Lautaro Martinez scores, gets red carded in Inter draw


Lautaro Martinez scored and got himself red carded in Inter’s 1-1 draw vs. Cagliari.

Martinez went from hero to villain in the match. The Inter hitman gave his team a 1-0 lead through a lovely header in the first half. Cagliari would go on to score in the second half.

However, there was more to the match than simply two goals. In injury time, Lautaro lost his composure and saw himself get red carded.


  1. hey mundo users im posting about our copa america argentina player performances so far this season n it will be based on the players who featured against uruguay n brazil n ill also comment ones who shud be included in the upcoming world cup qualifiers

    ESTEBAN ANDRADA played against uruguay and brazil: decent but injury has hampered his progress so far.he was linked to many big european clubs

    goalkey’s i feel shud feature in upcoming matches(in the order): walter benitez,juan musso,marchesin,armani

    centre backs
    OTAMENDI and PEZZELLA played against both brazil n uruguay: otamendi hasnt been in form n even with stones injured he wasnt given opportunities n largely a backup disappointing n shud only be a backup in WC qualifiers, pezzella being captain of florence has done a rather decent job can be played against slow teams like uruguay but i feel he shud not feature against pacy teams like brazil

    CB’s i wud like to see: we have many regular centre backs in europe like romero,licha martinez,nehuen n senesi but they havnt been standout so far i wud like too see the superliga talents feature like lucas quarta,hector martinez, facundo medina.,etc

    right back
    FOYTH N SARAVIA played brazil n uruguay: both of the players are a huge disaapointed n i doubt either shud feature in our squad both have been rejected n dumped by their managers sadly n they need to see themselves out.

    RB’s players i wud like to see: definitely montiel the guy is perfect if not then we cud see marcelo herrera,bustos or other young talented right backs in superliga

    left back
    TAGLIAFICO played both brazil uruguay: having a decent season for ajax his warrier like attitude inspires the team his defensive n tackling abilities are almost perfect but his attacking output cud see more improvement maybe definitely will feature in our squad

    players i wud like see: acuna is having a decent season he lacks consistency one match he is simply amazing literrally players like the real madrid marcelo always attacking perfect crosses n shots on goal but next match he puts a low par performance but he will feature for afa another player who cud feature is claudio bravo he is also a good player n one for the future even leganes jonathan silva cud be looked at

    paredes played brazil n uruguay: he has ended back to the bench for psg after gueye n verratti returned hopefully he will not lose confidence n puts in good performance whenever called for afa.

    RODRIGO DE PAUL played both brazil uruguay: after a disappointing start to the season where his team was hanging in the relegation zone he has turned it around n put in fantastic match winning displays n helped udinese out of the relegation zone surely will end in a better club next season .

    lo celso played against brazil:a new team n an injury hampered his progress till the end of the year sadly but come 2020 he has exploded onto the picture where spurs fans are excited seeing his vision passing n magisterial dribbles n has forced his way into jose mourinho’s squad hope his form continues n improves even more

    ocampos played against brazil:he has become one of the stars of an entertaining sevilla side under lopetegui
    only thing he needs to improve is his attitude on field n improved decision

    midfielders i wud like to see: we have enough creativity in paredes , lo celso, de paul but we wud need a
    destroyer n the player who fits the bill is ascacibar he is an ideal destroyer
    guido rodriguez also cud be considered but it depends on his form with real
    betis also palacios similarly depends on his playing time with bayer,in superliga
    alexis mcallister also can be seen

    in this we dont have much discussion as messi n dybala is there in right wing n for strikers aguero n el toro n nahuel bustos n gaich
    for left wing we need to look for a talented player who can beat defenders 1v1 n put in goals n juicy crosses i cant tnk of any players but maybe buendia or ocampos maybe cervi since he seems to be having a gud season wil benfica. barco n pavon can be considered if they fire all cylinders in the MLS. or we cud dig out some gems in superliga especially in boca where urzi obando zeballos also de la vega are there urzi hasnt lit up in the preolympico but he has all talent

  2. Monaco made a bid of 10m for acuna
    Athletico Madrid interested in Marcos senesi
    And if united fails to qualify for ucl then they will appoint pochentino and who knows porch might bring buendia in united

    • Yes he is, an attacking left back in brazilian mold and the only reason his numbers are nowhere near those of last season is because of Leganes’s massive struggles. Luckily though the team is improving under their new manager and may infact avoid relegation.
      In the mean time Argentina is well sorted in the LB position thanks to Tagliafico and Acuna but it can’t hurt to have more options, maybe Silva could play RB if need be, although he’s never been tried in that position before but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • Devastated news . May the departed soul rest in peace. Heroes come and goes but legends stays forever. Our prayers for Kobe,Gianna Bryant and all the passengers. Today is a reminder that tomorrow is not promised for any of us.

      Mamba mentality

    • Yeah just heard and I am honest to god upset about it even though I don’t watch b-ball or know Kobe from atom. I guess that’s the true mark of legends, we miss their absence even though we never truly experienced their presence in our lives.
      This is a good reminder to be “Hankuna Matata” about life and put things in perspective. May god protect Lio, all the great footballers (argentine or otherwise) and all the good people of the world (ya all included).

  3. I can understand the frustrations..but lack of maturity showed up….also off-late his positioning seems a bit of bother..thats where Icardi is true forward…but again Martinez will learn..

      • That is to be expected from a 22 years old. Lautaro is young and surely he will develop. Icardi should definitely be given chances too. We can have both of them and Aguero if we continue to use 4-1-2-1-2 like in the last Copa with Messi at CAM, Lautaro/Aguero/Icardi form a front two.

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