Argentina U23 team win 2-0 vs. Chile in Olympic qualifiers, Capaldo, Perez goal scorers


Nicolas Capaldo and Nehuen Perez scored for the Argentina U23 team in their 2-0 win vs. Chile.

Fernando Batista’s team made it two wins out of two to top their group in the Olympic qualifiers. Capaldo opened the scoring for Argentina early in the game with a lovely effort from just inside the penalty area. His right footed shot was fired into the top corner of the goal.

In the second half it was captain Nehuez Perez who doubled Argentina’s lead. A free kick sent into the area found Adolfo Gaich as the big man headed it towards Perez to score.

Argentina play Ecuador next on Monday.


  1. Amazing wins against two toughest teams in our group. Our squad is filled with talents (like it always has). The thing I like about most about this team is that there are no stand out star. Every players digs in to help the team and everyone is a threat to the opponent.

  2. Serien is a joke, poor man Bielsa, these type of coaches will never win anything, all of philisophy and zero result, he is a small club trainer, not only small club players exist (big club failers) small club coaches too.

  3. The GK is really good. The defense did well and the striker and wingers work for the team. This victory has a lot of meaning because it was really a team work. We won without our enganche and all those eligible players who play in European clubs probably don’t have permission to play for their NT. Can imagine how strong is this team when everyone is available.

  4. Meanwhile in bologna sadly Dominguez is in the bench . ascacibar is starting against Wolfsburg .n in spurs lo celso starting but lamela taken off for gedson

  5. J.Foyth is back in bench list.He is gonna to stay in Tottenham as Mourinho denied his move.Foyth is overconfident player,even in Argentina he always wants ball as he can be seen waving his hand to his teammates. he is good in dribbling and passing but he is overconfident which is normal for 21 year old player.He needs to learn from his mistakes.Foyth and Montiel are best right back option for Argentina.Sarvia is good too.But Acuna is not good option for our left back.We need better substitute for Tagliagico.Acuna is not a competition for Tagliafico.

  6. Always happy when our beloved team is winning. There is a lot of REAL talent in this team, as in every Argentina team, and i am saying “real” because it doesn’t have to do with marketing overrating evaluation.

    For example, Simeone seems to be way far carried away by overrated players and unproven players. For instance, apart from Lemar, i was hearing so much praise about Felix and every single time i watched Athletico i never saw something special about him. If it wasn’t for all this praise by the media, personally i would have never noticed him. I agree with some people in here about Perez, he should have chosen another club.

  7. Tagliafico: “The stage of changements is over, now it’s time to fight. The Copa América is coming. Scolani is open, he wants to listen to us and that’s incredible, because we all want what’s best for the team. This gives us confidence which helps this team a lot.” [TyC Sports]

  8. I don’t want to get my hopes up but this team is quite impressive, especially when playing as a cohesive, defensive unit like how the senior squad played against Brazil and Mexico in recent friendlies.
    Just imagine if Robertone wasn’t injured or Alexis wasn’t suspended or C.Romero, Balerdi, Licha Martinez and the likes of Montiel, Dominguez, Palacios and Lautaro were all allowed to play.
    Colombia and Chile are supposed to be the toughest teams in the group, which leaves the weakest teams (on paper atleast) Venezuela and Ecuador to content with, and here is where I don’t want to get my hopes up, because judging from the recent U20 and U17 Argentina gave up leads and winnable matches for no apparent reason so I hope this won’t happen here.

  9. FACUNDO MEDINA can play left back
    As well as he is very promising left side
    Center back. This Is where scaloni need
    To be brave to give chance likes FACUNDO MEDINA and Nehuen Perez instead going back And call dead wood players likes Rojo and funes mori.

      • I gree simeone doesn’t help arg players
        That much but Nehuen Perez is different
        He is already playing for Famalicão
        In Portuguese league
        But I would love see him playing regular
        In Atletico Madrid … by the way simeone
        Is really under pressure now.
        Soon may part company with Atletico.

        • Simeone’s old school out of date playstyle is the reason behind his downfall and most importantly he signs unnecessary overrated players like lemar ,Felix but hesitates to give chance to Argentines ,I hope he won’t messup perez
          His team got knocked out by a segunda b division in copa de rey is biggest example of his stubbornness

          • Bro you absolutely right simeone stlye
            Is really outdated and it’s unwatchable at times I loved simeone as player but not as manager and it’s true he has
            Signed big time overrated players
            I heard aswell his assistant and good friend Will leave him too German burgos.
            I rate highly pochettino he is very
            Attacking minded manager beautiful
            To watch his team’s from espanyol to spurs Probably he will soon be man utd manager .

        • It’s very hard for a teenager like him to compete with Savic and Gimenez. I think he is a great player and at least as talented as other CB of his generation. His future will be brilliant.

    • Completely agree. Yet during Sudamericano and U-20 WC I insisted that Medina is NT material. I want to say now the same about Nehuen Perez as well.

      • True he has been consistent performer
        All those levels plus his height is good
        1.80 or 84 cose scaloni loves tall players
        Especially defenders and midfielders.

      • “And? You insist every single young player as NT-material LOL, sometimes you hit, simple mathematics, so stop this egostic approach, irritating, your hitting percentage is horrible.

        • Csabalala,

          now you do not even try to pretend to be Argentina fan. I think it’s good for you to be out of disguise. On the other hand you are the only unhappy man today here and I wonder who you do not go anywhere else. For example for forum of this NT Haland is playing for (if he is Gaich on steroids for you, BTW Gaich is proving every game you don’t know much about football). If you have the joy of discovering new talents of other nations go there instead to be miser, pathetic, bitter frustrated man everytime here cause with this team and generally with new Argentina generations we are going to many more wins and that will hurts you more. You are already bankrupted being years-long defetism claimer when it comes about Argentina future perspective. Even taking only few last months we clearly see how constantly wrong you are.

          I don’ think is here any person that takes you seriously. Gaich, Ascacibar, Cervi, Vargas, Lautaro, Medina, J.Correa, Lo Celso……. all they are better than you always thought. Get a life bitter man.

    • For Copa America I think we should go with the following back line:
      LB: Tagliafico
      LCB: Licha Martinez
      RCB: Quarta
      RB: Montiel

      Tagliafico and Licha play in those positions together in Ajax, both left footed. Same for Quarta and Montiel in River but right footed. They already have good synergy built up and can incorporate it to the defence in the NT

  10. As long as they play as one unit team with cohesive spirit, ticket for Olympic Games is within reach. Promising players with Gaich, Perez, Allister, Zaracho, Capaldo, Cambeses, Medina and Bravo. Keep the spirit high and feet on the ground. Still a long way journey to go

    • Yes almost 75% of the team was filled with attacking minded players n these three at the back helped quell the danger of Chilean attack even our gk cambeses made a gud save

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