Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini confirm they have COVID-19


Paulo Dybala has tested positive for the COVID-19 along with his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini.

Dybala has tested positive for the corona virus, he has confirmed it through his Twitter. Dybala is the third Argentine player along with Germán Pezzella and Ezequiel Garay to have the virus.

A speedy to recovery to everyone involved.


  1. Covid-19 is pandemic, need to take it seriously. Self quarantine and social distancing is to be followed tightly with no excuse to stop the spread of the virus. This pandemic has hit the reset button on lot of things. Start to appreciating the older value and simple things in life.

    Stay calm,healthy and remain at home.Pray for the world

    Take a rest – don’t get stress. Reorient harmony with peace and love

  2. Because he picked it up from a carrier who was asymptomatic. The incubation period for this virus is variable and much longer than most viruses of this family.

    • that photo dosnt seem to be like he is in home quarantine anyways he might have started self isolation only after the italian government ordered country wide lockdown or coming into contact with matuidi and rugani might have affected him

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