Happy new year from Mundo Albiceleste


A big happy new year to everyone!

I’d like to take a moment to wish you all a happy new year and to thank you all. May the new year bring us all health, happiness, love, money and everything we desire. I want to thank everyone for help making Mundo Albiceleste what it is today. This website, this Mundo Albiceleste family would not exist without every single one of you.

As we ring in the new year, let’s remember to always show love and respect one another. The world is difficult enough as it, let’s make it a little less difficult.

For Argentina, it was a year which started off in a less than stellar way but finished in what a very good fashion. Despite not winning the Copa America in 2019, the new year will give the team a new opportunity to lift the Copa America.

Here’s to old memories, new memories, old matches, new matches, old goals, new goals and the ultimate prize for Argentina which is the Copa America. Happy new year!


  1. Best wishes to all Mundo members and our much appreciated editors. Keep up the good work, fellows.
    2020 could very well be a crucial year for Argentina. Messi and Aguero are still world class and will be very determined to win the Copa America as it could be their last chance to win silverware. The next WC is almost 3 years away and who knows in what condition they will be by then. Moreover, they have an energetic team of youngsters around them and some pretty talented guys as well (Palacios, Lautaro, Andrada).

    There is a lot of discussion on players (as usual). Hopefully our talents get more playing time or are transferred to bigger clubs to gain experience. Ascacibar (Klinsmann raiding his old team) is a good start. Hopefully others (Buendia, Benitez etc.) will follow.

    The WC qualifiers already start in about 11 weeks. Too bad Messi has to start in the game he hates most (at altitude in La Paz). Hopefully Scaloni follows Bielsa and selects 30 players and sends 15 immediately (one week for the game) to La Paz to get used to the climate and height.

    Fingers crossed we end the trophy draught this year.

  2. E.Buendia should be called he would be good cover for Tagliafico in Left midfield area.Buendia has everything,all round player and his work rate is good,he participate in defence too.

  3. Buendía….as per who scored;

    + Strengths
    Passing – Very Strong
    Through balls – Very Strong
    Key passes – Very Strong
    Defensive contribution – Very Strong

    Taking set-pieces – Strong
    Dribbling – Strong
    Holding on to the ball – Strong

    Currently 18th best player in premier league and first in Argentina players in PL.

    7 assists and sits third on assists table.

    Scaloni….why are you waiting for..?

  4. Buendia seems to be a bery nice player.It looks like he can play in any position in midfield or in forward.He would be nice addition.

  5. Gazzaniga is performing well..if not for him..Tottenham will be losing by 3 goals..Unfortunately Tottenham lacks motivation, very distorted especially with Defense..too many individual play…Unless the team improves overall..there is going to be pressure on Gazzaniga..

  6. Zabaleta ,Romero ,garay ,demechellis ,lavezzi ,rojo (till 15) these players were very much useful in nt ,they performed very well whenever they got chance and now if we want to wij something we have to find out their replacement

  7. Gazzangia is not NT material in every 30 minute he concedes goal.He is slow to read the game.Not ideal.Sergio Romero is world class even comparable to De gea.Why Scaloni does not call him

    • Romero was never world class and will never be, dont lie to ourselves every argentine goalkeeper are trash on the highest level. ARG have not ZPŐ20 goalkeeper since Fillol, mabye the only world class goalkeeper in argentine football history.

      • Top20, Goycoechea (some penalty saving skills, but weak goalkeeper) Burgos, Roa, Bonano, Cavallero, Abbondanzieri, Leo Franco, Romero, Caballero and the new gen mediocre at best, at best.

      • Sergio Romero represented one world cup two Copa and some Europa league finals and you say he is not world class player.He has more clean sheet for Man United than De gea.

        • We have barely seen him play week in week out in club jersey ,so how can we call him world class ,but he has been beast for nt ,I really miss him ,it will be difficult to replace him in nt

      • It’s frustrating to see some believe that Romero was World class. He was not World class by any way. He was reasonably good Goal keeper for Argentina. He is not a solution for us.

        I really don’t know who will be our savior in the Goal keeping position. It’s astonishing to see that we haven’t produced any great true World Class Goal keeper In a very long time.

        I don’t see that changing either, For now I don’t know who to trust. Our only bet is Andrada. We’ll he was also not great against Uruguay but I will still give him a chance. Considering his age and form.he is probably chased by some big clubs too.

        But I have a gut feeling that Armani will start for us in the Qualifiers. I truly had high hopes on Armani. But he is not able to replicate his river form to our NT. Musso, Gazzaniga, Benitez, Etc etc have to be trusted more. We’ll their club for looks shaky. Compared to Andrada and Armani.

  8. I think Manuel Lanzini and Erik Lamela would be best fit for our Left midfielder role.if they can stay fit for long time.

  9. My wishes for a new year and new decade after a sleepless night:

    1) All Mundo Members stay healthy
    2) Roy and Mundo stay active as ever
    3) Argentina and Messi Win Copa19, WC 2022, Copa 2023 and build a good team
    4) Messi Wins each and every Ballon d’ Or as long as he plays
    5) Dybala gets the recognition finally he deserves and be recognized as the best Juventus player
    6) Zlatan competes and wins the Series A top scorer
    7) No racism atleast in Football
    8) No more VAR controversies
    9) May you all be satisfied and happy with your club (irrespective of which club you support) as Argentina restores it’s prowess as the best Footballing nation. As for Messi, let him play under a good coach or coaches for the rest of his Barca career. Let them sack their present coach asap and no disrespect to the present coach
    10) RIP Sala and may his family get the strength for a future
    11) May all Mundo Members and fans of Argentina all over the world feel as a family despite every other disagreements

    Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR and

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