Mauro Icardi will not make Argentina team for this month’s World Cup qualifiers


Mauro Icardi will reportedly not make the Argentina team for this month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Per a report by Ole, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni along with his staff met with the PSG striker in France along with Leandro Paredes. Per the report, Mauro Icardi will not be included in the squad this month to play Ecuador and Bolivia.

Icardi is currently on 20 goals and was regularly called up to the team under current coach Scaloni. However, problems with former club Inter meant that Icardi was not getting playing time and was dropped from the Argentina national team. Since being dropped, he is now behind Sergio Aguero, Lautaro Martinez and Lucas Alario in the Argentina pecking order.


  1. As i said before icardi is more suitable in the team which is more conservative or defensive,, he is the ideal player in the system of simeone but he is not ideal player of eye catching football like the style of xavi iniesta messi, this are the people who love play something chemistry footbal around them like magic creation and they need same quality of player Around them or team player , diego costa was so good with simone but when he move chelsea he flop, icardi and costa similar type of player in role,, icardi is not good until you want to play like simone team,,, team is better than single brilliance,, not every player can prove to be a team player nomatter how much brilliance they hold,,, bye the way icardi maximum goal this season is tap in

    • Until icardi achieve something good with his club atleast one final in ucl he shouldn’t chosen,, why Atletico don’t approach for Icardi, he could be very useful player or beast for them

      • Your point is irrelevant, Icardi should be the number 9 partnering Lautaro…Aguero has had million chances to shine in the NT but he has yet to impress. Icardi has been one of the most prolific goal scorer in the world.

  2. Hopefully Juan Musso can be Argentina NT starting GK for WC Qualifiers and maybe even COPA 2020 along with Guido rodriguez in Midefield and Icardi(one of top 10 strikers in world) is selected for OLYMPICS 2020 and in later stages of WC qualifiers and Aguero(one of the best strikers in the world) is dropped from NT after copa 2020.Icardi along with Gaich could be deadly duo in Olympics 2020

  3. yet another season where a u23 argentine player has failed to register double digits in the scoring charts.
    nahuel bustos was close but he ended in 9 goals.
    even in assists charts no u23 argentine was able to rack up 5 assists.
    nahuel bustos has ended the season as the top u23 players in terms of stats as he has finished with 12 combined G/A.

  4. machester united fans are it again after overhyped performances in recent games by bruno fernandes some spurs fans have sparked a debate as to whether spurs shud have signed bruno over lo celso.

  5. Icardi and his silly wife can’t keep their mouths shut. He’s a great penalty area poacher but until him and Wanda shut up for a while he’s going to get ignored. Nobody wants a toxic atmosphere.

  6. Really?? I mean even without Lautaro, still Icardi won’t make it? He is too gud to be ignored. It’s hard to digest its only because of footballing reasons he is always getting ignored. Well it’s an unpopular opinion.the guy scores goal. What else u ask from a striker. Sooner or later he will be back, he have to. He have a grit which is different from other strikers we have.

    Off the topic, its really tough to choose between Armani and Andrada isnt it. They both r on form.Scaloni will defenetly be in 2 minds to choose the starter between those 2.Armani will start I think due to his bigger experience.

    • Icardi is a very good striker indeed, but as others have mentioned, would bring drama and disturbance to the atmosphere of the NT because of his marriage. We don’t want that. He should be played in the Olympics though.

      On the topic of GK… I think the choice should be easy between Andrada and Armani.
      Armani is good for River but performs worse for NT. Andrada has impressed and had a much better Superliga season than Armani did. Andrada is also younger.

      Games played: 21
      Conceded goals: 15
      Clean sheets: 8

      Games played: 20
      Conceded goals: 7
      Clean sheets: 14

      • Yup true, Andrada has been on fire this season. But something about Armani is there where he usually makes a game changing save in key matches. Andrada too did it for Boca in the last match. But Armani keeps on pulling that every now and then.He is nimble feeted, his saves generally don’t looks pleasing to the eyes. But he keeps on making it.

        Of course talking about their club form, for NT they both r yet to make a mark. Let’s see.

  7. Palacios, battaglia and ocampos should be included in the next Qualifier. But most importantly Scaloni should include a new right back.

  8. i think many mundo users havn’t noticed is how marco senesi’s arrival to feyenoord has sparked a turnaround of fortunes to feyenoord’s season i believe before he joined feyenoord were in the bottom half of the table but after his arrival and after he settled into the starting xi feyenoord are on a very good run and are now in 3rd position just 6 points seperating them from ajax and az and they are yet to face both these teams. also they are in the final of the dutch cup. i tnk it wud also be due to lady luck favouring senesi which hasnt been the case for other argentine’s in europe. but if feyenoord win the dutch cup and also manage to do the near impossible feat of winning the league this season then surely senesi is a force to be reckoned with for the argentine defence as he has all the features of a potential top centre back

    • Oh I have noticed, I watched bits and pieces of his matches and he’s impressive but not as impressive as Licha.
      Notice also how much more stable defensively Famaliacao have become when N.Perez came back to the starting line up.

    • it was a decent cameo and his dead ball abilities have potential to be world class every time he took a freekick it fell into the danger areas he also seems to be naturally suited to the premier league with his neat forward passing and flicks. time will tell how much he will become a star

  9. Icardi does not bring creativity and he does not gel with teammates(on the pitch)but he is deadly striker,but we already have so many good strike so he is off radar right now

  10. Please we have to realize, door is closed for Icardi. Better don’t bring this topic repeatedly

    The most chance Icardi get is joining the Olympic Games and proved that N/T is stupid to not call him. Icardi is neglected b’coz on the harmony and atmosphere of the team rather than his working rate. He just cannot deliver with N/T due to dislike. Same story to Papu Gomez. It’s just like Redondo, Zanetti and Veron rejection during their peak.

    And, i definitely take Alario for the sake of the unity and teamwork.

    • agree about icardi .the current crop have a wonderful chemistry between them and the introduction icardi will surely disturb that. icardi is actually not the issue its his drama queen wife so its best icardi not be included unless he ends this season on a high note by playing a major role in winning psg the UCL .
      i dont tnk any of the afa players have an issue with gomez.

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