Alexis Mac Allister secures draw for Argentina U23 vs. Paraguay


Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista has started preparing for the Olympic qualifiers which begin later this month. Fielding a strong side vs. Paraguay, it was the Paraguay who took an early lead. Argentina goalkeeper Facundo Cambeses didn’t make the best of a cross sent into the area which would fall to Jesus Medina and his strike gave Paraguay the advantage.

The lead wouldn’t last for long. Nicolas Capaldo was fouled inside the penalty area as Argentina were awarded a penalty. Wearing the number 10 shirt, Boca Juniors man Alexis Mac Allister would take the spot kick and draw Argentina level.

Here was the starting eleven:

Facundo Cambeses
Marcelo Herrera
Nehuen Perez
Facundo Medina
Claudio Bravo
Matias Zaracho
Nicolas Capaldo
Julian Alvarez
Alexis Mac Allister
Agustin Urzi
Adolfo Gaich


  1. This might be a minority opinion but I think Sergio Romero is one of the most overrated players that have played for the NT. Great penalty stopper but that’s about it. Had he really been world class he would have been a regular player throughout his career but instead he has been content with bench warmer role for most of the clubs he had played for.

      • In Sampdoria? 90% of current argentina squad would be benchwarmer in MU or in other big club…except Messi, Di maria, Aguero, Lautaro maybe Dybala and Icardi and thats all.

      • hey, club time is irrelevant. Romero is THE EXCEPTION. Anyone who watched him play for the NT would know that. Easily one of the best keepers in WC 14 despite the “no club time” criticism. Same with Copas. Overall, keeper was never a problem while he was between the sticks. we were lucky to have him.

    • no one thinks hes world class nor does that title even matter because he always performed well for NT despite “no club time”.

      Of all the positions during his tenure, keeper was never a worry or a problem.

    • Agree with that 100%, There is a reason he was and is a Bench warmer at every club he plays, why? are all the Coaches stupid to keep such a Great Goal keeper on the Bench? I don’t think so, the more he could have played the more he would have exposed and made errors, look at the Match vs Germany in 2010(Even though he was young he had already played a reasonable number of games for the NT in the Qualifiers by that time) Compared to what the likes of our current Goal Keepers.

      Every Goal Keeper requires time to develop a chemistry with the Back line, Romero obviously looks better only because he was continuously playing and had formed a better understanding with our entire back line. He was not good with his feet, his Ariel game is not that good either, his Penalty stopping ability is average too apart from that game vs Netherlands, (Had he been great we would have won at least 1 Copa America Final, in both we lost via penalty, He didn’t even save 1 penalty in the Copa 2015, In 2016 he only saved 1 penalty) How can he be considered a Penalty stopping Expert.

      As per me he was just lucky to be in the correct place at the correct time. Had Rulli played some game consistently he would have also made a better Goal Keeper. Same goes to Caballero (I hate him for his mistake in the WC forever) but he only played a handful of games for us, how on earth he would develop a chemistry with the back line. Armani have only played hardly 10 Games at best for us, Andrada hardly 5, How can we judge them and compare with Romero who lavishly played nearly 100 games without any pressure of being dropped.

  2. Romero is one of the many Argentine players who are more than happy to sit on the bench proudly. Romero was always a good golie for La Albiceleste but I think he is week mentally and never shows the required fighting spirit to claim the first spot in the lineup. Rojo and Lamela have the same problem.

    The one guy who I really liked his mental toughness is Di Maria. I am not a big fan of ADM and never want him in the squad, but this guy knows how to force coaches to let him go or be part f the first team. We all know what happened when Van Gaal benched him at Man Utd and and how he forced Unai to give him a first team spot. Di Maria is tough and never accepts humiliation!

  3. If Sergio Romero gets chance to start Premiere League games it would be dufficult for De Gea to reclaim his spot.Many coaches does not like Romero to start because he is not fascinating to them like high class goalkeeper.But he can give Man United good reputation statistically and furthermore he would get better with more playing time.Romero has already said that it is difficult to be second fiddle to De Gea.Once De Gea was world class but now Romero is better than him.

  4. Can anyone tell how the match went I watched highlights n I tnk we didn’t do well in first half n Paraguay goal was literally a confusion between cambeses n nehuen I guess .

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