Franco Cervi scores for Benfica in Champions League win


Franco Cervi scored for Benfica in their 3-0 win vs. Zenit.

Cervi scored the first goal, his first of the Champions League this season. A low pass into the penalty area found the former Rosario Central man who scored from close range.


  1. Juve couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn today until Dybala came in, assisted one idiot with the 1st goal and then the other imbecile with another, on a silver plate.

  2. what a wonderful day today for all RIVER fans .
    GALLARDO will continue to RIVER !!!


    Grande, Muñeco querido!!!!

    according to tuttosport inter will try to sign both Vidal and de Paul on loan deals for Vidal it will be a dry loan as for de Paul it will be a loan with an obligation to buy .inter will also try to sign giroud as deputy for lukaku n also Marcos Alonso who has fallen out of favour at Chelsea .
    Instead of Alonso I wish they wud go for signing tagliafico .

  4. Meanwhile nico Dominguez has reportedly bid farewell to Velez as tyc sports reports there is an exit clause in which he can immediately leave for bologna in January the player has reportedly said there is a good chance he won’t return to Velez n he is grateful for everything they did n tat he played safer in superliga so tat he cud adapt easily to the Italian league .

    • Nico Dominiguez should not play for Argentina.He is not good player.Once i thought he was good but recently he is below average player and same goes for N.Gonazalez.Scaloni should not include them again.Palacio looks good for NT.

  5. Napoli sack ancelotti three manager spots of arsenal,Everton n Napoli at up fr grabs hope they sign Gallardo .we need more Argentine managers n sporting directors in the top European clubs only then the Argentine talents will get more recognition

  6. Meanwhile balerdi has featured yet again as a sub in the 83’min for dortmund’s vital 2-1 win against slavia Prague it seems they might be slowly integrating him to the first team . But he is behind to Hummel’s n akanji in the pecking order an injury to them might open the doors to get the breakthrough .

  7. AJAX are now favourites to win the Europa league .I believe this year they will do the treble . As for inter I’m not sure but they definitely need new midfielder signings n hopefully they will look no further than Rodrigo de Paul n also Martinez quarta for godin replacement

  8. Match report inter milan vs Barcelona
    It was a poor team performance from inter they were largely pegged back by a Barca B team n escaped a lot. individually lautaro was good though there were few moments he switched off in the box where tobido or umtiti easily clears it but otherwise he was a constant menace if only lukaku didn’t fluff his lines often but overall inter milan deserved to lose they really needed the engine of barella n Stefano sensi n candreva n asamoah but hard luck

    • The problem with this Inter is they playing the very old school football as in 90s with long ball to Vieri, now to Lautaro and Lukaku constantly. There is a huge lack of creativity in the midfield. The 2 strikers are totally isolated. I believe that Paredes would bring some added value to this team.

  9. Match report Ajax vs Valencia
    Tagliafico did ok but he was only a shadow of his former self his decision making in the opponent D-box was poor ,tackling not up to mark .
    Lisandro Martinez had a mixed game he was at fault for the first goal he didn’t follow the track of the goalscorer n wass easily beat the offside trap n scored .after the goal he sprang to life especially in second half where he was constantly pressing n intercepting balls but he really needs to improve his long balls his vision ain’t up to mark and also he needs to improve his shooting as well as heading in the opponent D-box he cud have put Ajax ahead at time hence tats an area he needs to improve a lot n also he has become more physically strong in every match attackers easily brush him off n get away. The reason why scaloni dosnt call up licha to NT is because he has the same profile as Leandro paredes only thing is paredes has better vision than him but both are lazy hence they send him to the U-23’s .but if he can replicate the second half performance he put today he cud easily become the Argentine casemeiro which we desperately need .overall Ajax deserved to win

    • I agree to some parts of lisandro assessment but see the goal differently. it’s a wonderful tactical goal by valencia. in the build up ajax has their full backs high so valencia have two front men of their 442 not in the middle but wide where the FB’s would have been to pull the CB’s apart. then los che on the transition play a quick direct ball wide to their left from inside their half which widens the gap between the CB’s and rodrigo runs into this space between them opening up. but martinez recognizes this danger well and tracks him right to the top of the box. so far so good.

      It is at this point he makes a mistake and I have written about it before. He still thinks a bit like a CB when running backwards. he stays too long with rodrigo and sinks into the back line. As a DM once you have tracked the forward back into/or near the box you have to trust and turn the responsibility over to the back line. Opponent is in their zone now. The DM needs to think about other opponent midfielders potentially entering late into his zone and cover that and this is exactly what happens. A fourth valencia player (it is actually the fullback but that doesn’t matter as he is in the role of a late arriving mid now) runs into the central DM zone . The ball ping pongs and finds his feet but lisandro is not there to challenge as he is ‘striker watching’ and vacates too much space. Jose gaya now has plenty time to switch the ball wide right to ferran torres who can easily pick the assist. This final pass from torres to rodrigo is not #5 responsibility. Blind, Veltman and whoever the RB is are completely confused who is tracking the forward.

      In any case this is a minor mistake not a super big deal. The CB’s are mostly to blame for it. The relevant part for us is that it i believe it shows a bit of something I have written before. Martinez in my view is not MORE defensively suitable as the base midfielder of an inverted triangle midfield (433) than paredes. I think that he and leandro are roughly equal in that regard. Maybe he is better in a double pivot but then so is leandro so there is no added benefit there. Of course lisandro ceiling might be higher as this is only his 4th or 5th month playing DM.

      Where I actually like lisandro more is that offensively he is better than paredes. Not in passing. But in his ability to run into and take space high up in opponent areas and press in deep danger areas. paredes is quite terrible at it (mostly because he is so static) though this season in the limited games he does seem to improve on it. However I don’t think this particular aspect fit scaloni because he doesn’t like to over commit numbers and would rather have a DM to generate rhythm from deeper than a mid who challenges space in forward areas. So all in all I still don’t think there is a huge pick up in switch between psg man to ajax man. However, of course, if paredes continues to rot on the bench other elements like form, confidence etc come in and we might have to rethink.

      • Great analysis there n you have justified my claim as to why scaloni overlooks lisandro for Leandro .it’s still early months for the youngster n this was the first high pressure European match he had experienced n he did well to cope to an extent but anyways I’m sure he will improve but if ten Haag leaves I have slight doubts as to what may happen to his career after this season given if the new manager wants more hardworking destroyers like caseimero n brozovic but on another side ten Haag might buy actually buy licha Martinez to his new club because I believe licha is one of his most favorite players in the squad given the way he often plays him the full 90 mins even when the team is in a losing situation .

        • yeah Ten haag is a concern but even then martinez is far superior to other ajax DM options in the short term in my view (alvarez, marin) so i would expect new guy to continue to develop him even in worse case scenario (that he is stuck there longer than 2 years).

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