Sergio Aguero scores for Manchester City in win vs. Sheffield United


Sergio Aguero scored for Manchester City in their 2-0 win vs. Sheffield United.

Aguero managed his first goal back since his injury. A controversial goal as the referee assisted after the ball deflected off him. It would get to Aguero who would fire the shot into the roof of the net.

That goal was number 174 in the Premier League for Aguero, making him the highest goal scorer in the league this decade.


  1. I still remember the first game he played for ManCity and scoring or how his goal won them their EPL title in the dying seconds of that game.
    We all knew he was great but I doubt anybody, myself included thought he would be the ridiculous success he’s been since that move……..and all the goals, forget about it.
    There is only ONE thing left for him to do…..take a wild obvious guess what that is!

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