Angel Di Maria: “I want to be at the 2020 Copa America”


Angel Di Maria has once more expressed his desire to be with the Argentina national team while also discussing the injuries which hit him in the three finals.

Di Maria played an integral part in the Argentina national team when they made three consecutive finals. He has played every tournament for Argentina since the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Turning 32 years of age later this month, the PSG man has stated that he would like to be with the team for the 2020 Copa America. Speaking in an interview with Libero, here’s what he had to say:

“I’m always waiting to be called. I’ve always said it, the national team is the best. My desire to be there made sure I was there for 11 years. I’m excited and I have a desire to be at the Copa America, maybe it’s the last one for me. I will continue to work and to show that I’m playing at a high level with a great team. I don’t think there’s any other way to be able to show that I want to be there. One has to be at his best for his club. I think I’m in great form. After that, it’s their decision if I am in the team or not. I haven’t been there. On one side, I understand it but I’ll keep fighting to be back.”

He also spoke about the three finals and his injuries:

“With the Argentina national team, you try to do the same things you do with your club. Obviously it’s different. You don’t spend as much time with your team mates, you have little time. From 2014, 2015 and 2016, the 3 finals, it was always the same players when we were better. We always played the same and we know what happened in the end. That helps you a lot. It’s like what they always say. With your club, you always play with the same people, the 11 starters are always there. One tries to do the same. After that, it’s difficult. It’s little matches. It’s critical and perfect. A Copa America has 6 matches, it’s not a lot.

“It was a moment that didn’t have to happen and it happened. I always felt disappointed and that I disappointed my team mates. It’s an injury, it could happen. But the team was always strong. We had a good dynamic. It was a problem at the time where it was least expected. It hit me in the three finals and I have never been able to overcome it.”


  1. “Andrada





    Garay is done minimum 6-8 months. ACL knee injury similar to Battaglia

  2. ADM has faked his injury at WC 2014 quarter final and then he was in a good position to play the final at that time but Real Madrid didn’t want him to play and they put pressure on the player himself for not playing this match. The problem is about loyalty and principles not about whether ADM is needed by the NT. Unfortunately few years he was irreplaceable but now there are several options that can perform better and take his place in the NT. It’s about time to use youth players for the benefit of the team

  3. Scaloni should call both Icardi and Di Maria

    Messi, Martinez, Agüero, Dybala, Icardi, Di Maria to lead attack in 4-5 months

    Could be forgetting someone obvious but who am I missing that is better?

    Gomez gets a shout, Ocampos could be called as midfielder, ?

    • Ocampos is a winger,,

      Ocampos is right winger

      De paul is left winger

      They both brings strenth and speed in play and defence after the defender, in middle wing area

  4. ADM wants to be back so that he can waste another countless crosses ,lose possession countless times trying to dribble past a defender and easily losing ball or mis-placing passes directly into opponent’s legs so they can counter attack and score against us!! NO THANKS!!

    The only senior players that should be included for COPA are obviously Messi and Aguero! We shouldn’t let ourselves get fooled by ADM’s club performance once again. Expect for that brief period at Man-Utd his club career has been nothing but spectacular!! Lately, he has successfully transformed his game into a second striker. Unfortunately for him we are crammed in striker department!! Messi, Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi & Dybala. An unfortunate injury to one of the five should only open the door for ADM. Otherwise You are going to have to watch the next COPA on TV with washed-up Otamendi on your side!!

    • Papu is left side player,

      Papu gomez or Maclister or nico gonzalez 😉
      Di maria good in right he will only get chance if messi or dybala injured

  5. Andrada




    Now backup

    2 …….- i think foyth will still get chance in this spot,,,
    3 pazzella-
    4 quarta-
    5 lisandro or acuna both can play more then on position
    6 guido or nico dominguez
    7 lo celso
    8 maclester or nico gonzalez
    9 dybala
    10 aguero
    11 alario

    Dimaria,Baundia,battaglia could be in head if anyone injured

    Lautaro is work horse he have to run for goal,,,
    In second half i would like to introduce aguero or alario based on situation of air strength needed
    I also like to introduce maclister or nico gonzalez in position of depaul,,

    A lot of change could be done,,, ocampos and depaul are middle left right strenth when one side creativity increases other side must remain same
    Such as if i introduce dybala right side inplace ocampos depaul should be untouch,,,. A lot of variation could be done,,, balancing the team defence and creativity, creating left, middle, or right

  6. I still think we would have been world champion(2014) if not for di Maria’s injury…..he was the big match player we missed in the finals….always creating something , making space for Messi and co or stretching the field…..he has been one of the best if not the best for us in that 2013-2015 period.
    Always shining in the big matches or against big teams.

  7. Here we go again….

    Whenever an international tournament is on the horizon this guy comes back again and again and again and again and again…

    Jeezzzz don’t he get old or may be immortal…

    Irony is he is not even performing well at all for the NT nowadays… When is he gonna say it quits?? Whatever it is, I respect Higuain for quitting.. Saying that it’s over for him.. This guy well wants to prove something which won’t happen now.

    Don’t care how many assists and goals he is having at his club..

  8. We already have better squad,Di maria should have delievered in 2019 copa,now there is no chance.Thanks for your services.

  9. To be honest Dimaria isn’t emergency needed for copa like Aguero or even otamendi and considering 2022 World Cup more young player should be given opportunity to be part of the tournament. I would like Dimaria to be the part of the copa but not in the expense of a young player. 2020 copa will be the last tournament for the old guard including Prime Messi though Messi will be needed after copa and should be in 2022 world cup but no talented young guns ignored in the expense of old guard.

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