Santiago Ascacibar to join Hertha Berlin from Stuttgart


Santiago Ascacibar is set to join Hertha Berlin from Stuttgart.

Per a report by German media Bild, the 22 year old defensive midfielder is set to complete a €10 million move. He would be signing a contract until 2024.

Ascacibar has already been capped three times by the Argentina national team.


  1. From Golazo top 50 best Argentine young players list 2019…

    21-Emiliano Buendía
    22-Thiago Almada
    23-Cristian Pavón
    24-Agustin Almendra
    25-Gonzalo Maroni
    26-Santiago Cáseres
    27-Pedro de la Vega
    28-Nicolás Capaldo
    29-Alan Franco
    30-Emanuel Mammana

  2. Sergio Romero is a world class keeper i do not know why Scaloni does not use him or even call him.Age is not big matter for goalie.Scaloni should consider him

    • I hope that the deal will mateliarise asap because acuna is already 28 n is the right time to be a starter for a club like inter n he perfectly suits Conte’s style of play

  3. Hopefully El Rusito can do well in the top division and get Scaloni’s attention. I still think we need a player of his profile in the NT. Even if he does not start for us, imagine Ascacibar coming off the bench to close the game. With his tenacity and energy that could be a huge asset, particularly against strong opponents.

  4. Scaloni should call emi buendia before spain. He is one of the best mid in EPL this season. Main man of Norwich. His vision and passing is too good.

  5. Top four team in world right now are
    1 Germany
    2 France
    3 Argentina
    4 Brazil
    If their all players are fit they are in top four.
    Sane,Gnarby,Reus in attack and Gundagon,kimmich,Kroos in middle makes them most dangerous.

    • Germany no.1? Honestly sometimes I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Germany is always a top NT regardless of their temporary form but right now they’re in the mid of a rebuilding process not unlike the one they had to undertake all the way back in 2004, so it will take them a wee while to get to full strength and the same goes for Argentina.
      France, Holland and Belgium are top 3 for me with everyone else somewhere down the top 10.
      For us Albiceleste fans the most important things is that the team is making clear strides and forming a real identity so I could care less if they rank 1 or 50.

    • Argentina No.3? Seriously?

      Power Rankings:
      (1) France
      (2 tie) Brazil
      (2 tie) Germany
      (4) Netherlands
      (5) Spain
      (6) England
      (7) Belgium
      (8) Portugal
      (9) Argentina
      (10) Italy

      Uruguay and Columbia are next and very close…

  6. Anyone watched the mexican apertura final?
    guido with a really good game for a full 120 minutes as cdm and then spoils it all by sending his penalty into the stands and losing.

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