Argentina striker Adolfo Gaich close to joining Club Brugge in Belgium


Adolfo Gaich could be on his way to Belgium as Club Bruges have reportedly made several offers for the striker.

Capped with the Argentina national team and presently with the U23 squad, Adolfo Gaich could be making the jump over to Europe. Per a report by Clarin, San Lorenzo have received an offer of €17 million. San Lorenzo are reportedly close to accepting it with minor details left to iron out.

Gaich, still only 20 years of age, has scored 7 goals in 20 matches for San Lorenzo.


  1. Do not underestimate Belgium football. They are favorites to win Euro2020 and have great players like DeBruyne (currently the best midfield player), Mertens and Hazard (not at his best in Madrid). Biglia started in Anderlecht and became a NT regular. A good season and Gaich is off to big league.

  2. This club gave real Madrid hard time. Not just an ordinary club. Best club in Belgium. They got some quality player in that team. And he will play regularly in there. And that matters the most.
    The play in European competition regularly

  3. Brugge is a big club, right place to start playing in Europe atmosphere. Gaich is potential ; once he brings the Olympic Gold Medal; big clubs will ask his signature for sure. And 17 milion euro is quite good amount for San Lorenzo

  4. Not the best of news (if true) but not a death sentence either. Burges do play in the CL and if Gaich does well he could move to a bigger league/club kind of like what Haaland did recently. Also if he’s given a chance with the NT and gets exposure he could also move to a bigger club, similar to what happened with Biglia.

  5. now guys come on club brugge is the best club in belgium and they regularly feature in europe. they have a last 32 match against manchester united .imagine if he plays well he cud end up joining them

    • not the best move but he’s still so young (21 in feb) so a year or two in lower european level with occasional chamions/europa might not be bad. still better than riding the bench at any of the fancy named clubs. Was really hoping for a mid table la liga/serie A/ bundesliga for him though.
      But the good bit is that at least its a respectable number and not some trash 10 million or whatever was being thrown to montiel.

      • Even Haaland is on the bench in Dortmund, lautaro was also in the bench. If someone has potential, he will become important player for the club in a matter of time. Barcelona lose was Inter gain signing Lautaro, similarly Man Utd lose is Dortmund gain signing haaland, now both club have to pay 150 million to sign them unlike farmers.

        • “In a matter of time.”

          Maybe, but that luxury is not for now. Being on the bench is categorically worse than playing first team football IF someone is in preparation for a major tournament. No one would care if Norway crashes out but we have greater hope in the summer (Olympics if we qualify) and Gaich has to be firing in form as we get there, not riding benches the next 6 months.

          Game speed versus practice speed is sport science proven difference across all athletics regardless of whether the bench is in man utd, belgium or the moon.

          • Agreed, sitting on the bench is the worst near term outcome. I just find myself craving to see 19-22 young talent drumming up a ton of interest from mid to high really competitive clubs like Agüero, Higuain, Martinez, and Dybala.

            Anyway, Gaich is talented… hope he does well enough to land a great contract in span or Italy in a year or 2.

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