina has recovered from 2018 world cup disaster and scaloni did brilliant job in transition now the team is settled and can able to beat any teams expect eurpean heavyweights. Today the line up is very poor, against Brazil Argentina played with best line up. Aguero and Dybala can’t play together with messi, having three luxury players leaked goals. Against Uruguay midfield was disaster, Acuna+Paredes(farmer)+DePaul, against Brazil Argentina played with Lo Celso+Occampos which made midfield strong. Anyway Montiel, Quartza, Palacios are sureshoot starting 11 players, Andrada must have played his last match as Gaza and Musso knocking the door while Armani is the first choice for scaloni.

    • @Romance King – Agreed. Unless Scaloni made a promise to Pocchetino against using Lo Celso, Foyth..i don’t see a reason not starting them, other than fitness issues..

      Andrada needs more experience..atleast he is out of the GK options..less confusion on that spot for now..

    • Dybala was good, and Acuna played really well with Tagliafico. De Paul’s passes weren’t up to the mark yes, he botched up a lot of final passes but please don’t compare Acuna and De Paul with Paredes. Paredes is a different matter altogether. The day we get that right holding midfielder is the day Argentina can play any team, or in any rhythm. A holding midfielder holds the ball, even if people are charging at him, he creates the play. the tempo. Paredes doesn’t seem to have a third gear, forget the fourth and fifth. He receives the ball from the CBs and gives it back or he gives it to the the LM or RM or LW or RW before the opponent comes close to him. Is this the function of a holding midfielder? Yes, he is great without the ball, but what about with the ball? He had all the possession in the world today and what could he do? This team seriously need someone of the quality of Kante, Casemiro, Busquet, Frankie De Jong or at least of the quality of Allan or Valverde or at least the quality of 35 year old Fernandinho. That’s a must.

      • When mentioned about paredes’s shit performance somebody called me “Pokemons”
        When you have enough holding midfield talents like marcone,Gimenez,capaldo,almendra and many others who play regularly for their club yet you are adamant to play this guy who choose money of PSG instead of playing time,this types of Gold diggers should be kicked out from team.

        Although sampaoli done disaster but did the right thing leaving Paredes .

    • Are you guys referring to your personal feelings or the game against Uruguay? For me, this is the best performance of the team as a unit. No one plays badly, every player contributes to the game. Honestly, I did not want Paredes as DM but he is doing a tremendous job. When you don’t know what you are talking about, please don’t comment because there are people on the platform who understand the game and make very good analysis. Read and learn from other people before you comment.

  2. Why Argentina is the unluckiest national team in world football ? , Damn these guys are even unlucky in friendlies .
    I don’t know , but I can’t help myself , I feel like , being a Argentina fan is the biggest and hardest test in life .
    I don’t know if others feels the same or not.

    • Glad that you are fan of Argentina..but i think you are should be able to differentiate “luck and deserve”..

      the way you potray is like..if argentina plays like school kids against any strong opponents and end up losing, they are unlucky..

      In your words – Argentina “was not unlucky” today..very much lucky to draw..

    • “being a Argentina fan is the biggest and hardest test in life”

      taking the shit, mockery and disrespect into consideration in which the NT players go through, I think being an Argentina NT player is the hardest and most challenging test in life 🙂 We as SOLID fans are left to feel the consequences.

  3. Lol , otamendi was passing like a pro midfielder today , his passes were so clinical.
    The only thing , I presume about today’s match is that , Argentina played too many passes , at some instances it almost looked similar to Argentina’s game against Iceland in wc.really , there were so many short passes they could have played , aguero was in a better position , during messis’s first shot , aguero blasted a shot into the stands after tasty 12 b/w Messi & dybala , could have passed to dybala who was following up to his right hand side .
    So many short instances to slice up the Uruguayan defence , but unlucky again.
    Acuna was brilliant today , so is tagliafico and saravia . Uruguay was never a rosey opponent , they were stiff in defence , but Argentina’s display was pleasure , I think the team is ready for the qualifiers ,but still some errs to solve in that full-back positions.

    • That is the way Uruguay been playing for the past 13 years, that is their game. They hit you on the go when you lose the ball, that’s all. Look at how Valverde and Torreiro created the second goal, that’s how they create out of nothing. That ball to Suarez is what pass into the final third means. That’s how clinical and precise their midfield line is. Those two boys, Torreira and Valverde were playing caviar football. Paredes understood that he got outplayed when he got substituted,

        • It wasn’t lighting quick, they were playing in leisurely pace. Valverde took ball from Godin, played one two with Godin, took the ball and his team to right side of the pitch. Argentine defense and midfielf leaned completely to the right with the uruguay front line and then Valverde took back the ball from the RW and to then send a long ball to the whole space opened up in LW, and Torreira waited to take the pass for everyone to align for the goal to happen. It was a simple training ground goal. The entire play was in leisurely pace, even the pass to Suarez and his pass to Cavani for a simple tap in. There was nothing lightning and quick. It was just a simple technical play in leisurely pace.

  4. It was an entertaining game of football. Uruguay played brilliant, like a machine letting Argentina have possession. Argentina was trying all possible ways, the wingers, full backs and defense line were all perfect. We really put the heart out, looking for ways to create chances but our midfield line was completely cut out by Valverde and Torreiro.

    De Paul need to sharpen up his final passes, and link up plays in the final third. Dybala, Messi and Aguero were threatening and really creative but weren’t lucky or perhaps sharp or clinical to get past Uruguay. Saravia is a wonderful player, brilliant player and he will get better and his passes into the final third will be sharp, I hope. De Paul was decent but again his final passes were off like always. Tagliafico is a gem, he is a must and Acuna played his part beautifully. Its not easy to break down Uruguay’s defense with Godin at helm and now with Torreira and Valverde, they have an impressive midfield line. We created a lot of chances and missed them all except the ones scored. On the other side, Uruguay were clinical in front of the goal. Argentina played to win till Uruguay’s second goal, and then maybe to get a draw, and got it.

    When you play against a team like Uruguay with a definite style that’s etched into them over the past 14-15 years under one man, the great Oscar Tabares, it is very necessary to take the chances that were there. We had couple of clear chances and we didn’t finish it. Anyway, it was a great game, enjoyed it till the end. Argentina is on the path to renaissance but yes, I guess it is time to slowly look for someone better than Paredes.

  5. three games and three same attempts against saravia. the huge cross field diagonal switch from the right to the left (in point of view of opposition) into the back of our RB zone. The colombia opening goal (james ball), same the firminho to neymar switch in 2018 brazil friendly to win the corner that resulted in header, today the same ball to create opening goal.

    i don’t think his positioning is terrible before the pass. coach just needs to train him to step out and tackle or foul much earlier before the cross man can settle after receiving.

  6. It’s clear how hard to make shooting opportunities against Scaloni team, but if YES thats a lot of times a huge scoring chance, sometimes after big individual errors. Overall Qatar 4, Venezuela 6, Brazil in Copa semi 4, Chile in bronze match 4, Chile in friendly 5, Mexico 4, Germany 13 (thats an average number against such a strong team), Ecuador 2, Brazil 6, Uruguay 5…on the other hand Argentine in order 19, 17, 14, 15, 13, 17, 11, 8 (against Ecuador but without blocked shots), 14 and today 16…

  7. De Paul was good but he is the midfield he should play in the wings. Lionel Scaloni should never start Acuna performance was so bad in midfield it should be Lo Celso starting not him.

  8. Í know some people goona butcher dybala for his almost routinely clumsy display , but all I want to say he was excellent today , creating link-ups b/w Messi &aguero and Messi and him, super control of the ball ,and accurate pin- pint passes to Messi & aguero . Argentina’s equalizer was due to dybala’s quick pick out pass to aguero , who was in a good scoring position. He was a bit slow at times , but he is getting better , this is his only 2nd consecutive match with Messi ,and it’s difficult to alter positions with him.

    Even Ray Hudson was commenting about his too much similarity with Messi ,and also explained ,how it do brings out difficulties in setting up the attacks .
    But dybala is improving , with Messi and am sure he will only get better , if scaloni exposes him with Messi.

  9. Going by the comments of few – Saravia, Paredes, Acuna, Andrada etc..all played well and we couldn’t it because Dybala’s handball goal was not counted?

  10. Despite the 2 goals from Uruguay, I was extremely satisfied with how the team played. THATs the kind of game/style I been waiting for from Argentina. Really happy with how they performed. Uruguay’s goals could Have been avoided, but we didn’t give up and they kept looking for the goal. So happy today!!
    They all did wonderful, and personally I think Dybala played his best game yet with the NT. That’s what I been wanting from him. He did phenomenal, and played really well with messi!!

    • But the irony is after this performance dybala will be benched but Paredes will play as usual . Shit nepotism of coaches.

  11. Dybala and Saravia did great today too bad Dybala didn’t score…

    3 Man Miedfield with those three doesn’t work… Very lack of creativity… There needs to be Lo Celso, Palacios….

    Messi wasn’t as good as against Brazil but still it’s Messi and he saved us…

    Lautaro was great as always would love to see Lautaro Messi and Dybala for some time even if Dybala is only a sub…

    really enjoyed the game today

  12. Surprisingly that was a good game of association football. Derby, friendly…it didn’t matter. Both teams with some similar traits but different styles of playing. Result don’t matter but 2-2 seems okay or Argentina could have edged it like someone mentioned here. Uruguay with two moments of quality and resolute defending Vs Argentina’s relentless fast direct approach with possession. If to be cynical , one may have to question two Uruguay goals, one for offside(tight) and the other for a nonexistent freekick(Godin did more than that to Otamendi in Uruguay’s box!). But can’t deny the quality of two goals, sublime!
    Overall Argentina played really well. Controlled the game throughout and it was not mere possession for possession’s sake, there were always looking for forward passes and link up plays. Only undone by two quality goals. Forwards and midfield always trying to link up and fullbacks bombing forward, midfielders making forward runs into the box… Lacking was the final product at times. But good to see so much progress, will only get better. Overall good use of a friendly derby. Given Aguero, Dybala and Messi trio a go. Good international break for La Albiceleste. Two derbies. So many positives. Kudos Scaloni, Ayala, Samuel and all of the coaching staff and the entire squad. You deserve it.
    Credit to AFA and chief Tapia as well. Not only for the senior side setup but also all levels of the game, the youth setups. They surely are learning from their mistakes and acting wisely for me.

  13. With Uruguay I never expect easy game. So was this time. I expected a little more from us, however this game confirmed my thoughts this is close to our starting eleven with addition of Lautaro, Palacios, Quarta. Saravia is question mark. He is smart IMO and was not bad as for someone without playing time in club. Needs more chances. Just like Montiel.

    • Dear Gonzalo – I do not blame Saravia – he needs more playing time and Scaloni wanted to keep option open on the RB..may be..

      My biggest concern was midfield formation..may be scaloni thought Uruguay would attack and not sit back and do a was only after the 70-75 minutes..things started moving a bit for Argentina..Paredes needs to do better..he was putting Otamendi and Pezzela under more pressure..i think he needs to be more agile or do a different role..De Paul is doing the things he knows best..Acuna is good,but he needs more space…cannot have Taglifico and Acuna together in the same wing..

  14. Dybala is a exceptional talent , but he always has this way of playing casually , I don’t know why, but the right hand side of the attack looked super slow today , especially dybala , I almost felt asleep during the match . Can’t blame him cause he has to switch positions with Messi , to alter their play .

  15. Good game.
    Improvement galore.
    Messi is rejuvenated, energized and a 100% all into the game.
    Aside from one or 2 players, the team played well.
    I am sorry, wasn’t Cavani offside??!!
    Dybala is coming along slowly.
    I hope they continue to get better

  16. I don’t know if anyone has noticed it , the moment paredes was subbed off , Argentina lost a lot it’s creativity in the middle , paredes was controlling the tempo of the game .
    The only source remained was Messi , but still they got a way out .

    Paredes was super exceptional today , although Argentina conceded two goals against the run of play , but paredes was a exhibition in the midfield for Argentina today.

    • ya I saw that…ater parades sub argentina struggled hard to put passes together and was relying too much on messi to create something…same with the 2006 and 2014 team…Arg 2006, take riquelme Argentina became wasteful in the middle and 2014 take banega out…the team struggled a lot in the middle…2018 banega was overpowered by midfielders like kante and pogba and thus we lost a lot of creativity down the middle

      we soon need an alternative for parades…my options would be robertone or palacios
      or Lo celso(he needs to start making plays form the back for spurs like how banega does for Sevilla)

  17. I gotta say it was an entertaining match. The Uruguay Defence was too good but good pressure by Argentina in the second half which brought us 2 goals. (This is the difference under Scaloni, we always find a way to come back, I like our new fighting spirit in 2nd halves that never existed in recent past) It was a good test for Argentina. Uruguay Defence was more solid than Brazil. Scaloni so far doing alright. We are getting better and should play strong teams for friendlies to bring the best out of us. The Suarez goal was-Suarez nothing can be done. Suarez with an assist and a goal and Messi with an assist and a deserved goal. Good changes by Scaloni (esp. Latauro) made the difference.
    Vamos Albiceleste.

  18. The progress Argentina made in 2019 in my opinion is unbelievable. Where we have been in the beginning of 19, before Copa America, it was not even a proper team. At the least, the confidence is back. Fear factor against Argentina is slowly coming back too.. it’s visible, if you are not too much negative.

    Looking forward to an another good year. World Cup Qualifiers is the best opportunity to build the team into perfection. All the best to Scaloni & Co..

  19. Argentina 100% deserved to win this game, soooo many chances , so many goal scoring threats , good possession football , but again unlucky.

    Uruguay were super lucky to score against Argentina , if you watch their 1st goal , it was a total blunder from the RB , caught out horrendously by torreira’s ball.

    I don’t see any negative in today’s match , super improved Argentine side , with only some slump-ups in the defense , especially in the RB region .

    • draw is a good result today for us..after trailing twice..but we should have won this game easily..
      had lots of ball possession ..
      finishing is below the level of our great attackers ..

      Uruguay created less chances but scored..finishing was excellent..

      Aguero missed a easy chance according to his level..Dybala Messi also should have scored a goal..

      Lautaro Martinez is way better as a player now and partner for Messi..
      Aguero never looks like he looks in mancity ..
      rather trying a shot on goal Aguero was finding messi sometimes…

  20. We should not criticize team for not winning. It was a bad unfortunate day for us but still unbeaten. But one thing seems clear to me is our front line should be Lautaro Aguaro and Messi… no Dybala as starter. We need replacement for Pezella. Keeper should be Gazzaniga and Andrada…Well done. Created lot of chances and luck didn’t favor us.

  21. In every aspect Argentina was better…bit still…this x1 won’t work against organized team. LoCelso and Palacios needed. Lautaro must start every single match. Paredes is not DM..I am always against that idea..

  22. Paredes was so poor today. Couldn’t play a forward pass. Nicolas Dominguez, no 24, i guess is a poor class player.

    Saravia and De Paul were brilliant today. Lautaro for last 15 mins was fantastic.

    • “Couldn’t play a forward pass”

      i don’t know man. yes he made a big mistake hanging out in the back line for the first goal before the cross was played in instead of holding the center of the middle line against the opposition midfielder entering so he wouldn’t have been so slow in stepping out to meet the ball but really his possession game was not a problem in my view.

      he really had no room to turn after receiving the ball from the back line because the man mark was upon him almost immediately. really this is why i mentioned below that depaul and acuna don’t know how to take space in the midfield but know how to do so only on the outside channels. because really in such a situation it is upto the LM and RM to drag into the space that the man mark is creating. Messi recognizes this stuff and that’s why you so him drop so deep often to be receive the ball.

    • Can’t judge when he played only 4 games. Only one misplaced pass and on the other hand paredes had several!!. No more paredes please instead bring a real lung busting destroyer like santiago,fusto vera for that matter

  23. 2-2 is a fair result..could have been in favor of Argentina, if Scaloni had played better..Cannot have Taglifico and Acuna is the same zone..I felt Guido was better than Paredes doing the sweeper role..

  24. I’ve said many times recently – our NT team is now literally a second tier team in South America from all aspects. We’re at a similar competition level to Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador. In other words, beating Uruguay and Columbia will need some luck and home court advantage. No chance of Beating Brazil in a non-friendly match.

    We likely will not qualify 2022 WC. If we do, another disastrous humiliation by a European powerhouse is waiting for us!

    • Let me tell you one thing. Two goals scored by uruguay is not because they are better than Argentina. It’s only luck and some individual brilliance. Argentina outplayed them in the entire game. Just look at the possession stats and no. of shots on target. It would be very difficult to break teams who parks the busses. Even European elite’s will fail to score against teams sits at the back for the majority of the game.

  25. Scaloni is the main reason why we are struggling. He is putting our players in a bad positions that they are not comfortable with. It’s clear under him, we all not win any trophies.

  26. So far Average play & a bad goal conceded

    we should have scored a goal..
    Andrada spreading balls like exactly where he need..but aguero should have done more..
    Missing Lautaro Martinez and Ocampos

    so far Renzo Saravia is average

    Paredes was and is our weak link
    but he will play like a other player in 2nd half

    can’t blame DePaul as he is not a CDM but a Attacking midfielder..but he has done great for us

    like to see 2 change

    N.Gonzalez & Alario for Dybala & Aguero
    (if Lautaro Martinez will not come )

  27. Nothing happens overnight We did great against attack dominent teams now we have to get better against defensive counter attacking team. Be patient we have time. Lets watch the second half. Great effort by Scaloni in 2019 when we had no hope with a developing team. Check our stats in 2019 you will know.

  28. Argentina is playing good but yes they have been shut out by Uruguay. Uruguay’s number 14 Lucas Torreiro and number 15 Federico Valverde is running the show, they have a system they have been following for almost 15 years under Oscar Taberez but yes we need a better holding midfielder who has the skill to move ahead of the pressing. I guess by the looks of it, Paredes will end up as a Centre Back.

  29. parades, otamandi, DePaul all are playing themselves not playing in opponent area. backpack, slow pass which will keep alert opposit players. scaloni doesn’t know how to field the players.

  30. You guys are really pathetic!
    just one half gone, 1 goal conceded, and here you go!
    all coaches and tacticians are in this blog and the real coach is nothing!!!

  31. Till now very slow game from Argentina butvthatvkind of fame necessary to evolve.I see the importanxe of Lautaro.Nico Dominiguez should come in For Acuna.

    • This “midfield” only good against possession-based dominant teams to play counters, but not have the creativity against good defending sides like Uruguay.

        • Acuna plays LB (100% this season) or left winger(rarely) in Sporting, never a midfielder, and Sporting play against weak teams most of the times not against Uruguay, De Paul still in a midget club (hard reasons) not a dominant big club player, and always was a shaky, imprecise passer.

    • Stop trolling.You are definitely not an Argentine supporter.
      They scored a goal, so what!
      we are playing better.
      losing this match doesn’t mean anything

    • parades, otamandi, DePaul all are playing themselves not playing in opponent area. backpack, slow pass which will keep alert opposit players. scaloni doesn’t know how to field the players.

    • No need for paredes if only back passing and side ways is option intead bring asacibar or battaglia a real destroyer. Messi dybala kun showed good connection at times but bring nico Gonzalez for maybe aguero/dybala and play a conventional 442 with kun and messi upfront and acuna lm and gonsalez rm. Saravia looking sharp

    • correct..
      Aguero & Dybala makes us 10 players in field

      we are missing Ocampos & Lautaro badly

      but we should have scored already….

      I want Alario in for Aguero
      Nico Gonzalez for Dybala
      Paredes off & N.Dominguez /MacAlister in

  32. Cannot play with both acuna and DePaul in a three person midfield. They are up and down vertical players not really true midfielders to control the center when opposition is giving you possession. Only one needed not both. Bring gio.
    Paredes and the center backs have no outlet and messi has to drop.

  33. This team is garbage. There is no talent in the defense and midfield. Saravia, DePaul, Tagliafico, Pazzella, Parades, Acuna are not starting material for this NT.. I don’t care what anybody says..

  34. 1. Too many utlility players in midfield – Acuna, Depaul, Paredes – not much creativity..
    2. Uruguay defense is solid
    3. Andrada makes me nervous – Someone has to remind him – he is a GK and not a forward..

  35. Pezella trying to find a pass is not the most elegant sight lol. This kind of an opposition need quarta in the 23.
    Kun split so far wide was not something I expected.
    Andrada is a counter attacking weapon

  36. Gonzalo,
    How fabricio bustos is doing at Independiente , he seemed he could have develop into good RB now no news about him since last 1 year. Foyth is not a RB argentina is in shortage of RB.

  37. The only thing that matters is Argentina is doing well and on the up…nothing else matters.
    if you stop every time a dog barks you will never reach the desired destination.
    Enjoy the team because we won’t see them in action until March.
    The white and light-blue world is getting dark for 3-4 months.
    Vamos Argentina.

  38. I was very critical to Scaloni for trying so many players like Simeone, Cervi, Bustos, Meza. In the first year, it looked like the team was going nowhere. In the Copa, the game against Paraguay was one of the worst games that we played but after that the team was different. We loose against the host but we were not ridiculous. I said that after the game against Germany that we have a team that can play any other team. I can’t wait to see players like Quarta, Palacios integrate the team. This team has the potential to be very exciting. I have HOPE….

  39. I think we should ignore some people’s comment here. Because they are posting headless comment continuously to get replied. And the only proper action is not replying on their bullshit comment.

    • Yes, maybe after giving Benedetto a chance. He was exceptional in link up play in the few qualifiers he played and did an extra ordinary job in the 3-1 Vs Ecuador. Unfortunately he had that injury or else he sure would have been to the World Cup.

    • I wish too! People got to see the Icardi of psg, he is a different player now. Much more participation than staying in the box. But there are already 5 players for 2 spots and those 5 deserve to be here.

  40. Look at the quality of our midfield
    Valencia flop Rodrigo De paul, A farmer league bench warmer Leandro Paredes , An unskilled players Marcos Acuna we can only win a friendly with these qualities not a silverware in real tournament .
    We need players in midfielders who can create, Recover balls, showing his passing abilities not just showing physicality in midfield . Lo celso , Palacios is must in midfield.

    • Rodrigo Paul and Marcos Acuna are exceptional players. I don’t know what you mean by a Valencia Flop. He is the captain of Udinese and now Marcos Acuna, come on, he is someone who has amazing skills to hold on to ball and create plays in high tempo games. He can play as LB, LM and LW. He is exceptional and yes, Rodrgio Paul may need to sharpen his passes into the final third and sure needs to be sharp in front of the goal. De Paul and Acuna are brilliant players. Don’t compare them with Paredes. Sure Argentina need someone with better skill set than Paredes in his position. I hope Argentina will find a permanent solution for Paredes if he doesn’t train and get better to own the position.

    • don’t forget that Caniggia for instance played for Atalanta.
      now its almost 30 years that we can’t forget that stupid yellow card in semi
      and keep repeating that with him we would get the cup.

      so, don’t judge players by clubs.

    • I even didn’t know when De Paul played for Valencia, FLY no player judged by past, De Paul is excellent for Udinese in Sere A, inform player should be given priority

    • Either you are not watching Argentina games or you are hater of Argentina… De Paul is a workhorse who gives you 200 percent in 90 minutes… These kind of players are unsong heroes that provides real energy that team like Argentina always needs… Start watching game first… You scoundrel

    • Maybe you don’t understand football. It’s ok, it happens.
      So in Argentina right now, the country I mean, just to be clear…. De Paul is being hailed as arguably the most important player we have right now after Messi.
      Enjoy your day.

    • Matuidi was an average winger but converted to a world class box to box. Ocampos, De Paul and Acuna are even more gifted than him and I believe they can do at least the same.

  41. Hi guys…i am Serbian…but i LOVE Argentina NT! Why Banega, Garay, Di Maria and Icardi are not called? And Romero – still good gk….please explanation for each player?

    Thank you…

    • Welcome. Now to answer your questions:

      Banega – good player who has finally found consistency but he is over 30 and will be probably too old for the next world cup and Scaloni is trying to build a squad for the future. In addition to that, Argentina has a number of midfielders like Paredes, Palacios and Dominguez who could probably carry out the same function that Banega can.
      I personally like Banega and his recent form with Sevilla has been very impressive so I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the bench for the WCQ, but I would still prefer Palacios and Dominguez get their chances.

      Garay – Argentina’s best defender to this day but unfortunately no one knows why Garay hasn’t been called up since 2015, it’s a real mystery. I personally would take Garay over Otamendi any day of the week and twice on sunday.

      Dimaria – Has been inconsistent for the national team and the recent emergence of Ocampos might make it even harder for him to rejoin the team but with his current form I believe he will be called up sooner or later for the WCQ and like Banega I wouldn’t mind seeing Angel on the bench.

      Icardi – World class striker but sadly comes with excessive off-field baggage, however it’s a safe bet that he’ll rejoin the team sometime in the near future.

      Romero – Excellent GK who is – despite his lack of playing time – beloved by Man U fans, so much so that when De gea got injured none of Man U were worried. Unfortunately for Sergio though Argentina has a number of options with Andrade, Manchersin, Musso, Armani and Gazzaniga, not to mention Benitez who is continuously being ignored for some reason.

      • Di Maria is a real 10 now with PSG. If Scaloni takes Di Maria to play as winger, there is no point to call him back because there are better options. But if he needs a 10 behind Messi and Lautaro, he is the best player, maybe the best playmaker in Europe now.

        • From what I’ve seen thus far this season Angel is a right forward, still using his trickery and pace to set up Icardi and Membape, so I’m not sure why you think he’d make a good enganche

  42. I like Scaloni. His attitude, Calm, friendly, adaptive and yet decisive. In the Course of time he bill be our best Manager. Vamos Argentina. வெல்க ஆர்ஜென்டினா !

  43. I think tomorrow match front like would be Messi, Aguero, and Dybala. But Dybala needs to perform he hasn’t done that for the NT only he did for his club he needs to score and help the team. I’m been waiting for him to fire his shot.

    • Is there anything special about Alario which others don’t have? He is a good player but we can’t pick three strikers for copa and world cup qualifiers. Better to give a chance to promising left winger like pavon. Argentina badly needs at least one pure winger who can stretch the defenses. It would be very difficult to beat top teams in competitive games without proper wingers. Our full backs don’t have the ability to provide enough width and contribute to defense at the same time.

      • It’s not like our full backs don’t have the ability to go forward. Their duty is to keep the back line intact that’s what scaloni wants. And about alario , his ariel ability is what make a difference from other strikers. Also he can play in wings and can help in defence

      • I feel alario need in Argentina team , in our current argentina team alario is the best in aerial ability , he is good player . Against Germany he changed the game with one goal and an assist . I expected alario against brazil but scaloni had other plan but anyway result is good I’m happy in that . I eagerly want to see alario and messi combo , I hope it will happen against Uruguay .

    • Yes, Eager to see Messi and Dybala together and what would be a joy to watch once it started rhythm and devastating Aguero Upfront. Mouth Watering

  44. The closest to speed of Pavon was Ocompos and he is not fit..but the most worrying is Central defense.

    3. Kannemann
    5. Lucas Martinez Quarta

    There are not many options for Scaloni..

  45. Team for qualifiers
    Gk-Armani Andrada Musso
    Defenders-Foyth, Otamendi,Pezella, Tagliafico, Montiel, Lucas Martinez,Kannemann
    Midfielders-Paredes,De paul,Ocampus,LoCelso,Palacios,Acuna,Mac Allister,Nico Dominiguez
    Forward-Messi ,Aguero,Lautaro,Alario,Dybla

    • I think
      1) Marchesin over Musso. anyway too late to try Benitez & Gazzaniga .
      2) Nico Gonzales bring a variety which is hard to ignore . Uruguay game will show us if the brazil cameo was a flash in pan . If he is good consistently I think he will be preferred over Macallister position .
      3) Also Guido R will put pressure on Nico Dominguez. again Uruguay game will showcase who will be most beneficial for NT & be a good back up for Parades.

  46. Paredes is very special players he gives us something unique.We do not need every player to run or with high work rate.He is very creative that is X-factor for us.Creativity is very important in football either modern or old but some people think every player should be physical run here and there like headless chicken bullshit.

        • Are you really saying paredes doesn’t run? The guy work so hard but
          Playstation people wants 100
          Through balls from him which is
          Unfair to expect one player
          From that much.

          • I clearly said what I wanted to say. You need to see the colors between black and white.
            My dear friend, I am too old to like PlayStation football. Please don’t put labels on people you don’t know. We have our own opinion that need not to be congruous. I respect your opinion even if I disagree.

          • Hey bro I wasn’t referring to you
            The playstation staff not you
            But the others whom sounds
            Like that.
            I haven’t seen your comment that
            Much to refer you those kinda staff.
            I don’t judge people that quick.

        • Rahman,you sound like Paredes does not run at all.I am saying his work rate is enough for us.His does not to put extra effort.He is creative and most importantly he does not take pressure from opposition,his long shot on goal are vital.He brings technicality for NT yeah he commits silly fouls but that is ok.He was best player in Copa for Argentina in those uneven bouncy pitch created by Brazil football club.

          • @Godin11, i seldom post here bro, although I have been following this blog almost everyday for nearly a decade now, ever since Argentina world cup blog was closed. You are among the bloggers I read with curiosity.

          • Thanks bro I see now yh
            You sounded like veteran
            Who has been here for years
            I was wondering you know
            Honestly my friend I respect
            Most people comments in here
            Even if they disagree with me.
            Except two or three guys
            Respect bro Peace be with you

    • The last thing Paredes is is Creative. He is a fighter without the ball. He has Mascherano’s genes without the ball but with the ball, he is almost like a goal keeper thrown into the midfield. He shows no composure to hold on to the ball and release the forward line when the opponents attack him or press high. I pray that he gets better and better with the ball than give the ball away so cheaply like he does in every game.

  47. Everything is going good for Argentina.We have a lot of good players in this team.We need just more chemistry and smothness in game to fully perfect our team and be the best team in the world.We are playing like Liverpool right now.We need to go from Liverpool to Man City(With all players without injury)type of football.Then we will be perfect.

      • I was talking about intensity of players which is same.Forward trio of Willium Gabriel jesus Firmino midfield of Casemiro Firmino Arthur Countinho.All playing for big club.

          • But Atletico madrid mostly defend in their own zone unlike Liverpool.Simione is defence minded coach and kills his player to give extra effort in every match unlike Lionel Scaloni

  48. About Paredes in response to Batigoal

    We all want Paredes to shine in his position, maybe he will at some point, but unfortunately he hasn’t done enough to silence his critics. Every player has his own strengths, but if that particular strengths doesn’t fullfil the responsibilities of the position he plays than we need to look for alternatives. Providing counterfactual scenario to support a player is not useful. Had Brazil scored the penalty or Willan scored a lofted goal or Paredes missed the penalty that Laurato intended to take in the other match, we would have been talking differently about Paredes. He is no leader like Mascherano, who had been a widely admired footballer even by great coaches. But, Paredes doesn’t have to be like Mascherano. All he needs is to shine in his position and show the level of work rate that the rest of the team is showing. Hope he will prove me wrong.

      • I respectfully disagree. I like Paredes and I want to see him performing to his full potential. Maybe he will one day. But, I still see him as the weak link. No more arguments from me about Paredes.
        If there national team is missing something, that is a player like Mascherano/Redondo/prime Gago.

        • True, I too feel him as the weak link in the current team. He is uncomfortable holding the ball in almost every game for a good ten to twenty minutes. He seems really comfortable attacking without the ball, making the tackles and making great interceptions but when he has the ball and the opposition attacks him or when they are pressing high, Paredes seems unsure on the ball, his footing seems erratic and too sloppy or maybe scared. But yes, he has the right attitude, the spirit and fighting rhythm without the ball, but with the ball I am not sure why he seems like he can’t hold on to the ball.

  49. Leo parades is complete midfielder now In my opinion can defend, long range shoots. control the tempo of the game.Set pieces specialists, plus we know his passes re good weather is short or long one.Him a long side de paul tagliafico foyth And lautaro re really warriors.. people can criticize Those guys but they doing great job
    for the nt.

    • Hello guys!! I am a devout argentina fan from Egypt and this is my first post here. I have been following this blog since a while and I really enjoyed reading all of your comments here. I loved argentina as a country, I personalised it and I loved everything about it; its flag, its demographic characteristics and its landscape, climate etc… since I was pretty young and soft. Of course I loved its nt before anything else but afterwards, argentina as a country has become my idol!! the only thing that devastates me about argentina is its politicians and the political culture of the argentinians, peronism and leftism wouldn’t lead to anything good economically!!!. I was devastated even more when Jose Luis espert lost the last elections, I know he wasn’t even a possible winner but actually he was the best; I hope Fernandez proves me wrong and leans more to the centrism rather than leftism. I have read almost everything about argentina history, culture, influential figures and more, I am idolizing this country and of course I will try not to miss any thing about it. Regarding nt, I hope we win today in the face of the uruguayans, it feels almost as good as defeating the Brazilians!! Let’s see what happens.

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