Nicolas Tagliafico talks Argentina, Lionel Messi, Ajax, becoming a coach


Nicolas Tagliafico gave an interview where he spoke about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, his time with Ajax, retirement and wanting to become a coach.

Tagliafico has solidified his spot both with the Argentina national team as well as with his club Ajax. Speaking in an interview with Ole, the left back was asked about the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi. Here’s what he had to say:

“Lionel Messi, him, more than anyone, gets angry when we lose. But he’s more aware now that he has to enjoy the Argentina national team. We don’t know until when he will play but he won’t have too many Copa’s left with the Argentina national team. He’s in a place where he wants to enjoy everything, the training sessions, the matches. He is the leader and the protector of the team.

“I’ve been able to enjoy the Argentina national team. With Ajax, I had the chance to play against big and difficult opponents like Real Madrid and I enjoyed it. At times, with the national team it’s not easy because you’re thinking more about the result than the how. But if we have an idea and we are convinced, obviously it’s possible. Results rule but the way to start winning is to do what you feel.

“It’s not easy to get results right away because it takes time but there is an improvement. I see a strong team, a united team and a competitive team. That is very important. It’s a shame that we don’t have the World Cup qualifiers or the Copa America. We have players of high quality to be able to play any way. After that, we have to figure out the best way to be a competitive team and to be very strong.

“We have to find a very strong structure. Not only for Leo (Messi) but also for the future, for what’s coming. It’s good that a solid base is forming and we can’t undo that. If we could help Leo and he could help us, things will be much better. We have to create a structure and from there, we can start to grow.”

He also spoke about his move to Ajax and his retirement:

“Coming to Ajax made me grow as a player. Not only as a professional but also in the way I see football, tactically and technically. One has to prepare to play in a team with such a defined identity. Because if you don’t, you don’t play. The main difference is the idea of the game. Here, almost every team tries to play with the ball on the ground. In Argentina, you see something different lately. A football that is more physical, of trying to go for the second ball. Also, aggressively speaking, it’s different. Here, the football is more peaceful, it’s calmer. In Argentina, a team that is more intense with a lot more pressure is difficult to play with. Not here, they let you play more.

“I’ll be 28 in August. It would be a beautiful moment to make a jump in Europe. This could become a short term goal. And long term wise, I’d want to stay in this continent until I retire. After that, I’ll see if I go back to Argentina or not. For now, there’s still a lot of time left. There are more defeats than victories. Last year, I felt very comfortable. I felt like we would go to every pitch and win, win, win, win. It got to the point of saying “this is a dream. I can’t be living this.” Now, I’m back to reality and I realized that it’s normal to lose.

The 27 year old spoke about wanting to become a coach:

“I spoke to Menotti’s son who has a coaching school and I signed up to find out if the courses could be done from afar. I want to have it all completed by the time I retire. When I retire, I want to be a coach. I like the tactical aspect of it, team management. I feel like I could be important in helping put something together. Today, I’m at Ajax with a very clear identity and way of playing. I try to always add things and I know that you can always keep growing and learning.”


  1. Musso – Montiel Foyth Quarta Tagliafico – Lo Celso Paredes De Paul – Messi Lautaro Ocumpas
    Sub: Dybala, Icardi, Palacios

  2. Palacios should be considered replacement for Lo celso,Paredes and De paul.He can play anywhere in midfield.Mac Allister should be replacement for Lo celso,Guido for Paredes.

    • You’re mixing apples and oranges.

      “Palacios should be considered replacement for Lo celso,Paredes and De paul.”

      Paredes isn’t the same category as De Paul and Lo Celso.

      “Mac Allister should be replacement for Lo celso,Guido for Paredes.”

      Lo Celso isnt the same profile as Guido and Paredes.

      • In Levekusen Palacios is playing in DM rolebut in River plate he was attcking midfielder so he can play anywhere.Mac Allister plays well when he is in left midfield role or in central midfield.Lo celso is something else now he is going to be best midfielder of current Argentina team

  3. It’s rumored that PSG want to swap Paredes for AC Milan’s Paqueta. He would have to agree to a pay cut in order for this to happen though.

    I hope this happens! More game time in a better suited league + De Paul is also wanted by Milan and it would be fantastic for them to regularly play together. Fingers crossed

    • Exactly man. I just want that our national team starters has to be the first choice players in their respective club. So that they will get enough minutes and experience that can be crucial for national team in big matches.

    • I truly doubt this rumor because A. Paqueta isn’t even starting for AC Milan anymore, he’s fallen out of favor recently especially with the arrival of Ben Nasser, and B. Paredes has gained a new wave of popularity with the PSG players (because of the way he nullfied Emer Can and because of his combative spirit) and the french media after the game against Dortmund, where many journalists are comparing him to Tiago Motta. If and when football does resume I suspect Paredes will be seeing more playing time even though I think he should leave ASAP.

      • still mamoun paredes might not yet be considered a regular because of gueye who is a real work horse in midfield and verratti who is both a work horse and the architect of this psg team for many years. besides the reason y paqueta is chased by psg is because of leonardo who is the sporting director of psg he is a brazilian and always tries to buy and develop brazilian players in whichever club he manages. paqueta was signed by milan when leonardo was the sporting director at milan so its natural

        • Oh no ani, don’t get me wrong, Paredes is nowhere near a regular, heck Marquinios, a CB, is ahead of him in the pecking order, that’s why I said he needs to leave ASAP but if he decides to stay, his performance against Dortmund is a cause for optimism.
          Oh yeah, good call on Paqueta, I forgot about the Leonardo connection.

    • Anywhere but not that sinking ship called ac milan and we dont know maybe paredes could become regular at psg but he should not be at ac milan that club doesn’t have any style nor a vision and they might lose their only top star Donnarumma by next season and not also transferred to man utd even that club will downgrade soon but maybe paredes could be usefull at inter or juventus or man city

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  5. He is a different player with Ajax. The main difference with the national team is that he has a winger in front of him at the club, with the national team, most of the time he plays with a inner left midfielder. That’s why I think De Paul should be used on the left, I think the pair De Paul-Tagliafico can unlcok their potential.

      • Why we are not considering papu Gomez in the national team. I know that we are going from generation change but that doesn’t mean that old players should be ignored. We have learn our lessons from our rivals like Brazil. Dani alves and thiago Silva are around 35 still they were in the starting eleven of every match in the recent copa. And guess who was the player of the tournament, 35 year old Dani alves. I think we should give a chance to papu Gomez and also to Di Maria. I know that Di Maria is not same player with national team but nobody can deny that he has still a lot to offer the national side. When argentina is not able to play creative, the whole team pass the ball to messi and depend on him that he will do his magic. I think papu Gomez can fill that void as he is very creative and can create chances for the team.

        • I am a huge fan of Papu, I think that’s exactly the kind of player that Messi need in the midfield. Di Maria I consider him more as a right playmaker but I think Messi need a hardworking player on his right like Ocampos or Buendia.

          • Agreed but Di Maria can be used as a super sub as his experience will be crucial. We can’t ignore the fact that on his days he can tore apart any teams defense line by his pin point crosses and long range goals. I agreed that messi needs a hard-working man who perform his defensive duties as well as win the ball at dangerous position.

      • That would be pretty stupid of Scaloni to “kick” one one the higher performing midfielders. Im pretty sure he has spot in starting 11 until someone else proves they are better.

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