Martin Demichelis comments on dream of 2014 World Cup, 2010 World Cup


Martin Demichelis spoke to Radio La Red where he discussed the 2014 and 2010 FIFA World Cup defeats.

Demichelis played in two of the biggest matches one could play in his career and was on the wrong end of the result both times. The first was the infamous 4-0 defeat to Germany at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the second was another loss to the Germans at the 2014 World Cup.

The former Manchester City and Bayern Munich man mentioned what he had in mind had the 2014 result gone the other way. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s going to hurt forever but there’s very little to reproach us with.

“In my head, I had imagined us leaving at dawn with the World Cup to Christ the Redeemer. It would have been an image for all eternity.”

He also revealed that he has yet to rewatch the Eorld Cup final but thay eventually he will:

“When my son Bastian will be older and he’ll understand football and ask me to watch it, I’ll sit and watch it with great pride.”

Asked abiut the 2010 World Cup quarter final defeat to Germany, here’s what he had to say:

“A few days ago I saw a summary of the game. I saw highlights ans I believe we were up to it in the match until the 65-70 minute mark with a lot of chances to draw level. After the 2-0, every time they passed the middle of the pitch, there was a feeling they would score.

“We started the match 1-0 down within two minytes. We were competing but the 4-0 remains and there are no excuses and it remains there to analyze in Argentine football. We were eliminated.”


  1. 1. If Higuain had buried the Kroos’s back header and given the earlier lead, that will be a massive blow for the Germans Psychologically.
    2. If Higuain had timed well for that Lavezzi cross and scored, we will be having a massive massive confidence.
    3. Incredible substitution of Lavezzi who was certainly man of the pitch in that first half and bring Aguero who was totally out of form in that whole tournament.
    4. Again incredible miss of Messi after a glorious pass from Biglia. How he can miss something like that in his game of his life ?
    5. Palacios failure to chest control that cross from Rojo.
    6. Bringing Gago who is also more out of form. Germans also felt that the game is heading for spot kicks. Even Ricky Alvarez had given some fresh legs or Augusto Fernandez might have given some protection in the right. At one stage we all felt something going to happen because of right flank especially after the introduction of Schrulle. Sabella headed more for a draw and penalty instead of killing the game. Same mistake made by Pekerman in 2006 (to go complacent with a single goal lead).
    7. Match was more even but Lavezzi gave more upper hand for us and we deserved more.

    huh..not sure how long we are going to feel the pain of that final..Angel di Maria..he may have played his match of his life..the most deciding factor of the loss..

    anyhow cheers Freddie Mercury say “I only look forward..never Queen..”

    happy blues..

  2. football is not mathematics.
    football is not fair sport. it is not winning always the best.
    that is one part of the magic of this sport.
    that is why this is the king of all sports.

    as about one provoke opinion that Csabalala post here i am forced to say this.
    i don t give a shit too then if Argentina was not better than Germans.
    i don t give a shit too if in your mathematics Argentina didn t deserve to win in 2014 final.

    just the Italian emploee of FIFA should have been fair and give the fucking penalty or the red card that even one blind could see to the German goalkeeper that almost could send Higuain to hospital AND AFTER you would be here today “crying” for Argentina win one world cup that the Germans “deserve”. NOT the Argentina fans here.

  3. Cox4 my friend, don’t apologise for remind me those sad stories, i remember them anyway, on the contrary, it feels good when i share such thoughts with someone whom i respect like you my friend. I don’t talk like this with everyone. You are right about 2002 too. I forgot to mention that.

    Csabalala, once again you are spreading bullshit! What are you trying to say that Germans were better than us in that final? It wasn’t only for Higuain’s and Messi’s misses. Palacio failed to convert two clear one to one chances and he blew them up both. Moreover, Higuain failed to handle the offside line before the pass and a goal that we scored was correctly disallowed due to a marginally offside. What did Germans do except their only chance that they converted?? It is laughable to claim that they were better, we clearly were the best side but unfortunately as the gentleman said below, we were too nervous to handle our chances better.
    Every team that played against us had a defencive approach. Netherlands that thrushed Spain with 5 goals and your Brazilian wonderkids with 3-0 fielded a 6-3-1 formation against us on the semis. Everyone was afraid of us including the Germans, while your Brazilian wonderkids became the laughing stoke worldwide by setting a new record of humiliation in the knockout stages and i am not talking only about the 7-1 but also about the fact that they conceeded a total of 10 goals in 2 consecutive games.

    Dfox, i have the same question about the referee of the 90 final, actually if i put all questions that i have which are similar to this one i will may need to write a book!

  4. Like whats going on in the world is not depressing enough …………………….

    and for the gentleman saying that the krauts were deserving of winning the 2014 WC, I say MY ASS.
    ARGENTINA in that WC went from having an average defense to impenetrable in just a matter of weeks and NOTHING was easy.

    They cried about Messi this and Messi that and the man delivered and all of a sudden it was all him and Nobody else and then blamed him for not scoring after that LOL, damn if you do and damn if you dont.
    All the talk about playing the scary Europeans and ARG knocked ’em out one after another, Swiss, the up and coming Belgians and their candyass coach and the powerhouse Dutch in a sensational PK shootout.

    1990, why the hell would a half Mexican-Uruguayan Ref. call a WC final when one of the teams playing is ARGENTINA?????!!!

  5. Why football is so unfair to Argentina? We were the better side in 2014 final but Germans converted their first real chance and we squandered our two easiest chances to become the world champion.

    • I wouldn’t say unfair, we are talking about a nation that won 2 world cups, 14 copas, 1 confederation cup (doesn’t count for much I know), 2 olympic golds and 6 U20 world cups! And lets not forget that this is also the nation that has been blessed with the likes of Diego, Lio and even Don Alfredo.
      Regarding the 2014 world cup loss, well Argentina and Germany were dead even but Higuain, Messi and Palacio let the team down with their awful misses so no excuses there sadly.

      • Awful misses? Argentina combined xG was 0,74 in that match, Germans 1,15 if i remember well, Higuain miss was huge but from a big german mistake, but Messi shot’s xG was maximum 0,1 (1/10) not even a real chance, only a marginal one, and even the best Messi would score from this from 1 out of 5 maximum).

        • Jesus christ balala, do you actually watch the actual matches or even read what you write? You honestly sound like a robot and if I didn’t know your style of answers I would say your post was written by a bot. Come on man, try watching the matches for a change.
          It doesn’t matter how Higuain’s chance came about, it was a GIANT MISS, almost laughable and Messi’s miss was HUGE and it came from a rare visionary pass from Biglia of all players, again please WATCH. THE. MATCH.
          And finally lets not forget Palacio’s shocker.
          As for Germany, they also had their chances (3 to be exact) but the best one came from a corner.
          As I said before it was a dead even match, but with their chances Argentina could’ve had that match done and dusted by the first half.

          • You are talking nonsense bullshits, xG is not your emotional wishful thinking from your dream world, but rational. You dont say how big a chance was (not cause you are another asian footballididiot from a quasi amateur football medium and understanding), xG can, so stop be a crying child.

          • LOL! Honest to god your posts are like comedy hour, the footballing version of SNL. Calm down Balala, do one of those relaxation exercises they teach pregnant women…. BREATH!
            Watch actual football, infact just go and watch the game’s highlights online and look at that Messi chance or the palacios chance and stop acting like a troll just for the sake of being troll.

  6. That German 2014 and Spain 2010 were deserving winner and unbeatable squad depth, France 2018 wasn’t deserving

    • Oh please. We had better chances. We had more possession. But just didn’t hold our nerves in the clinical movement that cost the world cup. Messi has scored 8 goals out of ten from that angle but didn’t able to replicate that in the final which is normal. Huguine and palacio I have no words for them. Can you show one clear cut goal scoring chance that Germans had in the final other than the goal moment? There were none man. So please stop telling that we didn’t deserve that world cup. We were the most deserving team in final. At least appreciate that we reached to the finals and note that no other South American team has reached in the finals of last 4 world cups other than argentina.

      • Let compare 2014 world cup final
        Manuel Neuer >>> Sergio Romero
        Philipp Lahm (c) >>> Pablo Zabaleta
        Jérôme Boateng >>> Martín Demichelis
        Mats Hummels >>>Ezequiel Garay
        Benedikt Höwedes = Marcos Rojo
        Christoph Kramer <> Enzo Pérez
        Thomas Müller <>> Lucas Biglia
        Mesut Özil >>> Ezequiel Lavezzi
        Miroslav Klos <<< Gonzalo Higuaín
        Final Score: Germany 1-0 Argentina, Position: Germany 60%-40% Argentina
        So 7 vs 3 and Germany was deserving winner on paper even before the match. Even the start of the tournament Germany came as outright favorite with no European team won on south american soil was obstacle

  7. Indeed Cox4 my friend. For me wc 2014 and 1990 finals as well as 1994 world cup were very sad to remember. Although we had many problems in wc 90 with so many players coming from injuries, although we had our legend Caniggia out from the final and Germans played better, Argentina proved to be to tough to go down despite that they blackmailed as to go and lose before the game and they needed to invent a fake penalty and award two red cards to us in order to ensure Germans the victory.

    1994 wc was another story, we had a great team but they had planned long time before the world cup the way to jeopardize our chances.

    2014 wc final was the saddest from all for me. We were better than them but they just converted their chance. We were so close. I haven’t rewatched that final and i don’t think that i ever will.

    • the 1990 final mark my life as child as i can t explain with words my friemd.
      i cry so much that day.i couldn t handle my sadness and if my father and my uncle wasn t there i could have done something bad to myself. i was small and not used to this kind of sadness.
      plus it hurt me most of all the way they make us lose. not the lose itself.

      i can never forget that day. i avoid to was sure one of worse days in my life.
      from there passed years my friend. i am grow up man and i have see so many things that anymore i can handle every sadness.

      in 2014 i was different. i didn t cry. yes i get sad as i can t explain but after the game i was sad but full of proud for the team and for everybody. i was feeling proud and grateful about what i lived that period.
      i had my head up.

      the last time i cry for the national team was in 1994 during the game against Nigeria.
      i sit to watch that game by knowing that it was the last time in my life that i will see Diego Maradona playing for Argentina.
      Diego was my childhood hero. i couldn t imagine how will be Argentina without Diego.
      But as i said i was child. life continue. for everybody and everything and never stop.

      so the years passed and anymore i pass the sadness quicker and easyer.
      anyway as you already know my friend if you support Argentina the sadness is and will be ALWAYS more than the happieness.

      this is Argentina. this was Argentina and i have no doubt that it will be forever like this.

      My last time i was so sad that it take me long time to get over it ,it was after the game against Sweden in 2002. the reason was i was seeing Batistuta crying in field and i knew that was the last time i was seeing Batistuta play for the national team.

      forgive me for the long writting my friend. i don t like to remind you sad memories just i wanted to share my personal experiences with you.

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