Diego Perotti scores for Roma in draw vs. Wolfsberg


Diego Perotti scored for Roma in their 2-2 draw vs. Wolfsberg.

Perotti was back on the scoresheet for Roma, this time scoring off a penalty. It took Roma seven minutes to score as Perotti converted a shot into the bottom left of the goal.


  1. Csabalala
    Your fucking Barcelona have triple budget than RIVER PLATE.

    You compare what exactly?
    we are football GIANTS you like it or not.
    whatever you say to offend us you can t convince nobody that RIVER PLATE is small team.
    you can t convince not even yourself.

    Your shitty Barcelona without south Americans is worse than Asian teams.
    as about the 3-0 we lost from Uefalona i am proud for my team because we looked them in the eyes and we lost only after referee full our midfielders and defenders with yellow cards.
    we couldn t defend in second half because of that.

    enough with you Csabalala.
    now i return back to my silence to celebrate one more trophy that the grate RIVER PLATE win yesterday.

    ¡River campeón!
    two words i read and hear very very often lately !!!
    I AM FUCKING LIKE IT Csabalala.

  2. Exequiel palacios has confirmed he will be leaving river n Bayer Leverkusen is most probably his destination.
    Now it will be interesting as to whether Gallardo will try to replace him with another player of similar qualities or completely adopt a new formation n style of play because he was the main piece of the jigsaw puzzle. As for palacios I personally would love him to join Ajax if they submit an offer or inter milan as he could form valuable chemistry with fellow Argentines n the club has a good history with Argentines

    • 3:0 River win over Central Cordoba in Copa Argentina Final with goal and assist of Nacho Fernandez, Scocco as well and Alvarez goal. Questions left wheter also Quarta and Nacho will left River, after Palacios transfer is done.

      • Who want Nacho? MLS, Mexico clubs?
        Btw Monterrey with a lot of argentines (Meza) will play with Al Sadd, then Liverpool…i want to see Meza playing against a top class team like Liverpool. A huge disappointment so far in Mexico, not even indisputable starter,which is a shame for a record signing., man i said you several times the truth about him.

        • I see you looking for some consolation after so many wrong predictions and our young players proving you being wrong one by one. That would take a lot of time refer to every young Argentina player that proved you being wrong about him recently. So the Meza case is – so far – quite elaborated and weak rejoinder.

          Finally your biggest wrong predictions about Scaloni being “amateur coach” failed. Another one is about keeping with old generation or not. We see both Scaloni and players rejuvenation make us better so you should finally admint being wrong hundred times. Most importantly you are wrong especially on most important questions: so is with the two I said above and so was during last WC. I predicted 1/8 with that old team.

          Nacho is NT level player. Everyone who follow River regularly may admit that. His only problem is age. If not the factor he would be NT player under Scaloni no doubt. I’m for younger players generally too.

          • I predicted before Copa19 ARG will not win Copa, i was 100% right, we were zero chance to win it, not even a final, not even could score goals, but i dont see your ecxuses…”We see both Scaloni and players rejuvenation make us better so you should finally admint being wrong hundred times.” Come back after a WC final, until then this is only a bad joke in your fantasy universum, where Pratto, Benedetto, Nacho, Pity and Meza etc. are Nt-level players…

          • Who’ve said we would win COpa 2019? Who? That was no brainer not to expect winning with brand new team. But we we not far of that. Only Brazil team was better, having a lot of luck.

            So don’t be funny thinking predicted big things. Most of people did not expected that, including me. LOL.

          • Man we failed against the sky high best team of the world cause Sampaoli and Tagliafico amateurism., and ARG were the only team with good chances to beat them on the whole WC.

          • “ARG were the only team with good chances to beat them on the whole WC”.

            LOL, If that was the case why we lost to silver medalist Croatia (by 3 goals) or draw to Iceland. France with their pragmatism just needed a win on their path to final. Argentina was not the only team that France beat by one goal only. They controlled that. The fact is that poor WC were just continuation of poor qualifiers and poor performances since longer time. Main reason? Exhausted old generation.

        • So finally:

          So finally: who cares about Nacho? No, rather who cares about what you’ve think about him. River is superb team and Nacho probabaly it’s best player in recent times. No doubt River is great team. One simple proof of that: when the sast time some local club contributed to NT 4 players while out of them everyone is close to be starter for NT: Armani, Quarta, Montiel, Palacios? That was looong ago. Decades ago. The others like Suarez or Casco got call ups in this year. Enzo, Pinola, Prattto not long ago. Some others represents currently Colombia NT. Some others represents out youth NTs. So River necesarilly must be great team. If so, Nacho, being their best player, must be class.

          • Barcelona – RIver game was few years ago. Now differnt team. I don’t see point of reference.

            Everyone knows River is 100 times better than Al Ain. Accident at work. Few years ago Real in club WC could not beat such club during regular time

  3. I do not see Foyth replacing Spur’s Center back D.Sanchez and Alderweird but he is better than S.Aurier in Right back spot.With Foyth Spurs would be more comfortable.It all depends on Mourinho whether he want offensive or defensive right back.But Foyth also connects well with midfielders and attackers but he is not good crosser like S.Aurier.

  4. twitter.com/PochoLavezzi/status/1205512730511396865

    workhorse lavezzi announces retirement. we salut you!

    *hilarious when he pinched zlatans big nose and sprayed water at sabella lol

  5. Lautaro’s release clause is above 100m so Barca not gonna buy him until Suarez is off to MLS.Messi does not involves much in transfer market decisions of Barca,as we have Neymar example.
    Marcos Senesi is a player of Feynerood looks good i think he should play as a substitute to Paredes instead of Guido Rodriguez.However he is a CB but i think he can play in DM and in LM role too.

  6. Pastore and Perotti used to be my favourite players but unfortunately both of them got injured so much. I still remember a few matches with those 2 plus Di Maria and Banega supporting Messi as false 9, it was really magic.

  7. Our attacking force should always be Messi, Aguero ,Martinez, Dybla and Alario.No need of Icardi.We already have good attackers.Our center back are confirmed too they are Otamendi,Rojo, Pezella and Quarta Martinez.Foyth and Montiel in RB and Tagliafico at LB.Paredes is doing good in PSG.De paul and Mac Allister should play alongside Paredes.Messi Aguero Martinez or Dybla is best trio in country level.

  8. The sub23 list will probably be announced today. As we feared, the coach received many negatives from foreign clubs so players like Lisandro Martínez (Ajax, Netherlands), Nicolás González and Santiago Ascacíbar (Stuttgart, Germany), Cristian Romero (Genoa, Italy) , Marcos Senesi (Feyenoord, Netherlands) and Matías Vargas (Espanyol, Spain) have very minimal chance of appearing in the list.

    • Dont count with the european players, maybe something like this could be the squad:

      ARQUEROS: Facundo Cambeses, Jerónimo Pourtau, Manuel Roffo

      DEFENSORES: Leonardo Balerdi (imo Dortmund will let him) Gonzalo Montiel, Marcelo Herrera, Lautaro Valenti, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega and maybe one more local CB who is not on the preliminary list

      MEDIOCAMPISTAS: Fausto Vera, Tomás Belmonte, Nicolás Capaldo, Nicolás Domínguez, Matías Zaracho, Lucas Robertone, Alexis MacAllister

      DELANTEROS: Fernando Valenzuela, Ezequiel Barco, Nahuel Bustos, Adolfo Gaich, Agustín Urzi, Julian Alvarez

      • Seems like this is the best list now. in the case of goalkeepers none of them are playing (may be they are playing in reserves) I thought about Juan bolado(Godoy cruz) as goalkeeper but their whole team is poor.

  9. Meanwhile Latauro might Partner up with Messi in Barca. Guys do you know what that means for Argentina.???? If Latauro can somewhat connect to Messi in Barca like Suarez, we will have a lethal forward partnership for Argentina. This could be that trick that Argentina was missing. The chemistry in the attack can make us super threatning.
    What you guys think?

    • It’s still media speculation I’m not sure Barca wud go for lautaro 100% because of abidal n the main scout of the team.abidal prefers Frenchies n the head scout is a Brazilian hence only Brazilians so fr an argentine like lautaro it wud require Messi’s stern request in order for Barca to release funds to get El Toro. Since El Toro has the same characteristics of Suarez there is no doubt an instant chemistry will strike between Messi n El Toro

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