Monterrey negotiating over Argentina midfielder Matias Kranevitter of Zenit


Matias Kranevitter is reportedly wanted by Mexican club Rayados.

Kranevitter hasn’t been playing the most games since making the switch from River Plate over to Europe. Having previously played for Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, the current Zenit midfielder could be on his way out.

Per a report by TyC Sports, former Argentina man and current coach of Monterrey, Antonio Mohamed would be keen on bringing in the 26 year old midfielder.


  1. Here is mauro icardi goals & assist.
    He is good in final touches but problem is he don’t generate more football like dribbling past three or four defender or create his own chances in final third. it is something mismatch while messi in team who generate more football, even suarez is player one touch who generate more football then icardi, messi need player around who understand him, can create chances.. Icardi is feeling of one man show which may be successful or may be not,,, for better team i think player should be choosen who is creative in final third

  2. Kranevitter once praised as a potential replacement for Mascherano, went to Russia and disappeared; a lot of potential young Arg players missed their chance. Better played at Bundesliga and or Portugal, Dutch rather than forcing to play in Serie A, EPL or La Liga. Luck did bring the foot to step in the right place

  3. We should not overpraise A.Correa for last gasp goal,i think few months ago in Champion League knock out game of second leg he gave away a penalty to Juventus in last moment.Eventually getting Atletico Madrid out of CL.He is inconsistent player.

  4. We should not talk about A.Correa,he will downgrade our team he is a man withoit brain.We already have stand out players in Argentina team in midfield and in attack no need to bring A.Correa. He delivers a goal once in a blue moon.Barcelona played really well today,they dederved win but were unlucky,some goals were ruled out due to VAR.I think Messi’s goal did not touch his hand it was on his shoulder and Barcelona was denied a penalty call.

  5. Mix feeling, saddened to watch Barca lose to Atletico however delightful to watch Correa did again the last minute goal and bring the club to final. Still Scaloni will bring and select Alario over A. Correa unless he scored and shine in the Sunday final Copa and lift the trophy for Atletico.

    First thing in this month, Correa need to move to another club with a promise to have more playing time

  6. I’ve always said Angel Correa is a player who can perform on the highest level against the best teams, this is his charateristic, Icardi too, just like Lautaro, this mentality and extra quality needed if you want to win a big tournament, i dont see this in De Paul, Ocampos, Alario, J. Correa etc.

    • I m also a huge fan of angel correa but to be honest A. Correa needs to improve his final third skills specially his finishing other than this he has everything in him pace, good work rate, good dribbling skills, good passing skills and is not afraid to do tackles….
      Single digit assists or single digit goals in a whole season are just not enough for a argentina forward.

    • If I remember correctly before the start of the season you said that he was going to be a bench warmer and I told you that he WILL regain starting place because he has the talent. However despite his current form I still think he needs to leave Atletico because Simeone’s blunt, defensive style will continue to kill Correa’s creativity.
      Angel has that old school Argentine grit but he still needs to work on his footballing IQ, which is one of the reasons for his inconsistency.
      Regarding Ocampos and De Paul, they both exhibit that Argentine grit and I for one would, for now atleast, take Ocampos and De Paul ahead of Correa, because they are just as talented but are also more consistent. Another player who seems to fit this mold is Buendia.

  7. Argentina should play 3- man midfield instead of 4- man midfield because 3- man midfield suits Paredes and in this formation,in 3- man midfield he is more creative.Paredes and De paul is the best pair in midfield.We need someone other than Acuna to play in Left midfield along with Paredes.Palacios,Ocampos and Mac Allister are best options.

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