CONMEBOL to use VAR for all 2022 World Cup qualifying matches


It was announced that CONMEBOL would be using VAR for all of the 2022 World Cup qualifying matches.

For the first time in South American qualifying, VAR will be used. It was used for the last Copa America in Brazil and will be used for every match. The qualifiers start on Thursday, March 26 with the same format as previous qualifiers.


  1. Csabalala yesterday: nobody has faith in Argentine midfielders at the highest level

    Mourinho yesterday (regarding Lo Celso in CL):
    He is playing fantastic. He played in the middle, played so well. He got a yellow card which is a huge limitation for a player in that position against a fast team in transitions. He managed it so, so well.

    Then in the last 20 minutes he came to the inside of the right side and again he was phenomenal with and without the ball. He’s had an incredible evolution since I arrived.

    You can see by my options that he wasn’t the first option for me when I arrived. He was barely coming from the bench. Very quiet boy. He’s more about work than speaking.

    Step by step I think he’s phenomenal. Against Villa was the same, he was injured, on the bench and comes on for the last half an hour, he’s playing, really, really well.

  2. Expect lot of crappy decisions from VAR. Expect every Argentine goal to be under scrutiny. Expect VAR not working when Brazil controversial scores. Expect Argentina get some favorable dodgy calls when playing against some lower teams. All in all, VAR did not solve too many issues in my mind.

    • Exactly! Every objective football fan saw how var was used in the previous copa. They were using it for every single attempt or challenge, in every single match when all of a sudden they decided to shut it down when the yellow frauds played against us!

      For me, var will be used only to solve issues that will not mind some people to be solved, or else corruption and disgrace will be exposed once again!

  3. Hopefully we start these WC series well and don’t trail the top 4 until the end. The second match in La Paz is always difficult. The only coach who prepared well was Bielsa. He called up 2 teams. The first played in BA, the second was sent directly to Bolivia to get accustomed to the altitude and thin air. Let’s hope Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel learned from him and call up 30 players and send half of them to La Paz a week in advance. BTW, Messi hates playing at altitude. I wonder if he will pass the invite as he is still suspended for the first match.

    With regard to Papu Gomez. We should have called him years ago. His football intelligence can still be used. He is however not the fastest anymore.

  4. A. Gomez deserves a call up.He is the best for left wing spot.One thing i can make sure that if A.Gomez plays for Argentina then Aguero and Messi gonna score a hell lot of goals.As Gomez is already playing in attack minded Atlanta so he must know how to create and score.

  5. Back to back “error lead to goal”….jose luis palomino
    But his defensive abilities are too good also he is very physical like Otamendi.

  6. atalanta win against valencia once again highlighting papu gomez’s ability on the left flank seriously the afa is an embarassment for not calling up such players rather calling up jokers like rojo,meza

  7. Palamino is best replacement for Otamendi,he is physical,solid,healthy just like Otamendi,his passing is slightly less convincing than Otamendi but overall he is good.

  8. Best to use VAR and lets play fair ; Conmebol is one the biggest which the result a lot of times depends on referee influence and subjective decision. Should be improved to compete with European, Its has been a long time any South American win the WC, only Brazil have done it to be frank.. time to evaluate, progress and looks at reality

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