Argentina 2022 World Cup Qualifiers fixtures announced, Uruguay, Brazil double-header


Argentina’s fixture list for the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers has been announced and a double header vs. Uruguay and Brazil is in the list.

The qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup begins in March 2020 against Ecuador and ends in November 2021 in Ecuador as well. Here’s the fixture list:

Ecuador, home: March 2020

Bolivia, away: March 2020

Paraguay, home: September 2020

Peru, away: September 2020

Uruguay, home: October 2020

Brazil, away: October 2020

Chile, home: November 2020

Colombia, away: November 2020

Bolivia, home: March 2021

Paraguay, away: June 2021

Peru, home: June 2021

Uruguay, away: September 2021

Brazil, home: September 2021

Chile, away: October 2021

Colombia, home: October 2021

Venezuela, home: November 2021

Ecuador, away: November 2021

List of matches for the 2022 South American World Cup qualifiers.


    • Usually the 4th place team gets around 25 to 27 points. You have to be extremely good and win a bunch of away games to get 40 points.

  1. I think this qualification will be much easier for Argentina comparing to the last one few years ago. Brazil still Brazil, they have new talented players very impressive(Martinelli, Rodrygo, Vinicius) and the generation 25-27 who play all in the top clubs in Europe. And most importantly 2 GK of world class.

    Uruguay has now a strong midfield young and energetic but the strikers and defense starting to get old. Chile has the same problem, their main players are getting too old and the new generation haven’t picked up yet.

    Other than Uruguay and Brazil, I really don’t see any strong outsider. Scaloni’s team is quite good now when the opponents park the bus and stay behind,

    • Colombia is probably better than Chile. If Argentina plays like the last friendlies and Copa they should be able to qualify with a few games in hand.

      We are still growing but I think at the moment we are as good as Brazil.

  2. Foyth is targeted by Inter milan,AC milan and Roma but Mourinho does not want to sell him and wants to unlock his potential in Spurs

    • Not sure about the upside for Tottenham to let him go on loan in Jan. They play 60 matches per year and their CBs are either old(Alderweireld, Verthoghen) or average(Sanchez).

  3. in the first 4 fechas we should collect 10-12 points something not difficult.
    from 5-8 fechas which our program is hard we will be more comfortable if we have those points.
    it is important we start well and take 10-12 points till game with Uruguay.

  4. Our managers Basile, Diego, Batista, Sabella, Tata, Bauza, Sampaoli… none of them had a full 4 year to prepare the team. Hopefully Scaloni gets that chance. 2 copas and a full set of qualifiers should be more than enough.

    • Yeah true, so important. For the last 2 world champions Low and Deschamps, it took them 8y and 6y before winning the world cup. I think Scaloni is at the right timing, he will have young and talented players to replace the senior guys after 2020. I guess in 2 years, Palacios, Gaich, Nico Gonzalez, Nico Dominguez, Foyth, Quarta and Romeo will be ready.

  5. I am hoping some of our key players leave champions league early before they get burned out ahead of the Copa and the qualifiers. Yes this includes Messi too.

    • True but at the same time Ronaldo shud also get knocked out of UCL because if he wins it n Messi loses Copa Ronaldo wud win ballon d’or so we will see that Ronaldo must lose UCL

      • If Messi wins Copa nothing else matters next year.

        If he wins next World Cup nothing that happened in the last 10 years matters, he will be considered the greatest of all time.

  6. 6 crucial games September to November 2020, same fixtures again September to November 2021. That’s 2/3 of the entire qualifiers, better hope we are in a good shape during that time.

  7. Bad that we play Ecuador again in the last match. But the last six matches are almost equally difficult for Argentina, Brazil and Chile. We must try our best to get as much breathing space possible in the first twelve matches. But hope and wish we qualify with ease.

    vamos blues..

    • But this time I dont see there are easy matches for any top team. All are equally competitive except maybe Bolivia (but at home, they are also strong). Its going to be tough and interesting with all nations equally equipped – be it Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay or Peru, Venezuela or eternal heavyweights like Argentina and Brazil

  8. This Argentina grp will be the most exciting group we have had since riquelme generation. I believe we will again return to the Pinnacle of world football.i just hope Messi will be there n finally get the ultimate prize he needs to stop being to pessimistic about his future n do justice for his home soil.
    Our Stars of the new generation will be lautaro,nahuel bustos,gaich leading the charge with wingers Alan velasco,de la Vega, Thiago almada, exequiel barco midfielders exequiel palacios,Matias palacios,lisandro Martinez,paredes,de paul,ocampos,ascacibar, defenders Martinez quarta,Bruno amione,Marcos senesi,Claudio bravo,montiel goalkeeper gazzaniga,rulli .,etc I must have forgotten many players so pls do suggest but anyways I believe this generation has huge potential

    • Really like the list you have just mentioned. Few more would be Zeballos, Luka Romero, Christian Romero, Coira, Robertone, Valenti, De La Fuente and some more. I am sure I have also missed a lot of exciting names. But as you said, very much looking forward to Next Year’s CA, WCQ and Pre Olympics and Olympics (once we get there).

      Very good generation and years ahead for the Albiceleste.

      • A good mentions you have given there zeballos has lots of potential to become the next di Maria he needs to improve his shooting though but he might be our future for the left wing .Luka Romero I don’t tnk will be ready enough he needs to handle pressure well n be like Messi n concentrate n practice more either way he wud only be 16 or 17 for the Qatar world cup n as of now I don’t tnk he has ansu fati like potential but we will see he is still young as 14 years .

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