Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero score for Argentina in draw


Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero both scored for Argentina in their 2-2 draw vs. Uruguay.

Messi had a goal and an assist, his second goal in two matches for Argentina. It was Uruguay who took a 1-0 lead but Sergio Aguero would draw level. Argentina were awarded a free kick and Messi delivered a ball into the area which found Aguero’s head who scored.

Argentina would trail once more after Uruguay would score. Messi would leave it late as they were awarded a penalty kick. Up stepped Messi who would score.


  1. My Argentina Team for Copa 2020
    Lo Celso/Dominguez…Paredes..Placios
    Messi…………….Loutaro……Ocampos/De paul
    Sub…Musso..pazella..acuna..Dybala..Allister…Lisandro Martinez,…..Aguero…N. Gonzalez.J.Correa…🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  2. Guido should never be called for the NT I would rather has Lisandro Martinez and Parades as our Central Defensive Midfielder.

    • Wow, that’s pretty harsh.

      Tottenham are showing 0 appreciation for all the work the Poch has done to turn an average side into a Champions League finalist and consistent EPL performers.

      I wonder how this may effect the careers of Lo Celso, Foyth, Lamela, and Gazza.

    • Tottenham became a top team under Pochettino. But now he cant influence much. Still sad. A bad decision by Tottenham. Pochettino inked to Real and sacked..!


    In the live comments yesterday I mentioned how paredes made a big mistake sinking into the back line and today tony montana has explained very well the details of it. If we are looking to blame a player yes paredes is big culprit but I want to add how our shape allows this to happen by putting our players in positions where they have to make bad 2v1 type decisions.

    Please copy the url (its safe) into browser above and let your eyes follow two players- depaul for us and matias vecino(#5) for them the entire play . At the beginning of clip we see our defensive 433. The middle defensive line is too narrow and this cannot be avoided with a man short. Its one thing to say “433 in offense and 442 in defense” and another thing to implement. Even though Dybala did a decent job falling in as 4th midfielder in the block from time to time you cannot depend on it because when plays break he will be too far ahead to come back in time. Side to side switches are crucial in breaking structures as you pull the defensive midfield from left to right to left to right (effective sideways passing of a regista is key to this too).When the ball is switched depaul has to cover 30 meters laterally trying to assist the RB if he is beaten on a 1v1 and to cover against a trailing run from the opponent LB into the half space at the top right corner of the box. And then he again follows the path of the ball 10m back to the top of the box. This is the effective side to side switch that Uruguay pulls off and because positionally dybala is further up this is the first of the bad 2v1 decision the defensive midfielder has to make. Protect the half space or stay more centrally on top of the box. If the “4th” midfielder was already there in his position this decision would not have been presented to depaul and he would not have to be in “two places at once” and be in a more comfortable spot to pick up opposition mids.

    Next Uruguay adds more trouble to this shift by having vecino attack the penalty spot (btw suarez so intelligent recognizing that and dropping off before reaching the back line). Paredes follows him deep into the box. Yes paredes makes this mistake following the mid and should have trusted the CB to pick it up as it was still a manageable 3v3 in the box without him. But it terms of basics he does the right thing by tracking the midfielder bursting into the box as that is the prime responsibility of a CDM in defense so that the back line is not overwhelmed. But now Uruguay also has a second trailing midfielder bursting into the box creating the second bad 2v1 decision that a midfielder has to make in hindsight.

    In this sequence I just want to highlight the cost of playing 433. Midfielders expected to be in two positions at once correctly for full 90 minutes have a hard task. This is also the part where communication and chemistry between backline and mids come in on who to track and who not to and things are not as simple as ripping out one DM and inserting another. Every DM will be faced with this decision in such a setup and communication and timing will be tested. In futbol if you take something you have to give something. This is not like in sports like American football where theoretically you can be balanced in offense and defense (outside of economic constraints). We show off our firepower in 433(4312 whatever) but have to suffer in other areas.

    • had to read few times 🙂 but really great detailed breakdown. helped me see the play in a different light.

      Under 433 and given the defensive risk, who do you think is ideal for the 3 mids?

      • “Under 433 and given the defensive risk, who do you think is ideal for the 3 mids?”

        I think the 433 should only be plan B for us. Maybe for when we have to break down Bolivia, Ecuador etc.
        I would work with depaul-paredes-palacios in that case where some combination of messi/el toro/kun/la joya are front three.
        This is while recognizing that acuna did bring us width and eventually even helped the first goal he effects the creative output of the midfield.
        If we are going to play narrow may as well be the best narrow team. Bring acuna as a sub if we fall behind after the 60th to add that width (with an aerial threat in the middle).

        Palacios to me looks better as a direct and deeper passer than locelso at the moment. If he works better from deeper after that we can start investigating if lisandro martinez can take paredes spot. I expect such an integration to be a slow process. As you see from what I wrote above how important communication is key for the CDM in a 433.
        Once managers find someone they like there they hate changing them.
        I haven’t followed ascacibar too much this season – better things to do than watch german 2nd division lol. Only recent game I saw was the Colombia u23 but it is hard for me to judge players in a 11v10 due to the imbalance.

        • That makes sense.

          Palacios – Paredes/Martinez – De Paul looks great. i really cant wait to see Palacios in action and becoming core player.

          Ascac is a strange omission given the lack of def mid options but yeah, 2nd div german is a “no from me dawg” ha

  4. Ok to all keyboard coaches on this forum, do you remember how the team looked like against Venezuela and Morocco not so long ago?(I didn’t watch any Copa matches only highlights, based on Scaloni’s early matches in charge). If you do, then you know those were really shitiest performances by Argentina in a long while. Does anyone remember how we used to only create one clear cut chance per game under Tata because of style? That shitty style instead of pragmatic approach cost us 2 Copas. Anyone who doesn’t see improvement with the team from that til now, is surely clueless about football. This team is is still work in progress.

  5. I personally think that Dybala should be played more because he is at his prime at 26 years of age and we have seen what he can do with juventus. His long ranging striking ability is very good and he also attracts defenders and he is the best dribbler in our team after Messi

  6. Considering how broke, corrupt and incompetent AFA has been we are doing suprisingly well. AFA cannot afford any other coach so those who are still grumbling about Scaloni have to understand that this federation is not going to be able to hire another manager.

    Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel have done a pretty decent job, you can see clear progress. The team is certainly not flawless but we have improved quite a bit. The locker room atmosphere is calm too which is a huge factor. Messi has suddenly become a lot more ourspoken and you can tell he is on board with the coache’s tactics and selection. All in all I feel optimistic. When Quarta, Palacios and Montiel join the team we will have even more options at our disposal.

    This seems to be the core 23 at the moment:

    8. Acuña
    9. Aguero
    10. Messi
    11. Ocampos
    15.De Paul
    16. Palacios
    17. Nico Dominguez
    18. Guido Rodriguez
    19. Otamendi
    20. Lo Celso
    21. Dybala
    22. Lautaro
    23. Andrada

    • Think you nailed it although 5 fullbacks is too much. it’s between Montiel and Saravia but not both.

      Personally I’d go with the PSG boys as subs

      I know Alario did great but still think Icardi is better and with time will become a monster for the NT.

      ADM despite how many people dislike him, Id welcome el Fideo in a heart beat In his current form. Not sure who to drop though lol but I’d go with him instead of 1 extra fullback

      • If they would actually play Di Maria as a right winger, I would be all for it too.

        Either he or Ocampos fighting for that spot would be great for the national team, since I don’t think A Correa is at their level yet. Especially when it comes to consistency.

    • I’d take out Saravia, Armani, Alario and Guido for Di Maria, Benitez, Icardi and Lisandro Martinez. But I think Scaloni will just replace Montiel by Nico Gonzalez. He just wants Lisandro stay with u23, doesn’t want a strong personality like Icardi and does not watch L1.

    • @enganche – Overall yes, Scaloni & Team have done a good job..the players have been definitely moulded into a competitive if not the best (I would like to see Arg defeat England ruthlessly)…

      But, the match against Uruguay should have been won…it is not players fault, but Scaloni..the players did what they are good at..

      Acuna – Paredes – Depaul = Biglia – Banega – Mascherano..absolutely no creativity..unless Scaloni has a real reason to field them..

      He could have started with Gonzalez, Dominguez etc..we could have said it was an experiment and nobody would have crucified Scaloni…

  7. Good performance. They played tough against Brazil and played well against Uruguay. The progression is here! Acuna has definitely won his place as left defensive winger that I have always wanted since 2016, finally my dream comes true. With De Paul and him, Paredes has less pressure. Its the similar setup as Juve. And it’s the only way if Scaloni wants Paredes as his leader.

    Scaloni proved that its possible to have Messi and Dybala in the same time. I like Dybala but still prefer to see Messi with a right winger. Glad to see many fans here think like me about their preference for 442. Either a creative playmaker(Lo Celso, Di Maria), or another defensive winger(Ocampos, Buendia, Zaracho, Pereyra), or a pure winger who can cross and break lines(Nico Gonzalez, De La Vega) on the right in order to free Messi.

      • The future belongs to Palacios. I will not be surprised if one day he achieve the level of players like Kroos and Pogba. But currently De Paul seems to be Scaloni’s 1st choice as CM.

        Lo Celso is a different story. His natural position is 10. Personally I have never seen a team with a regista, a playmaker and a trequartista in the same formation. I can see him in a 4312 when Messi is not here, behind a striker like Lautaro and a winger like Nico Gonzalez.

  8. They way we are playing we only dominate the game with some meaningless buildups but we cant win the something. Argentina could not score a single goal in both matches from open open play all 3 goals from set pieces.
    Did anybody realise how easy it was to defend against argentina attack for any decent organized team, They just form a defensive line near the box argentina can never break them. Because our attack is too narrow one is here to strech the defence and break the lines. Without pacy and skillful wingers it will be very difficult to score.
    Same thing happened in copa against colombia we dominated but lost by 2-0. Against Brazil we dominated but lost by 2-0. Against uruguay we dominated needed last minute penalty to save the match.

    • With all due respect, I think that your analysis is wrong. Against Brazil we had many opportunities without a very good Allisson Argentina would have scored many goals. Uruguay has always been very difficult to break. We did not have the same amount of opportunities as against Brazil but we approach the game very well, with good passing. I have to mention the Messi-Dybala combination that I found very interesting. The team is improving, the players are confident and young and there is hope.

      • Tell me when did allison save a single clear goal scoring chance from inside the box from buildups. Dont tell me about that counter attacking chance from messi in open defence.

    • Ideally the winger need to be on the right so that Messi can play with more freedom. Fast dribbler? Nico Gonzalez and De La Vega come to my mind in the 1st place. But I prefer Ocampos, less talented but much more powerful and definitely stronger defensively.

    • Agreed, we had plenty of meaningless attacking run but then all stop in front of the Uruguayan defense line. Barely came any cross from the wing. By the way, that wall was placed too far than 6 yards which made the Rabbit taking the freekick very comfortably.

    • Oh come on boludo…. we finally played with fangs and controlled the game. Right now, our best is with 2 striker formation. surprising to see Aguero drift wide and it worked! Lol

      • So Aguero is our answer at the LW? still nothing coming from the flang. We has not scored a single goal against an organized defence from buildups but we controlled the game because we created 3020 chances outside the box.

        • i never said Aguero at LW is the “answer” but he did help stretch the pitch. Similar to Suarez at Barca drifting wide. Obliviously those guys are best in the center but it did work last night. At least we attacked from all fronts and were clearly the bigger threat.

          Also, we don’t really have wingers except Ocampos, Di Maria, Pavon..the latter 2 are obviously no go for now

    • I like your point generally speaking. We need good, speedy wingers who can make intelligent crosses. But also, this problem has lasted too long, Argentina stars should may be see a psychologist who can help them along the way. It’s mind boggling the way they miss so much in the national team. Both Dybala, Messi and Aguero are deadly for their respective clubs but somehow they rush and rush, miss and miss in the national. Creating chances is pointless when you can’t put them away. It’s the same story over and over, the misses. Otherwise the team looks solid and the improvements are undeniable. Now, finally, we can get in any tournament with an actual, realistic chance. We played Germany, Brazil and Uruguay and we went undefeated. That’s phenomenal and a sign of progress. I’d rather have Aguero Martinez and Messi upfront, Dybala just behind them. That would be scary. But must convert. Convert, convert.

  9. What a sensational performance to end this year with. I am so happy of what the boys has done in the last two games. Playing against two superpower teams in 3 4 days is not that easy at all. the team shows consistency and stamina and good focus. I am not going to criticise any player or even go into the technical issues but I’m quite confident that this version of Argentina against Uruguay and Brazil will be go far in all upcoming tournaments and winning them. Vamos Argentina and let’s kick some ass in 2020

  10. Just some perspective, we dominated a Uruguay team without the river plate players or the other top players we had in the past squads (icardi, di maria, Lisandro Martínez),
    My broad selection would be:
    Foyth Ota Pez/Kanne Tagliafico
    palacios/de Paul acuna/lo Celso
    Lautaro Aguero
    The right side of / is the replacement either due to injury or form

    Despite Andrada mistake, if anyone has been watching boca the whole year (I have) he has been insane, strong in air, mammoth in front of the goal and amazing reaction saves, Armani would also be an amazing option but I think Esteban edges it

    Foyth is my favourite at right back due to his defensive ability and playing out from the back, not as attack minded as Montiel but I think our identity requires a positive balance, killed pace doubts against Venezuela

    Otamendi is indispensable, colossus in the air and solid presence overall

    Not overly convinced by either Pezzella or kanneman (less kanneman) i feel they’ve been helped by Otamendi doing a similar job in the middle, unless balerdi, quarta (think he’s great), Lisandro Martinez or even Foyth start next to ota, atm would have to be Pezzella, just feel he’s more solid and experienced due to time in Europe

    Tagliafico is fantastic at the back, also good going forward, for me emulates a similar breed to that of a zanneti, good leadership and is a mainstay of a fantastic Ajax team

    I think we’re being a bit harsh on paredes, he’s good playing the ball out and loves getting stuck in which is necessary to be an Argentinian CDM, haven’t seen Martinez play for us (annoying keeps getting sent to u23) but for now I feel he’s had a good Prensce during our unbeaten run

    Palacios is brilliant for river and was just as good against Mexico, lovely link up with Lautaro in that game and can also put in a defensive shift (which he does for river) great in terms of looking up and playing it forward just edges de Paul for me due to more quality and de Paul not a natural in that position but I would also be satisfied if de Paul starts

    Acuña has been amazing for us ever since he’s been getting call ups, strong, determined, fast, great dribbler, great awareness both attacking and defensively, love gio but I feel in this formation (prefer this to the 4-4-2, at least most of the time) acuna better fit

    Messi, no explanation necessary

    Aguero, just too clinical to say no to (unless Icardi comes back and manages to unleash his ability but doubt it, prefer kun anyway, Alario also good sub)

    Lautaro, proven goalscorer, encourages other to press with his energy and always clever in his positioning, underratedly good in the air (Aguero too if u remember, copa final 2016 and Brazil in copa 2019 are the ones that come to mind), very happy for dybala but feel that he should start in more closed games (like Uruguay and Chile) where he has good interplay

    If we play 4-4-2 then players like Ocampos, de Paul, di Maria I feel would be very useful

    (Sorry to all for dragging on but just felt it’s the right time for large analysis after the End of internationals for the year)

  11. By far one of the best games I’ve seen us play in terms of being the better team throughout the 90 mins, Scaloni himself was spot on in identifying in post match interview that we had control against a team that in the past we have struggled against as well as saying that he knew Acuna was playing great but took him off because of small injury so gives confidence that the manager knows what he’s talking about.

  12. I did see the highlights/key moments of both of Argentina’s matches against Brazil and Uruguay. No doubt, we have come a long way after the opening defeat to Colombia at the CA 2019. I think Scaloni has built a strong base and a team wherein everyone fights for everyone and the team has gelled really well and understood their individual roles well. There are definite areas that I am sure Scaloni will want to improve and if he does that, I am sure Argentina will again be a force to reckon with from the start of WCQ 2020 and also for CA2020 in the home soil.
    Having said that, I am eagerly looking forward to the draw that is to take place on Dec 3 to determine WCQ and also the CA groups.

  13. Don’t forget when Parades was substitute Argentina was struggling it shows he is important he he makes mistake that’s true. But he had a good game keep it up Parades.

  14. Andrada is the Gk we need for our NT he cost the second goal. I would take Sergio Romero even though he does not play for his club he brings something special to this team. Don’t forget we got to final because of him.

  15. I don’t know what game your are watch the chemistry between Messi and Aguero is something special. They find each other. Martinez is my favorite striker too but he has not developed chemistry maybe in the future.

  16. Why is it so hard to put a destroyer proper CDM what is the manager playing at. Paredes paired up with a proper destoyer i.e Asciabar, Battaligia, Guido, L.Martinez, Dominguez, Marcone or even Giminez. Would be excellent because he’s abit more free. He clearly lacks awareness and defensive nouse as we see time and time. He could play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

    Saravia Otamendi Pezzella Tagliofico
    Paredes Martinez
    Messi Dybala Ocampos


    Saravia Otamendi Pezzella Tagliofico
    Paredes Lo Celso
    Messi Aguero Ocampos

  17. Last year When Scaloni took over a confused team in Disarray we all thought the Albiceleste is done and Scaloni is not a coach.

    2019 We played 15 games

    Lost 3 ; Draw 4; Won 8
    last 7 games undefeated.


  18. This post is for Aguero Bashers/Haters who think Aguero is a liability in team.
    Stats as per Transfermarkt
    Games Goals Min per Goal
    R9 ———70—- 45 —–127
    Sergio Aguero—–97 —–42 —- 129
    Cr7 —– 164 —–99—–131
    Neymar —–101 —- 61 —– 136
    Lewandowski—–111——60 —-142
    Suarez —–110 —- 58—157
    Leo Messi —- 138 —- 70 —– 162
    Higuain —- 75 —– 33—- 165

    Not a Messi hating post or anything like that(people make their own stuff) Obviously South American teams most of their matches with top 100 opponents unlike European teams where Cr7 Lewa Harry Kane stat pad vs bunch of farmers. Just a Appreciation post.
    Only some people like Gonzalo Choripan El Mongol Mamoun elpipita redondo talk sense here(i may miss some names tho)

    • Aguero is great striker. He should be in team. But Scaloni wants Lautaro with Messi. I know why..!
      Lautaro is more energetic and never say die attitude player.. having good chemistry with Messi.
      Paredes needs 4 man midfield to be comfortable.
      So only one of the strikers available will be playing with Messi… Scaloni’s first choice will be Lautaro.

      Also, even after long years.. chemistry between Aguero and Messi not great.

      • I was an Paredes admirer once but day by his quality deteriorates and team is getting destabilized .

        No player is above team ,if Paredes needs 4 player to shine it will be wise to kick this shit out of the team, Super liga has 5 to 4 responsible defensive mids who can play for the team and doesn’t need a 4 men bodyguard panel to shine.

        Scaloni shouldn’t replicate the mistake others did by playing Mascherano n biglia so long. Show him the door straight away Afterall he played most of the matches yet he is a defensive liability for the team.

      • Aguero is one of my favorite player. A joker will think all others are jokers.
        In Copa it was used as emergency and it had its success. I was one of those here wanted that front 3 even before Scaloni tried. But that was not balanced side. Since the Copa Scaloni trying to balance the team. I am sure his first x1 is not as you mentioned. It’s either Lautaro or Aguero. They both will play only in emergency situation.

        • my friend I know you’re a big fan of Aguero (Btw my “joker“ comment above wasn’t directed at you). Like I said, I think Scaloni is willing to try both but from what I’ve seen, our best performances have been using 2 strikers. You might be right though in that he will only do in emergency..well see.

  19. Still thr is some problm left in backline. Chemistry between back4 and mid looks like something missing. And also defenitely need a free passer in.mid. I think Scaloni must free up paredes in his Dm duties. Someone needed to help him in mid for defnsv duties….otherwise looks ok..
    GK looks terrible in releasing the ball in time. Andrada must be careful in future

    • You are correct. If you see the first Uruguay goal parcedes dropped too far, to the 6 yard box when a DM needs to be at the 12-18 yard marker. The bi-line pass went up top to the 18 yard box uncontested and led To an easy pass to Suarez, where tagliafico miss judged the pass and finished as a goal for Uruguay.
      Parcedes out of position in Transition defense and tagliafico’s miss Play on the pass to Suarez cost us.
      Is it miscommunication from the back 4 and the defensive midfield or does parcedes just have a lack of reading the game defensively like he did in Brazil’s first goal in the copa America semi, sliding at Dani alves’s first move!!!???? Ascicabar would be a good pair with parcedes because he is a pure defensive mid which would allow parcedes to a more attacking position.

      BTW we played a lot better tonight in a tie than against Brazil in a win.

      • > If you see the first Uruguay goal parcedes dropped too far, to the 6 yard box when a DM needs to be at the 12-18 yard marker. The bi-line pass went up top to the 18 yard box uncontested and led To an easy pass to Suarez, where tagliafico miss judged the pass and finished as a goal for Uruguay.

        Spot on. Had to rewatch and you’re right. Paredes seems to lack killer defensive awareness around the box. Paredes ended up chasing a guy into the box when Pezzella was already on him, giving up all that space at 12-18. he aint going anywhere though so lets hope he snaps into it.

        Ascacibar is now playing more CM and he’s no where in Scalonis plan. Id bet L Martinez gets a shot there before Ascac.

        • Good call! I think you are correct about Martinez having a better chance than ascicabar … Martinez is a great tackler with Composure but still distributes the ball well with Ajax. Forgot about him. Martinez would be ideal as a#5 and have parcedes move as a move box to box with less defensive responsibilities.

      • “If you see the first Uruguay goal parcedes dropped too far, to the 6 yard box when a DM needs to be at the 12-18 yard marker.”
        very well observed. yet few here say and try to push the idea that we don’t need a number#5 because Paredes is a complete midfielder, and even go as far as saying that having a ‘mascherano’ or “rodondo’ type of player is not missed by the NT. If there is no true #5, Paredes will have it difficult to adjust .

        • > yet few here say and try to push the idea that we don’t need a number#5 because Paredes is a complete midfielder, and even go as far as saying that having a ‘mascherano’ or “rodondo’ type of player is not missed

          That’s ridiculous. Mascherano left a massive hole and we still haven’t solved it. Sheet…I wish we had a soldier like Mascherano with us today

        • Spot on mate. No need to look further, just look at what Paredes had been doing when we concerned a goal for the last few games starting from the Copa ( to make it manageable to follow). I am not saying he was culpable of all of those goals, but look at his positioning, awareness and off course, culpability on those occasions; you will get a picture. He is not the kind of player that he is playing for in a system we are currently playing. He is not so good of a talent to build a team around him either. I think Scaloni knows it and he is approaching to a phase when he needs to give attention to such details. BTW, Paredes did play relatively well yesterday apart from a few mistakes.

    • Wow so happy to see dyabala playing and enjoying him self his best game So far for us. Also love the way he link with messi like we said before a good coach can make them play togther, if we play both messi and dybala we have to creative playmakers thats exciting also i want lautaro instead of aguero because of his overall comitments and also he is young need to support him and keep.his form. Agueros heading was what we want to see him like he does in PL and i also felth that the freekick messi taken for getting him fouled jzt before that he could have used his brilient chip to aguero he was in great possition at that time.
      After 2016 in this two friendlies we see us playing confidently, attacking passes

  20. Great job to Scaloni and Gang. One the few games since 2016 where we were a real attacking threat. Felt good to see us controlling the game instead of sitting back and capitalizing on mistakes.

    Wonderful to see Dybala play his best game yet. May be not be enough to start since Martinez has the edge (martinez-aguero-messi my guess) but for goodness fook, we certainly have one the best attacking benches in the world lol. It’s really insane and lucky for us to have Messi, Aguero, Martinez, Dybala as starting options. Throw in Di Maria, Icardi, and Alario for added insanity.

    Of all the players, i couldn’t be happier with Andrada. What a great confident performance and i love his ball control. Shame Gazzaniga isn’t getting a chance though. Saravia also did surprisingly well but to El Mongols point, coach needs to remind him of his positioning as this is the 3rd instance where he gets caught off guard.

    Overall, great performance for both games and it leaves us on a high note until the next friendlies.

    btw, love the away kit 🙂

  21. Argentina always struggle when Messi plays. The last Argentina team before Messi started playing for Argentina was great

  22. No surprise paredes struggled today he is the only real midfielder in the lineup playing against 4 midfielders .i don’t know what kind of formation Argentina is playing when the opponent has a no 10 deep lying play makers easily struggle .playing players like acuna in front of him is funny. acuna personally did well but he is not a midfielder as a tactic playing him there makes no sense that is what exactly happened in the copa semi lets hope palacios returns For everyone sake

  23. Some tactical changes required and rest is set…..

    Not a popular opinion dybala played great, linked up with leo well… But with kun understanding was zero though that’s alright they didn’t play together much…Dybala was best player with leo in first half and both created some half chances out of nothing as there wasn’t enough creativity from mid….. Lautaro is must with leo, dybala and kun should be fighting for the other place if we play 3men forward… I would love to see leo,lautaro and la joya plaing together but both dybala and kun starting in same match is luxury….

    For mid today I’m not that much impressed…. I don’t think acuna is suitable for 3men mid together with paredes and paul… Palacios should be there or celso but depaul have to be shifted in left and celso in right… Paredes was ordinary as a number 5 but when he left the field we missed him… He was controling the tempo from our half…

    For defence i don’t know what to say… It was ok but room for lot of improvement… Like saravia was good in general,did helped in attack , but could be easily caught out of position… Foyth is defensively ok but won’t help with attack much…. Otamendi is set, pazella should be ok for slow teams but not sure with fast playing counter attacking team…. Taglafico is ok for now but he need to step up his games quickly, should be more confident with attack like in ajax….

    As a Keeper Andrada is better than armani, Marchesin is ok but not very good with positioning….. I liked romero a lot as not just as a keeper but as a leader from the back always interacting with Defence, Gazza is someone like him,helps defence to be organised and moreover getting playing time…He should be there with marchesin and andrada…

    Though I’m happy with the selection and the coaches…..

    This is my personal opinion… So peace out!✌✌

    • Spot on dude…one thing to add would be…scaloni should give some chances to kannemann and romero too…pezella is weak at the back…misplacing his passes and makes too many errors 🙂

  24. Mark my word Messi will surpass that 77 goals record of Pele.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he passes it or equals that record before the end of the first round of the eliminatorias. I’m proud of that guy, he deserves it all.

  25. Unfortunately the stat of Messi scoring 70 (2nd in S. America) will be eclipsed by the chicken-head whose probably 80% of his goals for the banana yellow came from playing garbage opponents.

  26. Against Uruguay, Argentina hasn’t played with first 11, Argentina played with best possible 11 against Brazil even River Plate players aren’t called up. So a good last two international break ends year with a good note. After 2018, the transition completed, Argentina recoved from messi dependency, now Argentina able to win or avoid lose even messi isn’t his best, the main problem of Argentina was coaches tried best to feel comfortable messi instead of making a fighting spirit and win without messi dependency, Scaloni able to do this though tactically he is far behind but happy to sign of improvement, I think Argentina can beat any South American teams at moment, still long away to go beating European heavyweights

  27. Best Argentina 11: Armani – Montiel Otamendi Quartza Tagliafico – Ocumpos DePaul Paredes Palacios – Messi Lautaro
    Sub: Dimaria, Icardi, Dybala, Aguero.

  28. Despite the 2 goals from Uruguay, I was extremely satisfied with how the team played. THATs the kind of game/style I been waiting for from Argentina. Really happy with how they performed. Uruguay’s goals could Have been avoided, but we didn’t give up and they kept looking for the goal. So happy today!!
    They all did wonderful, and personally I think Dybala played his best game yet with the NT. That’s what I been wanting from him. He did phenomenal, and played really well with messi!!

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