Juan Pablo Sorin praises Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Rodrigo de Paul and Argentina team


ation is over, that they want to be consistent again. And here, I have no doubt, that Menotti’s influence is very important.”

The former Argentina captain wasw also asked about current captain Lionel Messi:

“Messi has something that, I think, he knew, was different. It’s like he owns the ball, he has it and he knows that he will do the most difficult thing, that he will be decisive every time he touches the ball. And he was aware of that when he was a kid, he assumed the responsibility in according to his personality. Without having to yell, without having to go make declarations before this year.

“Knowing and feeling decisive in whatever shirt is a difficult responsibility. But the most difficult thing is that Messi does it maintaining that level of genius and being the best for so many years. It’s a crazy thing!”

About Messi being different in 2019:

“Totally. Messi has assumed the responsibility of rebuilding the Argentina national team from a place of prominence. Listen, I understand too. Just like it happens to all of us when we grow, you learn to recognize the weight of your words.

“Hopefully that can give us a result with the senior team with him. Maybe we deserve it a lot but his struggle, having left so much and gone through so many things… I believe it’s not just the Argentines that want it: Football fans around the world hope for him to win something big with Argentina.”

If Sorin suffered against Messi in training:

“Thankfully we played together. Just as much, as a lefty, I have a secret for when left footed players come towards you but I won’t give it away, ha. In any case, he’s an alien. You saw the goal he scored against Bilbao in the final of the Copa del Rey almost as a right winger! A monster. I take serious pride having been a part of his early days with the Argentina national team.”

Which one of the newer players caught his attention?

“I like a lot but first is the personality of De Paul and Lautaro (Martinez). Argentina needs those types of players that can play under any conditions or circumstances when they haven’t played 50 games for the national team… Playing with the Argentina national team just like you club, it’s complicated. They’ve done that. And the other is Paredes. Every day he’s more of a player. The key is that Argentina keeps strengthening the team. That they can start the World Cup qualifiers with the same feeling as they ended 2019.”


    • i love Romero but he wouldn’t have benched De Gea. De Gea isn’t in form lately but overall, he is (was) a world class keeper. The guy could be #1 for pretty much all elite teams. Romero on the other hands, pretty content with being backup…id argue Romero is the best back up on the planet right now lol.

      Romero is an odd one though…he gets very few club games but was an absolute wall for the NT. He’s really the exception, surprising to read so many comments criticizing his “playtime”…it’s like they never watched 1 effin game with Romero before. its disheartening to read United Fans support and cheer for Romero more than some Arg NT fans.

      Im not saying he should be called up because id like to see more of Benitez, Gazzaniga, and Andrada but if Scaloni calls 33 yr old Armani and 31 year old Marchesin, then Romero at 32 should certainly be considered.

  1. Otamendi Pezella And Quarta Martinez are our center back who is fourth one.This is a place to grab.Otamendi and Pezella are best.They have experience and they were good in Copa America too.The best CB pair in country level is of Brazil because of their discipline.They are disciplined player both are 35 year old.So no need to bring young players for the sake of age,quality is more important than age.Let’s how Sergio Romero performs against best attackin team Man City in league cup,i think he will be solid.Scaloni should watch this game.Even if Romero does not play many games he is still far better than many goalkeepers.In Priemier League he is behind of only Allison as De gea is performing bad for couple of last years.Romero is better than Kepa or Enderson.

  2. Players valued over 50 mill. euros by CIES: football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2019/wp279/en/

    Aguero 50,6
    Icardi 50,7
    Angel Correa 55,1
    Joaquin Correa 58,8
    Paredes 64,5
    Ocampos 66,4
    Lo Celso 73,1
    Dybala 91,2
    Lautaro 115,7 (10th overall)
    Messi 125,5 (8th overall).

  3. France 2018 played exactly the same football as Argentina 2014 with many of them are Sorin-type warriors. For example Pavard, Hernandez, Kante, Matuidi, Giroud in Zabaleta, Rojo, Mascherano, Enzo Perez and Higuain’s role. A pair of tall CB and 1 of the fullbacks able to play as CB, a midfield of 3 with a real DM and 2 powerful box to box, a 9-half, a fast winger and a powerful forward who press. All defend together.

    The current NT is quite closed to that except the DM. I think Lisandro Martinez should take this role. A midfield of Buendia, LM, Paredes and De Paul is my favourite formula. All of them can defend and attack. As sub, Ocampos, Ascacibar, Palacios and Acuna. In attack either Messi+Lautaro or Dybala+Aguero. In this case, only 1 player doesn’t need to defend.

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