Gonzalo Higuain scores as Paulo Dybala assists in Juventus win


Gonzalo Higuain scored for Juventus in their 2-0 win vs. Bayer Leverkusen.

Higuain would score in injury time for Juventus with Paulo Dybala providing the assist. He would receive the ball on the edge of the penalty area and a left footed shot would beat the goalkeeper.


  1. Talleres Cordoba is most crowded with youngsters club of Superliga. Hence several players are on the radar of foreign clubs:

    CF Nahuel Bustos followed from Spain to Brazil. His release clause is 18 mln.

    RB Leo Godoy on the radar of Brazilians

    Andres Cubas – strong interes from Partugal, United States and romours of River.

    Roma is interested in our U-20 player Facundo Medina

    Also GK Guido Herrera, called to NT in previous year, got some attention


  2. Tagliafico is being offered by Chelsea,Dortmund ,Everton and Spurs.He has already told thst he will stay just for one season in Ajax.So here comes departure in weeks or year.I prefer Chelsea and Dortmund for him.But he can make chemistry with Foyth if he goes to Spurs.Ball in his court now.
    Finally Foyth won the heart of Mourinho.Mourinho liked Foyth’s character in his 90 minutes vs Bayern Munich.Foyth wanted a move out but now he will stay in Spurs.Mourinho said he liked his character.Mourinho is man of his words

  3. Foyth will surely impress Mourinho but Lo celso is over rated player he is not needed by Mourinho so i think Serie A will suit him.

  4. I still love Higuain. If you know football then u would love him too. He could have played for the French national team btw. Yes, he had that option, bit he played for us.
    In other news, Foyth will be getting alot more time this year with the Spurs according to mourino. Lamela is injured. Lo celso is above average at best and won’t be seeing much playing time .

    Also, I am willing to bet that Lauturo Martinez will be wearing a Barcelona shirt by mid January.
    Until then, enjoy the basketball until you understand the sport of football.
    That is all.

  5. El Pipita still have a power to score for his clubs. Once our best striker
    happy to watch Dybala along Higuaín shine at Juventus and Icardi shine with P$G. Looking forwards to watch Lamela, Fyoth and Lo Cleso and Ganizza shine at Spurs

  6. In my opinion, this champions league will be the best one since many years, so many teams can win it. My top 4 picks are Bayern, Tottenham, Liverpool and PSG. Paredes finally a good match, solid, I like the way he drops deep and link with the defense, lot of good connection with the fullbacks. Also some good balls for the strikers. Otherwise, Icardi did an excellent match too. His intelligent run and positioning really helped a lot Neymar and Mbappe to find the space.

  7. Average match for Lo Celso and Foyth, which is kind of expected because it’s impossible to play well after all this time on the bench. But at least it’s much clear to me that, under Mou, Foyth will be used as CB and Lo Celso will be more used as right attacking midfielder, probably as Lucas’s sub, which is not a bad news. The Brazilian is a very great player but Lo Celso has other qualities and honestly, he has better chance to beat Lucas than Son and Alli. This tottenham has 2 teams of international players, it’s a very competitive and it’s good for them to stay in this environment.

  8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but whenever THIS man scores and runs around celebrating……..something inside me ticks.

    I don’t hate him and i thank him for bringing us joy whenever he scored for ARGENTINA but as far as i’m concerned, he can go F himself unless by some miracle he comes back to the NT and HELP bring us here and the MILLIONS of ARGENTINIAN football lovers around the world the WC trophy.

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