Lautaro Martinez scores twice for Inter in win vs. SPAL


Lautaro Martinez scored twice for Inter in their 2-1 win vs. SPAL.

Martinez can’t stop scoring as he has now scored five goals in his last three games. He received the ball in midfield, ran towards goal and a shot from outside of the penalty area gave Inter the 1-0 lead.

The second came from inside the area as a ball was sent in and he headed it to double Inter’s advantage.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo you absolute fool!!!! Good lord, Dybala’s shot was going in and Ronaldo blocks it!!!! *face palm*. This is the 2nd time Ronaldo has done this to Dybala, the first was last year when Paolo scored a screamer in the CL.
    Honestly imagine if this was the reverse and……..oh wait you don’t have to, remember how CR7 reacted when Nani ruined his goal, now imagine Nani doing it again.
    Anyhow very happy to see Lautaro and Dybala kicking ass and taking names. I also watched abit of the lazio-ude game and Correa played quite well as did De Paul, who had some misplaced passes but also created atleast 3 decent scoring chances. I really hope Inter manage to buy de Paul this transfer window because I think his time in Udenese has come to an end.

  2. Btw where came this lazy Aguero mantra about one of the best centre forwards? Lewandowski the choker is the truth, you will see it on the Euro and on UCL final stages again from the KING of Crveza Zvezda. Sun shines, Lewandowski chokes when it matters. Dare to bet with me? I have some money on it.

    • You are lunatic or drugs addicted fighting with ideas no one represent in here. Who is in here Lewandowski admirer (or even follower) to polemize with him. Name one person and bring comments, lunatic.

  3. From Gonzalo:

    “I think it’s impossible one of Maxi Romero/Ponce have not been better than Martinez.”

    “I really cannot understand where from this interesting clubs like Real and Arsenal in Lautaro Martinez. He is type of of lazy Aguero but Aguero is still more talented.”

    “This team has just mediocree/poor atacking players – Martinez, Mansilla, Conechny” “Mansilla and Martinez are weak players for me.”
    “Sorry but despite goal and assist Lautaro Martinez and Conechny are so lazy players they never should be on this Sudamericano. Maxi Romero or Ponce over Martinez no doubt. Vadala over Conechny. Martinez is worst No.9 I saw in Argentina T-shirt. Like Aguero in his laziest moments. This guy is slow and so static without ball. Put someone other in his place who working hard without ball and he will get 3 times more opportunities and 3 times more goals.”

    • Add to that date. That was loooong time ago during Lautaro’s very first performances in U-20 team. Never more after that. This is the difference.

    • ?????…Gonzalo…. “Worst striker in NT history” from Gonzalo until U20 Sudamericano…with lack of workrate LOL….thats why i blamed him over and over and over again at the start of the season, he played really bad to his standards, we see it clearly, i was completely completely completely right, thank you, i dont blame Gaich bad performances in San Lorenzo, dont interest really, he is not a super talented forward as Lautaro, but i will always blame him if some football blinds want that guy in NT…but for God sakes his overhype is finally over.

      • LOL

        what is really shameful?

        to say once, after our U-20 team painfull lost and poor Lautaro’s performance, to say in irritation and obvious exagerration that he is “worst striker that played for our youth teams”; to say this once and never more, being his consistent admirer

        or to be saying again and again for months critical things about him such as: Csabalala September 21, 2019 at 4:32 pm
        “Lautaro is horrible in Inter, cant give a fucking pass precisely, he is far far from a world class forward atm its clear, vs Germany Di Maria and Aguero is a must, in 14 we won easily with them”

        so could you finally explain how he devloped within few weeks from “far from world class” to world class?

        Csabalala September 11, 2019 at 10:34 am
        “Lautaro, a good defense will easily neutralize him as Serie A defenders did last season, if he is the only man worth pay attention”.


        so what is more compromising? single critical comment during his very first months in youth teams or your constant critic much later and much longer?

        • No i praised him from the first minutes, then blame if underperform compared football blindness as your in Lautaro and in Gaich case, finally he start to score goals, but still a limited tank and always be. Call him world class talent and NT-material is blindess and harmful.

        • He just scored another one, minute ago.

          Really Csabalala you should just shut your mounth up not to compromise yoursself more.

      • As if the two slaps in the face from Lautaro were not enough, you wanted to evoke Gaich, even if no one refered to him now. So you got two quick slaps from Gaich at the other cheek. Can you learn finally something from your punished arrogance?

        • @ssha03
          This was a useful thread. Shows that both Gonzalo and csabalala are unreliable sources and terrible at understanding skill, development and maybe even the entire game of football. Don’t worry Gonzalo and csabalala, you have many others just like you on this forum that you can trade formations and good opinions with. Very useful thread, thanks.

    • well…if Inter continue like this under Conte, they could become a “big club” again. If not, i can see Lautaro taking over for Suarez at Barca. Lautaros wrecking ball style reminds me of Suarez..seems like the perfect fit

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