Lionel Messi scores for Barcelona in win vs. Atletico Madrid


Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in their 1-0 win vs. Atletico Madrid.

Messi continues to be Barcelona’s savior in front of goal. A late goal by the Argentina captain would give Barcelona the win. He would run towards goal, pass it to Luis Suarez who would return the ball as Messi would score.


  1. Lets go back just a FEW YEARS ago and I stress, FEW………nobody EVER mentioned Christina AKA her Highness AKA Penaldo AKA CRYBABY AKA Look at me whore, her name and the best EVER.
    It was always Maradona, Pele and Messi… was only when RM started winning the UEFA and mind you got lucky TWICE because AM gave it away on a silver plate. RM during those years had enough talent to form two great clubs, while Barcelona was aging, slow, less aggressive BUT it had Messi.
    Like Thierry Herny said when asked who is best, “Chrstina is the best player in the world but Messi is from another planet.
    Reminds me of when her highness left RM, one of their fans said and I quote, “we had to lie and pretend all these years that SHE was better than Messi”.
    And just to be fair, the Ballon d’Or total for both should be at the very least 7 for Messi and 4 for prettyboy and one of these is suspect.

  2. May be the happiest moment of the year 2019. Though it is an individual award, it is an honour to the footballing nation called Argentina. I feel happy and proud both as a Messi fan and as an Argentina fan.

  3. Ronaldo genius really @Gonzalo your stupid you don’t know any football your Argentina traitor go suck Ronaldo ass. You stupid don’t know anything about football. Read my comments. I am directing sending you not anyone else guys don’t be mad at me sorry guys. Not sorry to the guy name @ Gonzalo. He does not know anything stupid needs to learn how football is played.

    • Calm the hell down, man.

      Gonzalo didn’t say anything wrong by praising CR7. As much as I dislike him, i completely agree – CR7 is an amazing player. Easily the best after messi.

    • Honestly your post is uncalled for, Gonzalo didn’t say anything wrong and he sure as hell didnt insult you personally so why are you doing it to him?
      I was never a fan of CR7 but his attacking genius cannot of be denied, he is without a doubt one of the best attacking players of all time but despite of that he’s nowhere near Lio’s level and I doubt he’ll ever be remembered as such.

      This forum is designed so we could get together and share our passion of the albicelestes and not to hand out personal attacks like candy at Halloween. Please to all of you, if you don’t agree with someone then either argue against their point in an intelligent manner or simply ignore them.

    • I’m not excited anymore by individual awards for Messi but this one could make me really happy. At the end of his career He deserves to have more than Ronaldo cause being on par with him on Ballons d’Or gives the impression that they were equally good, which is not true. Ronaldo is genius but Messi still one class higher. Pheneomenon sui generis.

  4. This is the worst Barca since 2 decades. Really I think Messi will be consumed by playing in this club. The way Valverde is using Messi will destroy his efficency and make him frustrated.

    • fucking hell i wish Valverde would get sacked. Reminds of Bauza NT tenture…..all the best players and they still play like shit. I really hope they change manager soon.

  5. Velez Sarsfield – Colon 3:1

    Nico Dominguez goal and assist while Thiago Amalada with goal.

    Godoy Cruz – Talleres 0:5. Bustos add another goal (assist too) and now is top goalscorer in league.

    • Dominguez is getting better and better, I’ve watched him go from a DM to a real b-2-b player in a matter of one season, I really hope he continues his progress when he gets to serie A because the NT could use all the good midfielders it can get.
      Robertone was on the bench, which was quite surprising, he too is a real talent that could be important for the NT in the future.

        • I have feeling that Robertone and Dominguez are only OK for a midfield of 3. Palacios can play deep as 2nd DM in 4231 or half 8 in 433. Others like De Paul, Acuna, Zaracho can all operate as defensive winger in a 442 or CM.

  6. I am reading comments Mourinho treatment towards Argentina players, don’t forget Mourinho won Champion League with the core Argentine, Mourinho makes rojo one of the best CB in the Europa league win for Man Utd, if mourinho bench Foyth then he isn’t good enough to start, if he shows discipline and proves his worth then I’m 100% sure Foyth will be the starter under Mourinho is just a matter of time. Mourinho is a kind of manager who improves a player a lot, Foyth is young and talented under mourinho he can become world class if he has potential. But for Lo Celso is the knocking on the door, phochettino buys him not Mourinho nor Mourinho likes Lo celso certainly Poch buys as a Erikson replacement but as Erikson is staying I don’t think Lo celso has any chance to play for spurs. Once Loris fit, Gazza again warms the bench and for Lamela, he will rotate with lucas moura soon.

    • Lo Celso wasn’t even wanted by Pochettino because unlike other top managers, he didn’t have his last word on the hiring. I saw that Mourinho stays with his 4231 with no playmaker but with an advanced box to box Alli, similar to Lampard and Sneijder he used to have in the past. There is no room for attacking midfielder like Lo Celso and Lamela. For Foyth, as I said, Aurier is his 1st choice as right back. He prefers tall center backs, so I think no future for him too. Maybe the biggest winner is Gazzaniga.

      It’s OK Lo Celso is just on loan. In the worst case he can return to betis and continue his progress with a great coach like Setien. His playing style fits so much better for Liga or Serie A. Lamela for sure need to return to Serie A.

      • Quote:
        [Lo Celso wasn’t even wanted by Pochettino because unlike other top managers, he didn’t have his last word on the hiring]

        Yes, Celso was wanted by Pochettino, he was his marquee signing (or borrowing) infact and that might be somewhat of a problem for Mourinho since Celso is a player that represents the desire of the former coach.

        [I saw that Mourinho stays with his 4231 with no playmaker but with an advanced box to box Alli, similar to Lampard and Sneijder he used to have in the past. There is no room for attacking midfielder like Lo Celso and Lamela]

        Not necessarily because he used Ozil and he was your classic luxury type playmaker.
        Sneijder wasn’t box to box at all, he was a hard working no.10, same as Celso and Lamela infact, so there is plenty of room for Celso and Lamela in Mourinho’s system.

        [ Foyth, as I said, Aurier is his 1st choice as right back. He prefers tall center backs, so I think no future for him too]

        Note sure I understand your statement, are you saying that Foyth won’t have a chance because he not tall? If so then I have to remind you that Foyth is 6,2 and if he does ride the bench under mourinho it won’t be for his lack of height.

        I stated before that I totally believe Celso will become a starter under Mourinho because he is the exact type of player that Mourinho likes (creative, goal scoring, hardworking midfielder). Unless ofcourse Mourinho lets his ego get the better of him (happens often) and freezes Celso out because Gio is representative of Poche’s era, but I doubt it.
        Lamela won’t get regular playing time because he is unreliable fitness wise but he will come off the bench like he did with Poch.
        Foyth I believe will be frozen out entirely and will have to move if he wants to have a future. Luckily he’s young and talented so no reason to lose hope.

        • Mamoun thank you man
          I was going to write to C.royal
          To his misunderstanding or misinformation About lo celso and foyth Yes lo celso was 100% pochettino singing And I too believe he will force his way in The team cos the lad is hard working player As much as he is talant.
          Yes foyth is 6 foot tall and nothing
          Worrying about him as he still young
          And talant if he doesn’t work for him
          Under Mourinho he will follow poch
          With his next club which I believe
          It will be man utd.

  7. This guy is a freak. Life will be different once Messi retires. Every Sunday, I sit down, hoping for magic. Doing this from the day he started (yes I have seen his first game) and it still happens. I have not seen consistency like this, for so long and trust me I have seen a lot.

    So proud he is one of ours.

    • That’s the crazy part. For me personally, he has brought so much joy and excitement over the past 10+ years! Best player ever..makes me proud thats he’s Argentine!

    • Just thinking one day I won’t see Messi playing anymore is not a good feeling I don’t know how I’m going to still enjoying football without watching Messi the world will be very sad once he retired.

  8. Literally the 🐐 can there be anymore discussion? Saves barça again, oh and ter stegen was other-worldyly also

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