Alexis Mac Allister scores as Argentina win vs. Ecuador in Olympic qualifier


Alexis Mac Allister scored for the Argentina U23 team in their 1-0 win vs. Ecuador in the Olympic qualifiers.

It’s two goals in two matches for Mac Allister and a second assist of the tournament for Adolfo Gaich. Argentina once more took an early lead as Mac Allister received the ball, passed it to Gaich, made a run where Gaich would return the pass and Alexis would score to give Argentina the lead.

Goalscorer from the second game Nehuen Perez would make a goal line clearance in the second half. With goalkeeper Facundo Cambese beaten, John Sanchez of Ecuador would attempt a shot but Nehuen Perez would stop it with his head.


  1. I like the current formation, I have always said that we must have Palacios or Zaracho in the 11 because both can defend and hold the ball, plays simple, that allows Mac Allister to stay closer to Gaich.

  2. Tottenham has signed Lo Celso on a permanent deal for €35m.
    They also sold Eriksen so hopefully Mourinho will place him as CAM where he should be

      • the top 2 teams from both groups go to the 2nd round and form a 4 team group where they all play eachother in a round robin and the top 2 teams of that group make it to the olympics. It’s a long arduous way of getting into the olympics as opposed to previous ones where being in the top 2 teams of the southamerican qualifiers for the U20 world cup is sufficient.
        The good thing about his format is that it’s much closer to the olympics and the 2 teams that qualify get to play 7 games and get to truly to work on their weaknesses and strengths and the squad members get to know eachother well.

  3. We would have been scored more. Zaracho instead of Urzi was good decision. MacAllister in his proper position is heart of the team. No.10, enganche, playmaker in old style. He is always so much creative when play on his optimal position. For the reason I claimed before to start him in senior team but only in central position or eventually as LM and not RM which was given by Scaloni to him. MacAllister on RM is misundertanding.

    • If you put Mac Allister as LM in team A, you need a real DM instead of Paredes. Or you put a very defensive box to box like Capaldo next to Paredes by scarifying De Paul. Which I don’t think Scaloni will do in short term. But I agree, it will be great to see how he plays with Messi

  4. Alexis McAllister the next big creative midfielder of this generation .Julian Alvarez starting to find his groove. Only problem is the left wing where there is no quality left winger or left midfielder to help the attack down tat side all attacks are flowing from right side only the right back is also another position which isn’t sorted yet between Marcelo Herrera n de la fuente. Cambeses is certainly a talented one .

    • If this team makes the olympics then the LW position atleast is well sorted with the likes of Nico Gonzalez and Barco (who were not released by their clubs for the qualifiers) vying for a spot.
      This team is looking pretty good despite the fact that players like the aforementioned Barco and Gonzalez not being included and Robertone being injured, not to mention the likes of Licha Martinez, C.Romero and Balerdi not released by their clubs. Imagine if all these players were to be available for the olympics in addition to possibly someone like Buendia (fits the age gap) and maybe even the likes of Icardi, Maria, Benitez and Papu Gomez (3 players over 23 yrs are allowed) who are unlikely to make copa but can account for themselves in the olympics.

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