Lionel Messi scores, reaches 50 goals for 6 straight years


Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in their 4-1 win vs. Alaves.

Messi continues to do Lionel Messi things. With the score at 2-1 for Barcelona, Messi would receive the ball and he would drive forward. Surrounded by several Alaves players, the Barcelona captain would shoot from outside of the penalty area and score.

That goal means that Lionel Messi has now scored 50 or more goals in a calendar year for the 6th straight year, nine times in the last 10 years.


  1. He is finding it more tougher to score against better teams and in high pressure games which is natural. Because he is at times marked by 4 or 5 best players. Its a tough ask to be Messi. Hope he keeps his rhythm and score more goals in vital games.

  2. When he takes the shot, there are 6 people around him including the GK. Having seen this from his first match, we are getting used to it. Enjoy till it lasts, you are not going to see this skill and consistency ever in your lifetime. These are crazy numbers and consistency. I remember the the top strikers in Italy in 80s and 90s, when they were known as 20 goal strikers. And this guy is not even a striker. Its crazy and he is ours. ENJOY what god has given us.

    • > 20 goal strikers

      That’s pretty funny when you think of Messi numbers.

      The only year he didn’t score +50 was in 2013 when was injured and only scored 45! Almost made it anyway.

      The year before In 2012 was the ridiculous record when he scored 91. Doubt it will be broken anytime soon

  3. That is Lionel Messi thing.
    Nicolas Calpado looks good player.Boca have many talented young players.Mac Allister and Calpado are good players.He should be groomed well and then should be called.Battaglia is best substitute or even starter for Paredes,he is way ahead of Lisandro Martinez if he recovers well.

    • Way ahead of licha man u on drugs both licha n battaglia are players with different profiles licha is similar to paredes or a box to box he is not a casemeiro style player which battaglia is

      • Lisandro Martinez is very small stature player,Battaglia looks like a pillar.They may be different but they play in same position.Battaglia will be more suitable for Argentona than Lisandro Martinez

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