Lionel Messi to make Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers, suspended vs. Ecuador


Lionel Messi will be included in the Argentina team for this month’s South American World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina will play both Ecuador and Bolivia as the World Cup qualifiers begin this month. The first match will take place in Argentina vs. Ecuador where Messi will not be available. The Argentina captain has a one game suspension which means he will miss the first game.

Messi will be available to play vs. Bolivia in La Paz for the second game. The first match takes place on Thursday, March 26 vs. Ecuador at La Bombonera. The second game takes place on Tuesday, March 31 vs. Bolivia in La Paz.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to include between 25 and 30 players in the squad for the two matches.


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  2. Paredes will be the heart of our midfield in coming years, his lack for playing time at psg is worrying. He should move to La liga or Serie A , Scaloni should press him because Paredes is getting very good Salary at PSG . As Banega is leaving so sevilla would be best for him as Banega’s replacement.

    • thats terrible news i loved velez under him. so many talents sprouted under his leadership like dominguez,caseres,robertone and above all thiago almada

    • The more unexpected in time when Velez seems strongest ever under him, despite Vargas, Dominguez left.

  3. @destro see Gomez’s magic only works when he is coming to no.10 position and we have lots of talents who want to play just behind striker and I don’t think he can work hard enough for NT.
    Licha Martinez is an exciting talent and I want him in the NT but not right now…..I hv seen some matches of him playing for ajax and I think he isn’t ready to play for us as a defender ATM and as a holding midfielder never.
    As for buendia he has a good feet, good passing abilities and energy but he is not better than lo celso , de Paul, palacios etc and he is not good enough to play forward postions for us.
    Even rulli has outshined Benitez this year….i think our defence would be more calm under Armani or marchesin or amdrada.
    I think palomino is a tricky one …..but again we already hv defenders like him …we need little bit of athletism in defence.
    I just don’t get it why people want ascascibar in the NT right now…..scaloni has clearly stated that he wants a DM who can pass the ball and clearly ascascibar is not that…..other than being energetic he is showing no quality defensively or passing wise.

  4. Argentina needs players who can continue the tactical game of Scaloni on the pitch for thst we need players who are good in possession,good in passing and should have speed more than average,cretivity is x- factor.So some players need to be dropped and some need to be called up

  5. Anyone with influence should mention that name to scaloni, I swear if I was the Argentinian NT coach Argentina will win everything possible. I’m fed up seeing someone like acosta playing in the states with all the talent he has !!! Wake up wake up wake up coaches!!!!

    • Acosta was benched the whole year last year on a shit team in a shit league, they then sold his useless ass to México 😂😂.Bruh u wake up ur like 3 years removed from everything

  6. May I ask a simple question to all you albiceleste fans, myself being one and a die hard fan in that regard, why is ignacio scocco not playing for argentina ? Never seen him wearing the NT colours ? He is extremely talented and would be of good use especially messi missing out against ecuador !!!!

  7. Mac Allister,Battaglia and Ansaldi should be in the team.Acuna,Pereya,Guido Rodriguez should be sidelined but there are 26 to 30 player gonna be selected so everyone has chance to be in the squad.Argentina never used full potential of Ansaldi that is the only regret i have.

      • What do you mean to watch Acuna in Portugal league.Acuna can not use his right foot,not good in possession,he can provide crosses only if he has tons of space,defensively bad,not a speedster.He has some dribbling but not enough for National team

        • Acuna is a beast only one that always plays his ass off for the country every single time he is the first name id put on the list besides messi. no need for ansaldi nico and acuna r good enough

          • Acuna is beast please do not berate beasts.Acuna is average player.Look at Argentina past matches,he was just breaking the rhythm of the game for Argentina.He does not have creativity,he does basics good but that is not enough

          • did u see the Copa America?Everything changed once acuna was brought into the staring lineup instead of lo celso. He brought composure, physicality, tenacity and someone that could actually cross the fucking ball and last but not least he brought HUEVOS!! theres a reason y every Argentina coach chooses him

    • Agree with Pereyra and Guido but not for Acuna, he should be there in the 23. Acuna has good skill, very physical and versatile, he’s a good backup (for LB or midfield) for the NT.
      As for Allister, Battaglia and Ansaldi; well Allister is a legit talent but lets see him get some proper game time for Briton first, not to mention that he’s going to the olympics and not copa.
      Battaglia is a good playing DM but if I had my choice I would take Ascacibar instead.
      Lastly Ansaldi, as I said before he tends to be very injury prone but he is a fantastic player when fit and if he’s fit he should be there as a back up for Montiel.

  8. this year argentina is spoilt for choices unlike the previous years . so many talent is oozing in almost every department barring the goalkeeper position. even for goalkeeper we have good in form players in their prime literally in geronimo rulli and walter benitez. the only players i pray scaloni dont include are :
    1.marcos fking rojo
    2.paulo gazzaniga( because we have better options than him)
    3.saravia( unless he gets back to form with internacional)
    4.foyth( unless he gets some game time)
    players i really wanna see given the chance:
    2.licha martinez
    3. benitez
    4.alejandro gomez
    5.emi buendia
    6. palomino(if atalanta have a good UCL run)

    • Sry mate but i don’t want to see any of the above u named……apart from Gomez they are simply just not good enough ATM.
      And we don’t need Gomez type players.

      • THANK YOU someone i can agree with. We dont need any of those names ani put except maybe papu he is like one of the best attacking mids in the world right now and licha will have his time, he will captain the u 23 in olympics then go seniors, the rest of the names r trash please no benitez, buendia, rulli, palomino(shitier otamendi) and PLEASE NO ASCACIBAR only thing he has is hustle nothing else. He is a kante who sucks at soccer

      • @Shubham_V [and we don’t need Gomez type players]
        can you tell me which argentina player playing in the left flank who has achieved the same success and indvidual stats at a top level like gomez?.( barring ocampos).
        and lol u said u dont want to see the names i mentioned.
        ok walter benitez is debatable .
        licha martinez i dont want him to start matches but i want him to be slowly integrated .
        tell me which argentine player is better than ascacibar in his poisition in ur mind is there a better destroyer playing in a top league?( paredes dosnt qualify as a destroyer)
        which u23 argentine attackers are achieving the same stats as emi buendia do u even watch his games ? just because his team are in the bottom it dosnt do justice to the way norwich have been playing and buendia especially.
        palomino is debatable but he is in his prime and as i mentioned in my comment if he can help atalanta go long in the UCL then why not.

        • The destroyer position is dead now theres only one in the whole world that is actually good at it and its casemiro even kante wen fit has not been played in that role anymore, he has been played as a right cm instead of a traditional 5 (destroyer) all the best teams in the world now use multipositional mids who cover all aspects from passing, defending, control and attacking, like palacios, de jong, de bruine, modric. You cant have some one that is limited in all those fields except one in the case of ascacibar, plus sadly his physical aspects dont help him out either. Paredes is a special case he is a new breed the creative 5 like a jorginho, pjanic, rodri he organises the mid and starts the attacks and gives the defenders an outlet to get the ball out of danger thru his long passes or composure on the ball man i wish he played for sarri he would be perfect. That destroyer role is not needed anymore plus id rather have licha in there as paredes sub in the future he brings a bit of everything. Oh and for the buendia thing id legit rather have barco, urzi, Mac Allister, nico gonzalez and even freaking pavon over buendia.

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