Mauro Icardi scores for PSG in Champions League win vs. Galatasaray


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG in their 5-0 win vs. Galatasaray.

Icardi scored the first goal of the match for PSG. It would be Mbappe passing it to Icardi inside the penalty area and the Argentine would score from close range.

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  1. Icardi needs to be called up and I wouldn’t sacrifice him for a “promising“ younger winger. Our strength are #9s so we leverage as many players as possible. Plus, it agrees with Scalonis preference of 2-1.

    Martinez, Aguero, Icardi, Dybala, Messi, and Di Maria are clearly the best available players. Just reading these names in the same squad is madness… easily the worlds best and no other country comes close to out attacking options.


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