Angel Di Maria says he ripped Real Madrid letter before 2014 World Cup final


Angel Di Maria spoke about what happened while he was with the Argentina national team prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final.

Di Maria had received a letter from Real Madrid threatening him with a lawsuit should he proceed to play in that final. The former Madrid man was injured and his club wanted to try and sell him. The story goes that they had sent him a letter threatening him with a lawsuit should he play in the final. Speaking with Podemos Hablar of Telefe, here’s what he had to say:

“The three people who knew the truth were the doctor Daniel Martinez, Alejandro Sabella and myself. I came with a knock due to the game vs. Belgium, I was 90% fit. My foot wasn’t good but I wanted to play. I didn’t care if I never played football again. It was actually one of the things they told me could happen but for me, it was the World Cup final. It was my final.

“I knew that they wanted to sell me. And I got the card. Daniel gave it to me and said it was from Real Madrid but I didn’t even want to look at it and I ripped it up.

“I went to go speak to Alejandro and while crying I told him that I wasn’t 100%. I knew that he loved me and that he wanted me to play but he went with what was best for the team. I wanted to try to be there but at the end of the meeting he finally went with Enzo Perez in my place.”


  1. Sabella should not have choosen midfield of Mascherano Biglia and Enzo Perez.They are one dimensional player and lacks creativity in their game.A.Fernandez should have been in playing eleven and Ever Banega should have been called.
    Tata Martino had no sense of penalty shoot out. In Copa America match against Colombia he preffered Marcos Rojo over Tevez to take penalty and as usual Rojo missed penalty and at last moment Tevez came for rescue otherwise Argentina were done in knock out phase.Why he used Biglia for Penalty in Both Copa America i do not know.Some little mistakes costed them title.

    • Augusto Fernandez like younger Enzo Perez, same creativity, nothing extraordinary…Tevez missed the only penalty in Copa 2011 vs Uruguay, he cost us that Copa, so dont talk bullshit.

  2. Surely we would hv been world champion if not for his injury……he was in the form of his life and I personally think in these knock out matches the best version of di maria can hurt the opposition more than Messi.
    Now he is not the same player anymore.

  3. With Di Maria in final may be Argentina could have won the world cup. Argentina was the better side in the final. We had more possession more shots but sadly zero on target shorts. I am just wondering if we had converted one of the two clear cut chance the whole thing would be different. Sadly they had just one chance and they converted it. Football is sometimes cruel as specially for Argentina and messi.

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