Argentina 2019 Match of the Year voting


Argentina took part in 15 matches in 2019 with a record of 8 wins, three losses and four draws.

The team opened the year with a 3-1 loss vs. Venezuela and finished with a 2-2 draw vs. Uruguay last month. Lionel Scaloni’s team scored six goals in one match which came in a 6-1 win vs. Ecuador. It was also their biggest win margin. The biggest loss was the 3-1 vs. Venezuela, 2-0 vs. Colombia and 2-0 vs. Brazil at the Copa America.

They scored a total of 29 goals and let in 15 goals. Lautaro Martinez finished as top scorer scoring 8 goals. Here were the standings:

Lautaro Martinez: 8 goals
1 goal vs. Venezuela, 2 vs. Nicaragua, 1 vs. Qatar, 1 vs. Venezuela (Copa America), 3 vs. Mexico 

Lionel Messi: 5 goals
2 goals vs. Nicaragua, 1 vs. Paraguay (Copa America), 1 vs. Brazil, 1 vs. Uruguay

Sergio Aguero: 3 goals
1 goal vs. Qatar (Copa America), 1 vs. Chile (Copa America), 1 vs. Uruguay

Leandro Paredes: 2 goals
1 goal vs. Mexico, 1 vs. Ecuador

Lucas Alario: 2 goals
1 goal vs. Germany, 1 vs. Ecuador

Lucas Ocampos: 2 goals
1 goal vs. Germany, 1 vs. Ecuador

Angel Correa: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Morocco

Roberto Pereyra: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Nicaragua

Gio Lo Celso: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Venezuela (Copa America)

Paulo Dybala: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Chile (Copa America)

Own goal
1 goal vs. Ecuador

German Pezzella: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Ecuador

Nicolas Dominguez: 1 goal
1 goal vs. Ecuador

March 22, 2019: Argentina vs. Venezuela, 3-1 Argentina loss
March 26, 2019: Argentina vs. Morocco, 1-0 Argentina win
June 7, 2019: Argentina vs. Nicaragua, 5-1 Argentina win
June 15, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Colombia, 2-0 Argentina loss
June 19, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Paraguay, 1-1 draw
June 23, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Qatar, 2-0 Argentina win
June 28, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Venezuela, 2-0 Argentina win
July 2, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Brazil, 2-0 Argentina loss
July 6, 2019, Copa America: Argentina vs. Chile, 2-1 Argentina win
September 5: Argentina vs. Chile, 0-0 draw
September 10, 2019: Argentina vs. Mexico, 4-0 Argentina win
October 9, 2019: Argentina vs. Germany, 2-2 draw
October 13, 2010: Argentina vs. Ecuador, 6-1 Argentina win
November 15, 2019: Argentina vs. Brazil, 1-0 Argentina win
November 18, 2019: Argentina vs. Uruguay, 2-2 draw

Which was your favorite match? Was it the 2-0 win vs. Venezuela which brought Argentina into the Copa America semi finals? Was it the massive 4-0 win vs. Mexico? The come from behind 2-2 draw vs. Germany? The 6-1 victory vs. Ecuador? The win against rivals Brazil or the draw vs. Uruguay?


  1. I just realized that I haven’t made a pick yet and even though I loved the game against Brazil because Argentina dominated their butts from the 1st minute I would have to go with the Qatar game because that’s the game where everything started clicking for the team much like how the WCQ game against Colombia was the turning point for Sebella’s team.

  2. Argentina vs Venezuela = 2-0 , because its KO stage game in a tournament. Considering the team started badly in first two games, its pretty amazing they managed to reached semi and actually played better than Brazil regardless the outcome and bias ref.

  3. I would say the turning point of Argentina was the 2nd half against Germany, we saw a real team playing. The best one was obviously against Uruguay. Everything was the natural consequences of the last copa. Honestly we had a lucky Copa. Despite our weakness and this loss vs Colombia, the team played quite well during the 2nd match with a great Paredes miraclly woke up. After they played against 2 dummy teams and we lost against Brazil with pride but beat Chile after. The result was considered as a success and so Scaloni can keep his job to continue his work. If we were elimined at earlier stage then he got fired probably and we may need to restart the whole process over again. I am happy they kept Scaloni not because he is competent but I believe its even worse to keep on changing coach. Its just not the right method as proven during 2014-2018. Nobody can build a champions team in 1 or 2 years even with the finest players of the world in every position, which is even not our case.

  4. I said it before and I will say it again, Foyth is NOT a defender, way too reckless, the kid however is made for midfield and I ‘d wager he’d make a damn fine midfielder if given the chance.

    Celso had a decent match, nothing spectacular, just decent. He can do so, SO much better.

    Buendia with yet another fine performance, the guy is all over the place, tackling, making interceptions, creating chances! It’s also interesting that all his assists came against top teams (1 against liverpool, 2 mancity, 1 Chelsea, 1 leicester and 1 Tottenham) clearly indicating that he’s a big game player that thrives in a counter attacking system. If he keeps this up, he should be seriously looked at by Scaloni.

    • Totally agreed except for Lo Celso. I was so happy for his performance during the boxing day game but yesterday he was completely transparent during the 1st half, slightly better during the 2nd. Aurier and Ndombele never passed him the ball, he ran in empty space. Not enough for being in the 11. As long as he doesn’t play as a 10, hard for him.

      Sad for Foyth, for once he started the game and totally fucked it up. Hard to blame him so much, the 2 Belgians were out of form, Aurier was shit, Ndombele didn’t play at his position, not offered enough protection to the defense. I still think RCB is his position in a defense of 3 but need more protection.

      • As I said Gio could do ALOT better because he certainly didn’t look like the world class player that took la liga by storm but he certainly wasn’t bad and it’s certainly not helping his form to be playing in a different position in every game (RW, LCM and CM).

    • Foyth is still a kid, big mistake today again, not reliable,Mourinho subbed him after 45 mins, Lo Celso doesnt fit in PL and Mourinho system, Gazza is an average goalkeeper at best.

    • I am very disappointed with Foyth. It seems he never learnt from mistakes. I have seen all these again and again. Unfortunately all of our other defenders are either error-prone and not solid at all.

        • Maradona once said that the problem with afa is that they select undeserved players over deserved ones and he was actually right ,how does a raw defender like foyth gets into squad ?
          IMO buendia is much better than celso (le celso lacks aspects of a modern midfielder ) and buendia should be pogba /eriksen replacement in united/spurs
          Gazzaniga can only save shots going directly to his body (an average gk )
          Benitaz,musso ,matchesin are better than him
          And what’s depressing is that none of our cb or fullbacks (except tagliafico) are performing well in Europe but we do have some upcoming prospects like nehuan ,balerdi ,Romero (best option among all ) ,sensi who are yet to get established
          We need to promote bright fullbacks of local league since none of our European fullbacks are doing well (some are not under radar of scaloni )
          PS = we can never win trophies without a solid gk and back 4

  5. Thxese 3 games were our best overall performances.

    -July Copa America: Argentina vs. Chile, 2-1 Argentina win
    -Nov Argentina vs. Brazil, 1-0 Argentina win
    -Nov Argentina vs. Uruguay, 2-2 draw Chile, Brazil, and

    I would say the 2-2 draw against Uruguay was #1. We looked dangerous, cohesive, purposeful, and controlled the opposition (I had not seen domination in a long time). Like Dadie10 mentioned, I also loved seeing Dybala + Messi & Aguero click. With continued improvement, this game made me feel like were on a course to beat any team.

  6. November 18, 2019: Argentina vs. Uruguay, 2-2 draw

    Uruguay had their biggest guns on their team and we were two times behind, but the team showed fighting spirit and earned a well deserved draw. The other reason I chose this match is that Messi, Aguero, and Dybala were in the starting XI and had a very good game together.

  7. October 9, 2019: Argentina vs. Germany, 2-2 draw

    This is the match that made me believe that we are on our way to become the champions of the world again!!

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