Carlos Tevez says players, clubs should take pay cut due to coronavirus


Carlos Tevez has stated that football players should take a pay cut with everything going around with the coronavirus.

Tevez has come out and spoken about how a football player should have to take a pay cut and that the clubs have to help out the communities. Speaking to America TV in Argentina, here’s what he had to say:

“A footballer can live six months or a year without receiving [wages]. We are not in the same despair as those who live with kids every day, who have to leave their house at six in the morning and return at seven in the evening to feed the family. 

“We are not an example in this case; yes in other things. We have to be there and help. It is easy for me to speak from home, knowing that I have food for my children. 

“But desperate people, who cannot move and cannot leave the house. That is worrying.”

The Boca Juniors man says it’s not just the players but the clubs who have to do their part as well:

“The clubs have to get involved. Instead of going to train in the morning, they [should] demand that you do things for the people. For example, go to the dining rooms in La Boca. I would be delighted to go. I know that my family is fine.

“That’s where the great example begins. You can make videos, like me at home from my living room, but the great example would be that we all go out and help.”

“There are no shirts here. Social class does not matter. We all want to help. Hopefully the world will be more supportive. We are realising that we are all the same. Hopefully we grow as a society and tomorrow this has changed the world for good. This virus teaches us that. Hopefully it is for the good and that we are all one and come out of this together.”

Credit to Bein Sports for the translated quotes:


  1. Why nobody is talking Angel Correa ,he is in good form at Atletico . He is the best winger we have a workhorse who never stops running and always ready to help in defense. The match against Germany it was Scaloni’s fault to put him at different position not all players are comfortable playing out of positions.

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