Exequiel Palacios set to join Bayer Leverkusen


Exequiel Palacios will reportedly join Bayer Leverkusen.

Per a report by Cesar Luis Merlo of TyC Sports, Leverkusen executives are in contact with those from River Plate. An offer of €13 million has been made and he would be joining in January.

Palacios would be the second Argentine at the club as he would join Lucas Alario.


  1. Not sure about the Bundes Legue. Of course it’s better league than the French and even EPL but for some reason the Bundes League don’t excites us. After seeing how Ascacibar have faired there. I m not sure about this move. It’s better to move to Spanish or Italian league I guess. Even though Laverkusen is a good team and may even guarantee CL play for Palacios.

  2. Bayer Leverkusen is a good club for him as a 21 year old to start playing compared to a top 10 European team that he doesn’t start or play as much. In Germany he will get plenty of playing time, plying there for about 1 1/2 years! He can slowly convert into the European styles of play and the culture before moving to a TOP 10 team in Europe (City, Real, Barca etc) when he is 23 and more experienced.

  3. A year ago Real Madrid was interested in Palacios. Now it is Leverkusen. Let’s see where he ends up. Leverkusen is trained by Peter Bosz, a former coach from Ajax. So Palacios will end up in an attack minded team. I guess Havertz will move on to Bayern as the south Germans usually buy the biggest talents from their competitors.

  4. Havertz, Palacios and Demirbay could be very exciting. I am just surprised that Manchester not interested in him. They play so shit with the midfielders so average unable to pass the ball.

    • If the rumors are to be believed, ManU are more interested in another young Argentine….namely Barco! As are Sporting and Arsenal.
      What I am more surprised about is why Inter haven’t *ahem* entered the race to sign Palacios since they’re in need of midfield reinforcement, which is why they are so keen on De Paul right now. Also if they’re in need of a midfielder with Serie A experience they should contact Paredes and figure out a loan deal in the next window because I’m sure PSG would be happy to let him go.

      • They already have the option to buy Barella and Sensi(two young-ish Italian midfielders) and will probably choose them over a foreign player with no experience in the Serie A like Palacios, plus their midfield is already stacked(currently have 6 midfielders) so Palacios will be unlikely to get play time with Inter. I think Bayer04 is a good move for Palacios.

  5. It would be a solid move but I would prefer Ajax, since he’d get CL action there not to mention their style of play (very similar to that of River), their reliance on youth and development of young players.
    I doubt this is a done deal yet, since Bayern and Ajax are interested, River can create some competition and drive the price up.

  6. It’s a small price tag. I thought he will be transferred for 20-25 millions. It’s better to go a team like Leverkusen than joining in big club and then sitting on the bench.

    • yeah i like the club selection and i personally prefer it to ajax where the league is not that strong.
      but damn 13 million seems like river got a rough deal.
      one thing i remember is palacios does not have european passport so i think that limits club options a bit due to quotas etc.

  7. It’s a good move overally . But I think our youngsters should aim for Ajax , it has got a good structure to develop raw talents into world class players ,we had seen that with suarez, Ibrahimovic ,de Jong to de leight .I am not surprised at all by tagliaficos developing into classy left back ,and if we remember , we heard magallan saying that he learnt a lot about football in 6 mothns in Ajax compared to his long stay in Argentina .
    Lisandro Martinez may be another in the making ,there’s still a long way to go , but he’s showing no sign of stopping.

    Recently heard that barco was linked to sporting cp ,good news though I don’t know how much of it is true or whether the rumors will ever materialize into real offers ? the question remains there.

    I hope pavon too gets a good move in Europe ,coz , he ain’t more a 22 year old prospect , he has grown ,his talent is right there visible and he had been putting a lot of classy performances since his move to MLS , but I don’t think it’s a good platform to grow , he is almost near the end of 23 ,so it’s a perfect age to pack his bags for Europe .

    • Its indeed a good move , Bayer Leverkusen is a good team to start with . German football is lot technical and tactical unlike the EPL which relies on power and muscling down opponents .
      Lucas alario has not been disappointing for them ,but a boon for them delivering match-winning performances week in week out .

  8. This is good news for the national tam and for the two players. I like both alario and palacios and believe they will have a spot on the national team in the future. If they gain chemistry together in club games, it would be highly beneficial for our Argentine future

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