Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni talks about Leandro Paredes


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Leandro Paredes and the other players who could play in his position.

Since coach Scaloni has taken over the Argentina team, Leandro Paredes has often figured as one of the main starters in the team. Speaking with TyC Sports, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“Since we’ve had him, it’s obvious that he’s a player we like. At the moments, it’s complicated because he’s playing at a club and we would like for him to get more playing time.

“We have confidence in him. He’s an interesting player that if he improves on things when the team doesn’t have the ball, we’re talking about a player that would be better than he is. When he has the ball, he’s one of the best in the world.

“I’ve already spoken to him. We think he has to control himself a little and to know when to be more rough and when to play.

“We are confident in Paredes and also in Guido Rodriguez, who is there when Leandro doesn’t play. And also in Rodrigo Battaglia in that spot who is injured. They are players we think could occupy that spot and from there, depending on how we play, we could change the names.


  1. We are relying on Paredes coz there’s no plan B in this spot. Paredes is a very good player with a remarkable personality could lead him to be a future captain of the NT, however I don’t think that Guido would be the best possible replacement. I think the first few WC qualifier games will be a good platform to try some players in this position. Lisandro must be given a chance I think this boy deserves to be tested in the group.

  2. This is so odd, what’s scaloni’s problem with Licha Martinez ? The kid is a revelation, yet he’s thinking about an injured Battaglia and Guido who clearly showed at copa that he’s not up to snuff ?? And he’s doing the same thing with Walter Benitez. Now I know every coach has his favorites but to completely dismisses a player before even giving them a chance is just……Honestly Argentine coaches never seize to amaze and annoy me.
    As for Leandro, well he can easily move somewhere else and find playing time but that would mean that he’d have to take a massive pay cut and it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in doing so otherwise he would’ve headed to Real Betis in the summer. That kind of attitude should never be accepted in a NT like Argentina’s and Scaloni has to grow a pair and tell Paredes to find playing time somewhere else.
    Argentina was very lucky with chiquito Romero in the sense that the guy maintained a great form with Argentina despite his lack of playing time but that kind of thing only happens once as we saw with Fede Fernandez in 2014 and Caballero is 2018.

  3. I agree with you my friend he is my favorite player as well. Lisandro Martinez in our team it would be really good tournament.

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