Chicago Fire of MLS sign Ignacio Aliseda of Defensa y Justicia


Ignacio Aliseda of Defensa y Justicia has signed with MLS team Chicago Fire.

Still only 19 years old, the Argentine winger has made the jump over to the MLS. He will join the club as a Young Designated Player where he is the youngest designated player in the club’s history. Speaking with the Chicago Fire website, here’s what coach Raphael Wicky had to say:

“Ignacio is already such an impressive player despite being only 19-years-old. He is very quick and technically gifted and has a great mentality. We’re very excited to add Ignacio to our roster and we expect him to be a key contributor for us moving forward.”


  1. I have been watching juventus’ matches and i have to say that Dybala is their most influential player. He is also one of juventus fans favourite player and i believe that he should be their main free kick taker. De Paul’s quality is too much for Udinese, it seems very strange to me that a bigger club hasn’t got him yet.
    Lo Celso is growing game by game, showing his true quality and his ability to adapt to any league.

    • Dybala is an integral part of Juve; he will be the star and legend for Juve following the footstep of Baggio and Del Piero. The best thing to do is to win the CL with Juve

    • Where did you were when Ascacibar had good games in Hertha? Record of your mispredicted things is endless so stop better comment here.

    • BTW

      After lost to Atletico just came to my mind how incredibly good was this Liverpool for last months. I remember you predicted ‘another easy win’ of European club in WC clubs final against Flamengo. Weren’t you? That was nothing of easy win after the extra time. And you know that very well River is not inferior to this Flamengo rather overconfident in last CL final.

    • [Santiago better than Kante Ascacibar man of the match again? The rock.]

      LOL! Honestly your posts are like comedy hour, I’m surprised you didn’t blame Santi for all 5 goals they conceded! I guess thats what they call progress.

  2. Mourinho said: “I want to talk about Lamela. He did not play and he trained only twice this week — but he still told me that he was available. He told me he could play 10-15 minutes. That is our spirit. I like him a lot,” admitted Mourinho during that run. “Since the moment he was training just for two days he told me I will help the team before Norwich. I felt that the boy was really up to it, quality player’s attitude. I knew he was very important for us, so we just hope he doesn’t have more problems and can develop from now.”

    Y’all are sleepin’ on Lamela. Hope he stays fit and Scaloni calls him.

    • No one’s sleepin on him, most of us know he’s quality and a hard worker to boot….HOWEVER, he is way too injury prone, alarmingly so to be honest. The kid has to go to a bunch of surgeons and see whats going on with his legs because it’s not normal for a 28 yr to have this many injuries, even if he is playing at a physical league like the BPL.

      • Dude is probably eating way too much fried fish and chips. I recall Aguero changing to Messi’s diet which helped alot and then his surgery was life changing.

        I have the save reservations btw… injury would leave us a man down but I’d take a gamble.

  3. MLS has been killing our young talents… just a garbage league… our youngsters willing to go there for softer competition than Europe… such a loser’s mentally!!
    I think we can stop following our players in MLS – it’s just pathetic! They ll never be our NT material.

    • where else there can go, a lot of money and a promise for the future. Hopefully MLS will bring a lot of retire legend players and best coach and USA soccer will be great again like the era of Pele and Beckenbaur tenure at Cosmos at 80s

      • True just because mls is not yet there at European standards dosnt mean it shud be written off. Remember it is the league of USA a nation who everyone even Europeans dream off the world’s richest sports leagues n player ply their trade in America so due to the economy n the America being a global superpower nation it’s natural tat soon the league has potential to sign quality European players also similar to Alex Hunter in FIFA

  4. Battaglia is perfect replacement for Paredes.
    Defenders Otamendi,Pezella,Tagliafico,Montiel,Foyth,Quarta Martinez,Acuna
    Midfielder – Paredes,De paul,Battaglia,Lo celso,Palacios,Mac Allister,Nico Dominiguez
    Firwards – Messi,Aguero,Dybla,Lautaro,Ocampus,Alario

  5. Ocampos of Sevilla cannot play on the left side,but he had an assist which was ruled out offside
    Palacios kn bench and zaracho didn’t even make it to bench for porto anyone knows what happened to him?
    Alario is starting

    • Sorry I disagree, Ocampos can play on either side of the mid/attacking field, don’t forget he had a goal and an assist just last week playing from that position and in Marsaille he scored 16 goals playing in that position just 2 seasons ago.
      Palacios missed several games due to suspension and then that back problem of his came out of nowhere so I guess he is being eased in, but I really think he should’ve been given minutes today.
      Zaracho? In Porto? Maybe you mean Saravia? And if that’s the case then I really don’t know. RB position is a real problem and Montiel really needs to step up.

    • Vishwesh you mean saravia . I dunno y but it seems he has gotten into an off field issues with the management not sure whether it’s with the coach or with the club hierarchy but he is only allowed to play in the league cup games even then against stronger opposition he is dropped.a sad waste of Argentine talent

    • If Palacios injury is recurring then Scaloni should not waste time on him! Injury prone players like Lanzini , Gago will let us down when it matters!!

    • That was a good move from Romero,in long balls every goalkeeper should come out to clear the danger but his seconds of hesitation cost him.

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