Draw for 2020 Copa America, Argentina to play Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Australia, Bolivia


The draw for the 2020 Copa America has taken place with Argentina playing against Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Australia and Bolivia in the group stages.

Argentina’s opening match of the 2020 Copa America will be against Chile on June 12 at the Monumental stadium. The team will play Uruguay in their second game on June 16 at the Mario A. Kempes stadium in Cordoba.

Match three will be against Paraguay on June 20 at the Monumental while match four will be against Australia on June 26, once more at the Monumental stadium. Argentina’s final group match will be against Bolivia on June 30 at La Plata stadium.

Argentina will play host for one of the semi finals as the Monumental will be one of the two venues for one of the semi finals. It will also be the stadium where the opening match of the tournament will take place.

Here are the two groups:

Zona Sur:

Zona Norte:

There are 12 teams in total, four will be advancing from each group.


  1. Brazil , Colombia , and Uruguay are the best team in South America. Argentina are the underdogs don’t have good defenders or midfielder or goalkeeper only attacking player Argentina needs to produce good player to play in Europe than we can become best team in South America.

  2. Interesting fact: Scaloni will have more time and games to prepare for the next World Cup than all the coaches we have had since Bielsa.
    Full 4 years, 2 copas and the qualifiers.
    Hope he has a long term plan.

  3. Godin, you nailed it my friend!
    Exactly, Argentina has the most wins, has scored the most goals, has the highest goalscoring ratio in the history of copa america and to add on this, check my friend how many times in total we reached the final, i think half of total copa america occured if i am not mistaken, let alone how many times we reached the top 3. In addition, Argentina is the only team that always advanced from copa america group stages. Think all the above together with the fact that however we still have one trophy less than Uruguay and you will pull your hair out of your head, if you already have any!

    Argentina is by far the most successful and intimidating team when it comes to copa amrricas, but still Uruguay stands a single title above us!

    We should have had much more trophies, be it for wcs or copa americas, we deserved and we still deserve much more!

    • If you look further back in history , Uruguay actually took the lead first over Brazil and Argentina in WC achievement, not the other way around. Uruguay had won 2 WC before Brazli and Argentina won their first thropy. Brazil has surpassed them and Argentina has catching up and eventually has reached 3 more finals than Uruguay.

      In Copa America, Argentina tend to lost on penalties even when they actually scores in the final. Its a bit weird but the curse seems to started in 1994 when Diego was booted from WC 1994, Argentina senior side has not win anything since then , not even minor title. They’ve been in WC final, Copa final many times, 2 Confedertion finals and won none of them.

      However, as you pointed, this also proof that Argentina will always be tough contender in major tournaments.

  4. Argentina is the team with the most wins (123), the least losses (33) and the biggest goal difference (+283) in the history of the Copa América.

    Argentina is the most unluckiest nation
    In world football look those statistics
    And still we talking about how the drought
    Continues this is ruined my holiday
    Surely this must end in 2020
    with grace of God.

  5. We need to win copa 2020 because we gurantee to win WC 2022 as it the toughest international tournament. I still dont understand we dont a player at LW and scaloni is ignoring Papu Gomes IMO he is one of the best player in world rightnow at LW . He got lightening fast speed, he can beat players in 1v1 , can pass , can score .He should have been included in Copa 2020.

  6. Qatar I can understand they sponsor for the competition but why Australia? Totally boring football and an anti sportive team with main target is to hurt the opponents. Why not a good African team like Algeria or Senegal? Ideally both with Nigeria or Morocco, along with also Mexico and a good Asian team like South Korea or Japan.

    I look at Argentina group, only shit teams which park the bus, play boring football and provocate opponents. Really not interesting to watch and nothing the NT can learn from those matches.

  7. It is true that Lisandro Martinez is best back up option for Paredes i do not know why Scaloni is rooting for Guido Rodriguez and Battaglia they are not in the level with Lisandro Martinez.In possession based game is Lisandro is more helpful for retaining possession.Lisandro Martinez deserve a call up for Qualifiers.He can also play in left midfield to substitute Acuna.
    Andrada is best goalkeeper for Argentina because he reads the game very well and has counter attacking approach.

  8. The stadium in Santiago del Estero is going to be our revelation on Copa (besides I don’t like either the new formula of two countries tournament or 2 groups intead of 3 just like the new formula of Euro all over the continent is not attractive to me):


  9. Fun fact: Not counting shootout , Chile has not beaten Argentina in last 8 clash.

    Isnt amazing? the two times they managed to draw Argentina, they won thropies via shootout. I wont be surprise if Argentina ended up losing in similar fashion even if not to Chile.

    My point is, if we do reach the final, someone just needs to score and I dont care how or who… just score and break the freakin curse.

  10. Foyth and Lo Celso future at Spurs:

    It’s too early to say yet but it looks like they’re not in Jose’s plan. I worried in the beginning when Mourinho was appointed as the head coach but I thought he might change. I know it’s still early days and the games coming thick and fast, you can’t judge him but Foyth and Lo Celso never looked like textbook Mourinho players in the first place. Foyth is a ball playing defender and doesn’t fit the usual no nonsense, strong, physical and quick sort of defenders that Jose prefers. Regarding Lo Celso, he could be either Jose’s Ozil or Mata. By the look of things, it seems he’s the latter type but it’s way too early and he’s still adapting to the premier league and things can change.

    For Foyth it seems more harder. Any chance of him playing as a centre back is slim, but with Jose’s style he has a chance as a holding midfielder that some here prefers. For that to happen, he has to overcome the competition of Dier, Winks and Wanyama first.

    PS: You can hate Jose all you want(he has given us reasons for that and no one will argue against it) but it’s absurd to say that he hates Argentine players. He likes certain type of players ,we all know that(tall,physical, athletic, quick, workaholic type) but he ain’t an hater of Argentine players, never! You can maybe say that about Alex Ferguson or Van Gaal(not 100% but slight prejudice against south american players in general) but not Mourinho.
    Mourinho’s first buy at Real Madrid was Di Maria. And he quickly became one of his favourites. Correct me if I’m wrong. He gave chances to Higuain as well. He was even made captain in one of his games.
    At Inter, Diego Milito was his buy and he made him one of the best #9s in the world during that time. Zanetti, Walter Samuel and Cambiasso were regulars in his side. If he wanted to freeze them cause he hated Argentines he would have, like Crespo at Chelsea or Gago and Garay at Real(not a superstar like Crespo I know but anyway)

    • Honestly I keep hearing you guys say that Celso “isn’t a Mourinho type player” but that is simply not true. The guy can score, playmake and defend, he’s not just a Mourinho type player, hes every manager’s type of player.
      I will say it again, Celso is world class and if Mourinho isn’t planing on freezing him out because Gio was purely a Pottechino signing then I see him becoming a starter or even the star of the team. It is quite clear however that Celso is going to have to prove himself yet again so don’t expect him to start before christmas, but if I am a betting man I’d say that he’ll make all his doubters eat their words.

      • Lo Celso is a great enganche but Mourinho seems to prefer an advanced box to box like Lampard and Sneijder, now he got Alli. Mou said he will even hire 1 or 2 defenders during the winter transfer window so yes, no future for both of them. But I believe Gazzaniga will become his 1st GK.

        Lo Celso is much much better in Liga or Serie A. I see him in Napoli or in the worst case back to Betis. At spurs, he can only be the 3nd option behind Alli and Ericsson.

        • We already talked about this and with all due respect canadien but you got it wrong here.
          Sneijder is not an advanced box to box, not for Inter or for Holland. For Inter the box to box job fell to an Argentine by the name of Cambiasso.
          And Mourinho has used all sorts of players ranging from the b-2-b Lampart to the playmaker types Sneijder and Ozil.
          Celso is a playmaker/goal scorer/central midfielder and an overall world class player and I still maintain that he will force his way into the side.

          • Croyal
            Lo celso has talant to break in any team But question is that. Will Mourinho give him Fair chance I don’t know but one thing for sure Mourinho will play English lads to attractThe media…
            Lo celso is much better than dier harry winks and certainly he will prove he is better than ali if he given enough chance Not one game or 20 minute subs.
            You still didn’t admit he is pochettino signing.. not Danny Levi.

  11. Regarding the Ballon d’Or, Leo Messi wins his sixth, no surprise there. Arguably the greatest ever to play the game, undoubedtly the greatest I’ve ever seen. For the 3322288th time, he doesn’t need these individual honours to be seen as the greatest. For those who understand football, it’s no brainer and there are no arguments. You can only feel sorry for the rest. But for me Virgil should have been the winner this time around like I said before.

    Apart from Messi’s coronation, this Ballon d’Or once again exposed the monumental flaws in these individual awards. One of the reasons why individual awards in a team sport like football doesn’t make any sense. I’ve said this before. Just taking a look at the choices of some of the journalists will make you scratch your head. It’s crystal clear that some doesn’t even watch football let alone have an understanding of the game! These are the ones who determine the best player in the world, apparently!

    The other headscratching matter ofcourse is how Cristiano Ronaldo came third in voting. No disrespect to Cristiano but the likes of Sadio Mane, Bernardo Silva, Alisson Becker, Gini Wijnaldum, Mo Salah, Matthijs De Ligt, Frenkie de Jong and Raheem Sterling all deserved to be ahead of him. Once again proves it’s just popularity contests and politics, nothing to do with football.

      • Yes I like very much Son. We have the best strikers like Lautaro, Aguero and Icardi, the best Trequartista like Messi and Dybala, the best Enganche like Di Maria(he plays as 10 now with PSG) and the very promising Lo Celso. But we are kind of short on wingers who can score and break the lines, strong at counter attack like Claudio Lopez in the past. We have Ocampos and J Correa that I’ve always defended. But Ocampos is limited technically and Correa doesn’t score enough.

    • Yes I agree, this award has lost its credibility. The ranking of Cr7 is more for rewarding his courage of changing club and his decisive goals for Juve during champions league. Till last year Juve was way above other clubs in Serie A, they could have won without him anyway. This year is very different. But of course Mane should be above him. The guy can play as fwd, winger on both side and even playmaker. He can score, dribble, create and even defend. Currently the 2nd best player of the world.

    • batigol_cowcho
      No surprise you are the most butthurt whenever messi wins anything or any individual award . When messi won Fifa’s best award you were crying This has bad voting system Ballondor has better voting system and Van djik will win. Now you are crying like a dog again lol, you are joke who always talks nonsense and always biased when it comes to senoir players.
      Van Djik , he was not even the best player of Liverpool it was mane . Dont forget even Matip, Allison , Robertson, Fabino was great last season it was not just Van djik.
      But in Barcelona Suarez, Coutinho out of form, Dembele injured Messi single handedly carried Barca to Laliga title and CL semi final it was more than deserved award.

  12. Hey guys why does our National Team coach wants older player for river Enzo Perez don’t get all why does he not have Ever Banega who have really good connection with Messi why does he not get a chance in NT.

  13. I am baffled and utterly shocked as I just came to know rather than Argentina, its Colombia who will be hosting the final of CA2020!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Please guys please enlighten me why is this the case?? I searched all over the net for explanation but can’t get it.

    Logic always fails when it comes to Argentine football…. I presume we are the one who have better stadiums, we are the football giants and no disrespect to Colombia, we must be financially better as well! I guess its always the trend that better or bigger country or superpower footballing nation will be hosting the final when it come between co-host in a big tournament. I was hoping to get trophy in front of our won people plus I took it as a given that final will be in Argentina but I guess every fucking logic fails as always when it come to Argentine football! Gutted!!

    • If I’m not wrong, it has got something to do with the next or the one after the next Women’s World Cup bid. Argentina FA needs Colombian FA’s support or something like that for the bid, that’s why final in Colombia not Argentina.

      If you look at the bright side of things, it would mean less pressure playing away rather than in front of your home supporters(assuming things in the summer). You could also make a case against it, not denying it.

      • Thank you for the info mate. Still baffled by this decision to award final game to Colombia! As they say if you don’t posses the power to change what you dislike its better to shut up and we as fans need to do the same.

  14. Nothing at the bombonera?!?! The truest home field advantage in all of football probably and you didn’t give the uruguay game there (give cordoba one of the other). Unless I am missing some information that is bad planning I doubt any foreign team can win at bombonera.

    edit: i am aware its not a ‘NT home stadium’ but still this needs exception.

      • quite right.Even cilindro(racing) is actually great venue and quite big too. I understand giving one game in Cordoba(kempes) to non buenos aires fans to enjoy but why the La Plata.
        Capacity between bombonera (smallest stadium) vs La Plata or Cordoba is maximum 8-10K. I think that would have been small sacrifice vs the option to play chile or uruguay there.

        • Even I am surprised that there are no matches at the La Bombonera. With such a vociferous and partisan intimidating crowd there, it would have been difficult for any country to play against us. Not sure why no matches scheduled at the Bombonera.

          Any idea guys ???

  15. Another golden chance to lift the trophy. The team and players are all in good shape. May the luck be with Mundo Albiceleste this time. Scaloni and friends have a plenty of homework to prepared it well and get ready ; no more trial and errors. No injured players

    • “No injured players”

      It is important to note this tournament the finalists will play one extra game – 8 games (5 group + QF + SF + F) than world cup (7) or previous copa (6) while the duration of tournament will be the same : 1 month. It is even more important than before to choose the fittest players and those not injury prone and break down early.

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