Lionel Messi scores penalty in FC Barcelona win vs. Real Sociedad


Lionel Messi scored for FC Barcelona in their 1-0 win vs. Real Sociedad.

A penalty which was awarded after verification through VAR, Barcelona were given a golden opportunity to grab the three points. The responsibility fell to the captain and the best player in the world made no mistake as he scored his third penalty of the season.


  1. Csabalala why your “wonder boy” Rodrigo was not even on the bench for Real Madrid in the previous games? Where is Malcom?

    And as for River, dude grow up and show some respect for a club with one of the greatest histories when it comes to club football! River’s legacy and influence to Argentina national team and world football as a whole is enormous! Every Albiceleste fan knows that! Just check the golden era of legendary “el maquina” from whom even the Dutch where influenced for “total football” and you may stop just for once spreading childish comments!

  2. what a man gallardo is even though his team were clearly cheated he refused to criticize or dramatize the issue. this man will surely be a world beater i hope he joins a big club in europe soon and reestablish the value of argentineans in foreign market

  3. after jose mourinho’s attack on tanguy ndombele spurs fans are having a fierce debate on whether mourinho is right or wrong and this has led to a clash of comparison between lo celso and ndombele’s talent and contribution. literally on one side there is lo celso fans who understand football and on the other side there are ndombele fans who tnk football is about goals and assists.
    lo celso’s supporters consist of not only loyal spurs fans but also other team fans like chelsea’s and liverpool’s are supporting lo celso while ndombele fans consists of plastic spurs,arsenal and madrid fans
    its amazing to see within few months lo celso has a growing fan base who are touting big things for him

  4. Matias Vargas not even in Espanyol squad anymore, what a monumental flop (record signing), i’ve said it…rather 1 Almada than 100 Vargas or Pity…he will go in mighty MLS mark my words.

    • You are too stupid to learn single wise thing, man. So many time you were ashamed when some player, previously written off by you, emerged again to shine here on there. Countless examples here. Just one of latest ones: you critics about Icardi when he was in Inter, and now you how wrong you were.

  5. Palacios is not comfortable with Leverkusen.Palacios is attacking midfielder and they are using him as defensive midfielder.Palacios has attacking instinct so he should play in advance position.

    • have you watched the recent copa libertadores final. palacios for the large part of the game played as a defensive midfielder and did an amazing job making crucial interceptions and tackles to keep flamengo’s monstrous attack at bay until the defenders like pinola imploded

  6. Peter Bosz counts on Palacios as Aranguiz replacement (defensive midfielder/regista) played very deep with lot of defensive work, maybe he will transform to this role, then we can replace Paredes with Palacios, so 3 hard working midfielders could play together De Paul—Palacios—Lo Celso.

    • no need to replace Paredes.His commitment with Argentina praiseworthy.We need a creative player in defensive midfield role.

    • Boca over River? Really? On what level? On the highest level of CL, which matters most for Gallardo, River proved to be better and better than Boca.

    • you are idiot.
      completely idiot.
      Gonzalo and some other people here that saying negative things about you they have right as i see.
      today you prove that to me.

      boca have became our “customers” last years in every level and competition that we face them.
      you go out from your hole poor Bostero today because we lost the championship because a draw against Tucuman? for not mention that your fucking boca is the favorite “child” of AFA and Tapia.

      get happy and attack to River now that you can idiot.
      because very soon you will enter to your hole again.

      • agree with cox boca always fuking influence the league and this season is no different when they realised they were about to go trophyless again riquelme bribed the afa

        • Daniel Angelici is vice president in AFA.
          i don t think there is many more to say my friend.

          i am sure you know who is he and his history as same as ex Argentina president Macri.
          boca many decades now rules outside pitch the Argentine football.
          this is not secret i believe.

      • Lol the GK touched the ball and redirected it upwards, but still entered the goal. Throwing around the word “luck” everywhere doesn’t make it so, and can be done to almost every goal/save depending on how you want to look at it.
        It was a good goal and Tevez has been in good form and scored a lot more recently under Ruso.

    • they were disappointing in the copa libertadores match though.
      they have won their final superliga match 2-0 this win puts them into 5th position which makes them automatically qualify for copa sudamericana.

  7. Lo celso is a gem……scaloni should find a way to use him in our midfield.
    After a long time we hv some variety in attack from midfield to wide positions.
    Lo celso , De Paul, palacios ,ocampos, Nico Gonzalez, acuna they all are really really good players.
    Now I think Messi and our world class strikers will have some services and space at thier disposal.
    And as for alario-icardi battle ,my vote is for alario as he can bring something different for us in the form of his physique.
    I really feel for icardi he really deserves a chance or two….his goalscoring instincts are second to none ….he just born in wrong era.

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