Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 2-2 draw vs. Espanyol


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-2 draw vs. Espanyol.

Ocampos would give Sevilla the 1-0 lead with a header from close range. A cross was sent into the area and it found Ocampos who would place it passed the goalkeeper. He would also assist Sevilla’s second goal of the match.


  1. Hi Guys
    I have been watching Lisandro Martinez since he played against Venezuela. He moved to Ajax and I am surprised that no big clubs try to sign him. does anyone know how he is doing lately?

    • he is doing brilliant i believe n tat is evident because we can clearly see he has raked up the third highest minutes on the pitch only after captain dusan tadic and goalkeeper onana.but major issues in his playing is his obvious weak physicality hence opponents tend to brush him off easily n his lack of high pressure game which makes him play occasional poor passes but erik ten haag has seen something special in him which is y he is playing so many matches n considered invaluable to the team n tat is great because ten haag knws to spot great talents n develop them n besides its ajax n his first season in europe come after next season maybe the links will start increasing

    • As destro just stated, Licha is doing brilliantly at Ajax and he has been recently featured in the ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’s annual Future Stars list along side Nico Dominguez, so his talent and form aren’t going unnoticed.

  2. walter benitez with a match winning performance for nice in their 2-0 win his influence was huge. his ball distributtion also seems to have improved a lot his brilliant aerial ball let his attacker through on goal n this made the opponent defender commit a challenge n received a red . come on scaloni pls stop ignoring benitez!!! he is a match winning shot stopper

  3. I cant believe in 2018 WC our mid had old Mascherano, Biglia and enzo perez our options was so minimum in mid.
    But now our mid got so much talent and creativity.
    Lo Celso, Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Santiago Ascacibar, Paredes, Buendia, Rodrigo De Paul, Lucas Robertone, Lisandro Martinez, Fausto Vera, Zaracho, Mac Allister, Capaldo,

    I know not everyone from here is the best. But they got very high potential to be one of the best.

    I hope our Young Defender gets some regular game time. Afaik only Senesi, romero, Martinez quarta is getting some regular game time.
    I hope Foyth and Balerdi will move this summer and Nehuen Perez will get in the the Madrid team next season.

  4. What a game for Benedetto! He touched almost 0 ball during the entire match and spent all his time and energy on defending and creating space for others, finally being rewarded by his goal. Very happy for him, this is a true warrior.

    Di Maria played his worst game since many months but still delivered a great corner and created many opportunities for his strikers, unfortunately Cavani is not in a good day. Otherwise could be at least 2 more assists for Angel. I definitely want him back in the 23 of the national team.

  5. Acuna should be left out of squad.We have Palacios,Mac Allister in Left midfield role so Acuna can be eliminated from squad.We need to find a substitute for Tagliagico.Acuna is not good in possesdion and aerial balls coming from Messi he can not handle properly and team suffers.Pezella and Otamendi are undisputed starters and they are best pair and Scaloni also gave them enough time to understand each others movement in the pitch.Icardi is not needed now,Alario looks more creative and his headers are pin point.Alario should come as substitute for Aguero.Right now Argentina is excellent team anyone can put their money on them so hopeful for Copa and Qualifiers.

      • I have always high opinion on Acuna, again I repeat that he is probably not the most talented player but a hardworking left midfielder that is useful for the team, especially when you don’t have a real DM in the midfield. He’s like Matuidi for France, can play as box to box in 433 or as left midfielder in 442. Can eventually play as left fullback(not his natural position) if anything happens to Tagliafico, very flexible player.

    • You posted the same spam two articles ago. Palacios is a replacement for Acuna in Left Midfield? You don’t know futbol and it is clear with your comments.

      I bet you have never seen Acuna play at sporting. Right now, there is no way Mac Allister is a better choice on the left. Maybe in a few years, but right this second, not a chance.

      Think before you speak.

      • i have seen Acuna playing in Argentina.He is average nothing special.Palacios or Mac allister gonna play at left midfield,mark my words.You have not seen Mac Allister,see him in Brighton in few days if he starts.

        • LOL. I watch Mac Allister week in week out at boca, sub23, and now brighton. I stand by what I said. You don’t know futbol and you pollute this board with your ignorant statements.

          Again, Palacios as a LM??? Crazy nonsense.

          • Mid is overwhelmed with good player, i think maclister Won’t select in this copa, maybe after copa, but i think both nico gonzalez and Dominguez will get spot,, i think this two young talent are something exceptional,, in mid paredes lack of defensive contribution really subject to worry,,, is guido performance in laliga good or bad

          • Palacio will play at left midfield otherwise there is no position for him,he is box to bix midfielder.You watch Mac Allister week in and week out but do not appreciate his play then you are ignorant.He is gonna to play in Premiere league ,best league in world but you are fan of Acuna and Portugese league.You are just ignorant son of b**ch

          • Well, I guess when you can’t articulate your point, one must stoop to insults.

            That shows your ignorance, beyond your lack of futbol knowledge.

            Mind your manners young lady.

  6. boca juniors are having some huge luck must be russo luck. so far under russo they have gotten through matches just by pure luck.
    this match itself their first goal came from a terrible opposition error the third goal was an incorrect penalty n the fourth goal shudav been offside

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