Giovani Lo Celso signs until 2025 with Tottenham


Giovani Lo Celso has signed a deal with Tottenham, keeping him at the club until 2025.

On loan from Real Betis, Tottenham have announced that they have exercised their option to sign Lo Celso. The 23 year old midfielder has received high praise from coach Jose Mourinho in the past as well as team mates.


  1. I wonder where are all those people.
    Who thought Lo Celso dont have the qualities to be on EPL. Especially he wont play under jose as he isn’t a type of player he prefers.

    Hats off to Gio. For showing jose that i can give you what you want. This is an attitude of an elite player. If scaloni wants to get the full potential of both lo celso and de paul. Then he should start de paul on the left mid and Lo celso on right mid.

    • *Those people* (they know who they are) don’t know jack s**t about football! There is this common illusion that somehow, someway the EPL is above all other leagues and that is simply not true, because if it was then Liverpool wouldn’t have been the first english team to win the CL in 8 years or so.
      Celso forced his way into PSG’s starting lineup despite the fact that the team was packed with fancier names and then when Tuchel and PSG stupidly let him go to Betis, the kid went to la liga and dominated the league (just watch what he did to Barcelona). Then he went to the EPL and struggled with injury and then certain people who shall remain nameless quickly came out claiming that Gio was overrated while conveniently forgetting his previous seasons’s exploits.
      Now I am still not sure whether Celso will truly shine with a has been like Mourinho but I know for sure that, barring any major injuries, Celso will be one of the jewels in Argentina’s crown for years to come.

  2. With the Ericksen goes to Inter Milan, Looks like Mou is impressed with him. Lo Celso will have more chances to play as attack mid; wider and free flow. Sadly, Lamela and Fyoth need to find another club to get more playing time.

  3. really loving to see him being played from slightly little deeper in the middle by Mou now the last couple games and doing well as that’s where we need him to shine the best. Hopefully he gets flipped to winks/diers other shoulder now and that would be perfect for us.

    • I agree mate I always say.
      He more suited to play more central
      Where he will have the play more
      He is really really quality player.
      Watch the space.

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