Federico Fernandez comments on World Cup, Argentina team, coronavirus, more


Federico Fernandez gave an interview with Ole where he discussed the Argentina national team, the 2014 World Cup, Lionel Messi and the coronavirus.

Fernandez hasn’t played in a tournament for Argentina since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He didn’t take part in the final but was part of the entire World Cup qualifiers as well as the friendly matches which lead to the World Cup. Here’s what he had to say about it all:

“No doubt about it, my time with the Argentina national team with Sabella, during the entire World Cup qualifying process, was something exceptional. I enjoyed it a ton. A good team was formed leading into the World Cup. A new coach came in, with new ideas but it wasn’t to be.

“I played six years in the Premier League, I played everything. And the coaches watch everything, they’re aware. I have to play well with Newcastle. If I get a call, I have to be ready.

“I have never closed any door in regards to the Argentina national team and I don’t believe the coach shuts anyone out. The idea is always there but I am also aware that it’s a new period with young players. If I get a call, great.”

In regards to the 2014 World Cup final:

“I can’t go back and watch that match. In general, Argentina were better, had the better chances. Everything was pointing towards the match going to penalty kicks and they won from a play out of nothing and it ended in a goal. Football is like that. In the end it’s like that, nothing and we couldn’t…”

About Lionel Messi:

“He won so much with Barcelona and it’s just not happening with the Argentina national team. They are different scenarios, playing with the national team is also easier, it’s less games, the competition is different. Hopefully with the years he has left, he can fight and bring the Argentina national team to another final. He fights until the end. As a fan, it’s what one wants.”

Regarding the coronavirus:

“We don’t know what will happen, there’s nothing official. It changes from one week to another, it depends on the virus. When they told us that we would all have to stay home, we thought it would all be inder control in two weeks. Now, we will supposedly be in training for the 15th of April, but I doubt it. I doubt it will start in May, I think it will get extended until June and July.”


  1. 2014 World cup analysis

    – FF was there in the team. We played like a fantastic four going up to the WC with Messi, Dimaria, Higuain and Kun. We played the first 3 group games like that. FF was there.

    – Sabella quickly realized the problem that came from group stages. We were scoring. We scored 2,3 and 1 goals. But we were vulnerable at the back. We leaked goals or it looked easy to score against us. A dangerous tactics for knockout stages.

    – Sabella quickly adopted. He shored up the back. Added more bodies in defence. The whole line came down. Demichelis replaced FF. Number of shots on goal reduced to minimum. This also reduced our scoring options. Hence more 1-0s and tie breakers

    If you go back and read Mourinho’s analysis of Messi 2014, first thing he said – “I saw him sacrifice for the team”. He scored 4 goals in first 3 games. He was high up. He had to sacrifice and drop back. Far away from goal. The stat readers say, Messi cannot score in knockout stages. I point at Romero also to a certain extent. He had a great tiebreaker, without him we won’t be in the final but the coach had to adopt to stop shots on goal. Just try to remember how deep we were in knock out stages, compared to group games. Total plan B. That’s why we had to get Demichelis. Iran game was critical and eye opener for Sabella. FF had to go, Demichelis had to come in.

  2. I don’t know why he wasn’t selected in the last world cup when we were quite short of CB, instead of him. I think even as of now, he still has the level for the NT. Ideally pairing with a younger and fast central back.

  3. All time best Argentina 11 according to reputation and my knowledge..
    ……………..Ubaldo Fillol…………….
    ………….Fer. Redondo…..Simeone…….
    Messi…….Di Stefano……Maradona
    …………..Gabriel Batistuta………..

    • Ardiles and Kempes can not be out of your list if your point is reputation about national team.

      Redondo and Di stefano didn t offer so much to worth to be in all time best.

      so Ardiles and Kempes in and Redondo with Di stefano out.
      in my personal opinion only of course.

      • Redondo and Di stefano are selected based on reports by their contemporaries. Though they hadnt given much to national team, they had insane talent to overlook.(maybe I am biased towards Redondo)

        Everyone selects kempes as their striker in all time XI but is he really better than Batistuta? I mean Batigol have a better goal per game ratio than both ronaldos,neymar, messi….

        Ardiles is an attacking midfielder right? Thanks for your input.

        • about the talent you are right.
          but i am speaking about offer to national team.

          i will put in my opinion Kempes in place of Di stefano.
          i didn t say about Batigol.

          Ardiles was classic midfielder in his era.
          he had not only offensive abilities.

          in my opinion i put Ardiles in place of Redondo.
          without mean anything negetive about Redondo.

          huge talent playing in one strange period of time about Argentina.

          • You are right about their offer to national team, which was very minimal.
            Maybe Ardiles have better claim. I didnt know much about him other than he was part of 1978 WC winning team. To be honest the whole 1978 team is underated outside of Argentina, is it the same in Argentina?

            Other players such as Ruggeri, Sivori, Carrizo can also be contenders in all time XI.

          • no, in Argentina is not same.
            the reason that in the rest of the world the 1978 team don t have the recognition that deserve is because of Videla regime.

            from 1976 till 1983 we had dictatorship in Argentina.
            the majority of the rest of world accuse us that we steal in world cup. this is their way of view.

            in Argentina we have different way of view.
            anyway the truth is that Videla regime mostly steal from 1978 world class players we had the recognition and glory those legends deserve and not from somebody else ourside Argentina.

            in the rest of the world they like to not see the reality which is that from Videla regime who suffer and lose more than anyone is the Argentine people.

            anyway. long sad story.
            past but never forgotten.

  4. Was Fernandez got injured during world cup because he did mot play a single match after the Belgium match

  5. FF, once our twin tower under Sabella. Thanks for the contribution and dedication. Reaching the WC final is a great moment to be remember, winning it is another glory

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