Ever Banega signs with Al Shabab of Saudi Arabia


Ever Banega has signed with Al Shabab of Saudi Arabia.

The club announced the signing of Banega from Sevilla where he will be joining them at the end of the season. Banega will be joining the club on a free as his contract expires.

Banega joined Sevilla in 2017 from Inter and has been in Europe since 2008 with one short stint in 2014 with Newell’s in Argentina.


  1. The end of journey of Ever Banega to be called by N/T . Most under rated player maybe because of his inconsistency and off field attitude. Anyway, a good moment at Sevilla and enjoy the Saudi Arabia. We pray for your success in your new adventure and thanks for being a part for the service to Albiceleste. will be missed

  2. in River plate Enzo Perez and in Boca E.Salvio kind of player should not play they just down the level of league.I wonderd how can Gallardo play Enzo Perez in Copa Libretador final.Enzo is way past his prime he is the player who always do basics right but for creativity he provides nothing.

    • Enzo is very experience player and he is the “coach” of team inside pitch.
      Gallardo know very well what he is doing. he had some bad moments in final but it can happened to everybody.
      anyway Enzo doing very well in the majority of games what Gallardo need from him.
      he is important player.

      • But come on Cox I feel Gallardo can infuse young energy in tat position its time for river to look for a future replacement because we cann see his legs aren’t fresh n is getting tired easily it won’t suit gallardo’s style of high pressure play

  3. Why casco plays ahead of angelleri ?And why does sosa isn’t given chance ahead of enzo Perez ?
    Sometimes I get tired of watching these oldies in local league
    These clubs should learn from Brazilian and French clubs how to develop and trust youths

    • Recently River promoted more young players than it was during early Gallardo’s years. Montiel and Quarta still are there while Ferreira, Alvarez, Angileri might got regular chances in this season. That would take more time for Sosa.

    • Gonzalo answer you so i left only to add that Enzo Perez like Leo Ponzio are our captains inside and outside pitch. they are very important for different reasons and they experience is needed.

      Except that River plate is huge club with high targets every season.
      we are not middle level team of France or Brasil to work only as farmers for the rich clubs of Europe.
      that is why we will never put in field 11 young kids without experience. experience players like Enzo Leo etc is needed beside our young players because we want to accomplish our goals. (win trophies)

      • I accept cox the big five of argentina always target trophy’s but it cant be achieved with players over 30 maybe one or two 30+ players is fine but if half of the team is 30+ there is a problem look at Europe’s big clubs Liverpool last year had only James milner above 30 in their main team I tnk n Henderson also not sure though .look at juve ,Barca,psg,Ajax,fc porto,flamengo all these teams like u said are big teams in their respective leagues n their fans expect them to win trophies but none of these teams have 3 or more players aged above 30+ in their team tats y they are winners.like u said experienced players are needed in the team in the form of one or two players who can advise on the field but lol if half the team is like tat the experienced one will be the ones who get tired easily n it wud be the youngsters advising them to get up n work hard. In last year Copa libertadores final in the first 80 minutes leo ponzio n Enzo had energy in them n they were the reason we were dominating but in later stages of the game it was because of ponzio n Lucas pratto who cost us with their errors n flamengo easily won the game tats y it is necessary for one or two experienced players but more than tat the team wud get easily trashed hope u understand @cox4

  4. I was watching the game with Ossassuna and i saw Avilla’s injury. I was afraid that it would be serious but i didn’t have the mood to say something. I rate this guy very high. Not only because of his tremendous skills but for his attitude as well. A pure old school warrior, an unique player, big clubs including Barcelona wanted him but he prefered to stay to Ossassuna and fight with them. Same as the greatest 9 i have ever personally seen, Batistuta, the biggest clubs back then wanted him such as real madrid and manu but he chose to stay with relegated Fiorentina, he helped them to return back in serie a and fought to win something with them. You know my fellow Argentina fans in here, some things are special, beyond standards, have to do with heart, dignity, loyalty, dedication to the shirt, some people apart from our recognition to their talent, they also deserve something beyond and this is our respect! Apart from the phenomenom Messi and the legend Aguero, from all of our talented young players, there are four of them that they have earned my respect and those are Avila, Ocampos, Lautaro and De Paul. True Argentine grit and fighting spirit, those players keep the “romance” and puricy of real football still alive and some so called overrated big money promoted “wonderkids” don’t even deserve to be compared with such players. This is the “romance” and puricy of football that my fellow friend Cox4 and i were talking about. I wish a speedy recovery to Avila, a special player, a true warrior!

    Godin, i hear you my friend! 34 years drought of winning a wc and 27 years trophyless drought of any major international tournament is insane when it comes to an unique and special team such as Argentina. Wrong people on the helm, bad luck and corruption, cost us titles! Keep in mind that we are not like the frauds yellow team who are fifa’s favourite association so we don’t have the “12th player” as they do, in contrast we have to fight the “12th player” but its ok, one more reason for me to love Argentina even more and one more reason to know that they are really afraid of us! Still, we are cabable enough to beat them all and return back to where we really deserve to, on the top of the world!

    • Nice write up mate. Hope Avila recovers quickly and keeps proving to be a great player.

      The yellow shirts may have fifa as their 12th player, but Argentina has us, the fans all over the world and the most passionate football fans in the world, the Argentines, as their 12th player

    • hello my “romantic fool” friend 🙂 🙂 🙂
      your “romantic fool” friend salute you 🙂 🙂 🙂

      i am very happy every time i see one post from you my friend.

  5. MARTINEZ WITH A GOAL N A RED . Even though he scored his overall play is still disappointing since the turn of the year he has looked clumsy on the ball before he wud for play a lovely first touch or beat defenders simply using his technique but all his qualities are not seen in recent matches n today also he had been frustrating missing some simple n half chances n losing the ball when in possession which all boiled down to show frustration in the final minutes n get sent off hope he finds confidence n gets back to his rhythm

  6. I wonder if santiago caseres slept with one of the important Villarreal person’s wife because honestly I can’t understand y such a talent is wasted not even playing against their 3 tier 4 teams anyone knws the reason for the fallout

  7. My formation for upcoming copa and wcq is
    Alario messi
    Depaul/ocampos palacios guido buendia

    Tagliafico otamendi quarta montiel
    Gk walter benitez
    This is the best lineup we can have
    I took Guido as dm because we need an extra man for guarding our weak defence ,bundia and montiel will help each other in defence and attack ,buendia can run through defence which will help us in creating spaces ,in left side de Paul or ocampos will help tagliafico who is always vulnerable against skilfull wingers ,palacios ,buendia can drop deep and create chance ,I took alario because of tall ,strong ,aerial strength attributes
    Whole team will defend and attack as unit
    And this formation will be 442

    • Nice formation, I agree with you especially on 442, GK choice, a real DM, Buendia on the right, Tagliafico’s defensive weakness and Messi’s position. I would love to see Buendia tested as our right fullback, Lisandro Martinez and Paredes as DM, De Paul and Ocampos on each side, Lautaro with Messi.

  8. Banega is very underrated player
    Gutted the previous nt managers
    Never brave enough to play with
    A long mascherano in the middle of the park
    only sampoali Tried last three games in 2018.
    It’s me or Argentina players must try harder
    Than other players to get recognized
    I have list of Argentina players whom
    Has been very successful career in big
    European leagues for examples
    Ayala was world class defender
    Javier zanatti was the best versatile player
    On his generation.
    Gaby heinze was real worrier as left back
    And centre back marti demichelis had
    Big success in beryen Munich & man city.
    Maties almayda Diego simeone Juan veron
    Had very successful career in seria a
    Hernan crespo and batigol was goal machine In thier time yet Ronaldo of brazil was getting Headlines who was injury prone.
    Pablito aimar was massive part in valencia For thier Success earlier 2000s.
    Juan riquelme made vilallareal a champion league club which was very small club
    In the time.
    Fernando redando was insanely under
    Appreciated his time in Madrid I haven’t
    Seen him any complete midfielder like him.
    Kily Gonzalez maxi Rodriguez lucho Gonzalez Esteban cambiasso had very successful time With thier club especially maxi Rodriguez
    Very good goal score midfielder and
    I remember too kily Gonzalez used score Long rang goals so luch if anyone remember
    the volley He scored Hamburg in champions league he too was regular goal scorer his
    Time fc Porto and Marseille
    Come forward to this day no strike in premier league has scored more crucial goals than
    Kun aguero he is the top score in man city
    History and recently he broke Henry’s
    Recorde top scorer of the overseas players
    In the premier league.
    he never won player of the year.
    In English premier league.
    Carlos Tevez single handedly save
    West ham from relegation in 2007
    As well he won UEFA champions league
    For man utd plus he set the tone for man city Where they are today
    Pablo zabalata was easily the best
    Righ back in premier league from
    2008 to 2015 list goes on.
    Up to this day I can’t figure out
    Why Argentina nt didn’t win very copas
    And at least one word last 15 to 20 years I believe Argentina is cursed…

    • Ofc cursed is one word I tnk the economic condition in Argentina must have indirectly affected the football verse hence large scale corruption in afa etc have also played a big part

      • Not only that mate wrong choices of
        Managers and players
        Like Maradona took three similar
        Strikes Palermo d millito higuain
        Plus kun and Tevez than as midfielders
        He took old injury veron and left behind
        Cambiasso young gago at that time.
        zanatti Riquelme 2006 pekerman left zanatti
        In 2006 took scaloni instead
        So Argentina managers are big party of
        Not winning at least few Copas and
        One world cup. Last 15 to 20 years.

    • I have always said on 2010 we had the best team ever, even better than 2014 or 2006.

      Here would be my dream team in 2010: Romero-Samuel, Demichelis, Heinze-Maxi Rodriguez, Lucho, Mascherano, Cambiasso, Zanetti-Messi, Milito

  9. Oh he played for Valencia and Inter, both are big clubs. However due to his off-field antics and inconsistency he never played for the big, BIG clubs.
    It’s strange that he’s moving to the gulf at the end of the season because he’s been having the season of his career thus far with Sevilla, easily their best player along side Ocampos.

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