Angel Di Maria scores for PSG in 4-2 win vs. Lyon


Angel Di Maria scored for PSG in their 4-2 win vs. Lyon.

It was goal number 8 of the season in the league for Di Maria. The former Rosario Central man received the ball and cut inside the area. His left footed shot would beat the goalkeeper on his near side to give PSG the 1-0 lead.


  1. Dimaria is the Zidane of PSG. Of course all the credits goes to media’s golden boy Mr tap in guy Mbappe but its Assists king Di maria who is creating chances and shit. Just like De bryune at city and Ziyech at Ajax and Of couse Messi at Barceloa. Because these type of players can score and even Assists.

  2. On the topic of future talents, I think we will not be short of raw talents. That will always be there, question is proper grooming and development to become champions. I know we discuss here a lot about small clubs, big clubs, small leagues and big leagues etc. I will point out one example.

    Griezmann after joining Atletico from Sociedad mentioned in a documentary that he would never be the player if he did not join a big club like Atletico. The physical conditioning and training for each game was at a different level and he could never perform the way he did. That is value of big clubs. The development is important too. I am not saying it is mandatory, but it surely makes a difference.

    Not to mention the mental toughness. If you play for Real, you are obligated to win every day, every match. Therefore you get groomed like that, you prepare to win always.

  3. Emi Buendia p90 in the Premier League this season:

    4.2 successful take-ons
    3.4 chances created
    2.9 tackles won
    1.5 shots

    Only KDB is creating more chances p90.

    Underrated baller. 🔥💪🏻

  4. matias godoy officially signs for dinamo zagreb . i have high hopes for this kid lots of potential in the fifa youth world cups. shining dinamo zagreb also gives him the opportunity to get top clubs attention like how dani olmo attracted plenty n ended up joining red bull leipzig. but im not sure if he will be integrated stright into the first team or will only play for the b team anyone knw?

    • Fernandez is slow and not a good passer, but his sliding tackles are amazing. Ottamendi on the other hand is great at PASSING and building from the back and that’s the main reason Scaloni selects him all the time though he is shaky at times. I don’t follow Atalanta’s Polimano, but I saw many praise him for his solid defending.

    • Fedracio Fernandez is only good in counter attacking teams not in Argentina.He will be definitely fit in Urugway but not in Argentina.

    • My guess for most likely squad based on scaloni history

      Marchesin/Armani/ andrada/ (maybe one of them dropped for musso)
      Montiel / back up RB/ Otamendi / pezella / martinez quarta / back up CB / tagliafico / acuna
      Paredes / Guido / Depaul / Locelso / Palacios / back up mid
      Messi / Dybala / Ocampos
      Lautaro / Aguero / back up 9 possibly Alario.

      • I would also add that Kannemann might be called as a back CB. Alternatively, Licha Martinez. Also, now that Battaglia and Ascacibar are playing on a regular basis, I think one of them has a good chance of being called up too. It all depends on current form and injuries of course.

  5. If Marschain is goalkeeper Argentina going to have hard time.Last 15 matvhes August Marschain conceded 13 goals in Portugal league and in Europa League.Although there is 5 clean sheet but We need Sergio Romero or Andrada to be starter in between the post.Both are good in distributing the ball.Scaloni is very good coach but when it comes to goalkeeping his choices are average.

  6. Barcelona should sign Lucas Ocampus this season as Luis Suarez is injured then Barcelona uld be good team to win Champuon League.Messi Griezaman Ocampus trio would be best for Barcelona.

  7. Losing the Brazil 0-3 is the problem. Its the reason why Argentina don’t win anything. We need to beat Brazil 50% of the time. Other 50% time we can lose. Its not even. If I take last 20 years, we probably beat them only once – 2006 WC qualifier, 3-1. Not counting friendlies. We need to be able to beat big teams.

    We have to be honest with ourselves. If we play Brazil 10 times, we may win one. Thats not good enough.

  8. Kavi

    you are wrong. rivalry exist in sports not in wars.
    in wars exist enemies not rivals.

    Brasil is not our enemies. we don t have anything with Brasil people.
    But the truth is that we are huge rivals in every kind of sport. this is true and it will never change.
    we don t like them and they don t like us.
    simple as that.

    Argentina s enemies are Great Britain and Chile.
    i am sure you know that.
    i am sure you know why too.

  9. I saw a quick 10 minutes highlights of the match against Brazil U23. Looks like all of the goals conceded were due to defensive failures more than Brazil playing well. In fact we also had a good number of chances but we didnt convert any of them. While any match against Brazil is a crunch match, I do hope we played this match with a nothing to lose attitude as we were the champions and we had already qualified for Tokyo 2020. We played with a definite carefree approach. Having said that this is a very good team with lots of potential but needs to be channelized well for them to make it big in crunch matches and tournaments.

    • i tnk they did approach the game to try n win but after the first goal they slowly started losing confidence n were n too ragged by the pace of the brazilians n ultimately they must hav been like ‘meh we are champions anyway’ . nehuen’s attitude sums it up in the second goal

  10. I hope many players that are eligible for U23 and may not be selected for Copa would be given their chances for the Olympic. I think about players like Lisandro Martinez, Foyth, Nico Gonzalez and Ascacibar. In addition, for the 3 players above 23, I would have brought Benitez, Papu Gomez and Joaquin Correa.

    • i tnk ascacibar can be promoted to the senior side as we dont have much players of his style playing in europe n tat too a regular n not to forget in bundesliga.foyth must be in the olympics squad as he is talented but due to his lack of playing time he cud become a liability for the senior team now. i wish papu gomez wud get selected for the senior team . benitez seems to be having an off season hence he shud go to the olympics

  11. During the 1st half, Di Maria was so good, he succeed in all his dribbles, crossing and long or short pass. I have always said Argentina has currently the 2 best Enganche in the world: Messi and Di Maria. If I were Scaloni, I would put those 2 players in the 23 for Copa. It may be hard to play both of them on the pitch but Di Maria is definitely the best sub for Messi.

    Icardi didn’t score but was important in the 2nd goal. I have always said he is becoming another player, much more active outside the box. I liked Rulli’s performance, I think he’s one of the main guys who brought Montpellier back to the top. Maybe it’s here he becomes finally the great GK that we have expected.

  12. I can understand the U23 were already qualified and so they were not prepared for this match. The result wasn’t important, what annoyed me the most was the altitude. I think many players should have really done much more to secure their places, especially for a prestigious match against Brazil. They have to understand they are in the 11 because many eligible players playing in Europe. Honestly only Gaich, Capaldo, Mac Allister and the GK seem not replaceable.

    • true the olympics takes place during the off season n these guys dont understand the significance of this opportunity i agree tat gaich,capaldo n mcallister shud be the ones who as of now seems sure to make it to the olympics squad. i feel cambeses can be replaced by an expierienced bunch like benitez,rulli n musso .
      mcallister cud be promoted to the senior side depending on his performaces for brighton in the second half of the season.

  13. “Now some Argentinian fan gonna upset because of 3-0 lose.I do not know why they hate their neighbours.They should love each other.Both are qualified for Olympic.”

    Absolute joke comments. We should be happy that brazil is in the Olympics too when we had a chance to knock them out? Come to Buenos aires and say that. You will be laughed out of the country.
    This was a bad game due to a terrible performance by back line and a missed opportunity. Plain and simple.

      • Rivals exist in war not in sport.First we should have sport spirit in ourselves.There are many mambers who always curse Brazil and even call them yellow banana and other thing.Make it gentleman game and be warrior in other aspects of life.

        • I respect that you wish for a gentlemanly and peaceful approach between football fans, but let’s be realistic. Argentina – Brazil is the biggest rivalry in world football and possibly the biggest general rivalry in all of sports. I would not recommend you to ask Argentines in Buenos Aires to “love the other” after a 3-0 loss to Brazil 😉

          We already won the tournament but it was disappointing to see the otherwise decent backline making these stupid mistakes…

        • my friend i respect your opinion but no one is talking of actual war. rivalries make sports interesting and give fire to make good athletes truly great. red sox vs yankees (baseball), milan vs inter, boca v river, australia vs new zealand (rugby) etc, they are all great because of rivalry and not one fan there would be happy if the other team won.

          • the only rivalries which has more to do with the politics n history wud be:
            england vs argentina(football)
            india vs pakistan(cricket)
            england vs scotland(football)
            australia vs new zealand(rugby)
            germany vs dutch( football)

  14. All e goal was Nehuen Perez’s mistakes. Those are all silly mistake.
    Mistake defenders usally dont make. And nehuen perez was sharp the whole tournament.
    Reff gave some awful decision but our player was totally cool with it. Something i haven’t seen in this tournament. And you know how mad our boys get when the lose.
    Also No Adolfo gaich and Capaldo.

    Btw i dont mind this defeat as we won the tournament.
    Also Brazil helped us in WCQ.
    Even after Qualifying for the World Cup they gave their best and defeated our Competition.
    Also having a team like Argentina and Brazil in a Tournament means lots of profit for the organisation.

  15. marcos acuna’s crossing is simply insane!
    his attacking output is simply wonderful for sporting his crosses are a thing of beauty truely world class marcelo style i wud say but contrastingly his defending is woeful his wayward pass led to the opponent’s first goal n at many times his defending abilitties is questionable. at best he can be a perfect sub for argentina especially in matches when we are a goal down. his crosses for header specialists like alario,otamendi,aguero will be vital.

    guido rodriguez made his first full la liga debut .he had an ‘okay’ game it was his anticipation n dispossesion of vidal’s poor touch which led to goal for real betis. but his defending directly or indirectly affected two barca goals but it was anyways his first debut game n tat too against barca so hopefully he will continue to start n become a vital part of the real betis team

  16. disappointing result for argentina but anyways we qualified n two of the best south american teams are into the olympics which will get the olympics more entertaining.

    geronimo rulli’s montpellier are in 5th place in ligue 1. 3 points behind europa qualifition n 4 point behind ucl qualifier spot after a 1-0 win.

    de paul scored in udinese draw.

    santi caseres made his debut as a sub for club america

    inter won the milan derby n go top of serie a on goal this wednesday they have semis against napoli in copa italia. go el toro

  17. Now some Argentinian fan gonna upset because of 3-0 lose.I do not know why they hate their neighbours.They should love each other.Both are qualified for Olympic.

  18. Insane game Racing – Independiente!!
    2 red cards for Racing in 40th and 46th minute but they managed to make it 1-0 in the 86th. Then 2 red cards for Independiente in 89th and 97th minute.
    3 Racing players bleeding with a possibly dislocated shoulder

    • true utterly dissapointing from independiente they cudnt capitalise n score against a team playing with just 9 players for 45 minutes n they even conceded the goal from open play despite having 11 men on pitch. but the ending was seriously harsh when the brawl broke out n two independiente players gt sent off .it was the racing player who started the problem he was literraly grabbing the face of the opponent when getting up. either way this independiente team has gone from bad to worse ever since their copa sudamericana triumph n after their star players tagliafico,barco n lord meza left n injuries to alan franco n bustos they are faltering

  19. Starting XI for tonight
    Cambeses – De La Fuente – Perez – Medina – Bravo – Vera – Belmonte – Zaracho – MacAlister – Alvarez – Bustos

    Lets go boys. Only need a draw now to kick Brazil out.

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