FIFA extend age limit for next year’s Olympic games


FIFA have altered the rules for next year’s Olympic games which can see 24 year olds compete.

With the Olympics postponed until next year, FIFA has agreed to extend the age limit from 23 to 24, allowing players which would normally have beel selected this year to take part again next year.

The football tournament will kick off before July 23, 2021 which is when the actual games in Tokyo would begin. Countries will still be allowed to select three over-age players.


  1. Hey Romance King, Germany were not even the biggest favourite in WC14, here are your odds….France-Germany 2,78—2,78, Brazil-Germany 2,64—2,97…

    • I wasn’ttalking about odds head to head, I’m taking about pre release tournament favorite where Germany was ahead of the rest. Before France match maybe Germany wasn’t hyped because they struggled to beat Algeria in 16 but they peckd at the right moment.

  2. Romance KING are you take drugs man?
    are you serious or you just troll us?

    the odds of bookmakers before world cup you say as excuse to the nonsense you writting?
    Argentina was not contender after Maradona era till Messi arrive?
    Argentina in 2002 wasn t favorite?

    how old are you? 15?

    1. or you troll us
    2. or you take drugs
    3. or the carantine so many days make your head soup and you lost your memory.

    i can t find other excuse.

      • i didn t know that.
        ok i stop here. i leave him.
        you are right.

        as about 2014 subject yes it is very sad true that lost but personally i feei so proud about that team in 2014.
        i watch almost every day video of our games or with moments of that world cup.
        about final i have watch some times all game but i have never see extra time since then.
        i watch always the 90 minutes.

      • I’m not a kid, I’m 1999 born 18+ and 20 year old adult. I love Wanda very much, she is my crush 😍

    • Brazil was more favorite than Argentina irrespective of qulifier, France was expected to retain title.

      • kid just to learn because you are not old enough to remember anything from 2002 world cup.
        Argentina and France in that world cup was the top favorites before it begins.
        that was the reason that the world shocked BIG back then after the first round exit of both teams.

        Argentina was on fire before world cup.
        we finished 1st in the South america qualification FAR WAY from second.
        ARGENTINA finished with 43 POINTS and Brasil 3rd with 30 POINTS.

        • OK, but Brazil didnt play with Ronaldinho-Ronaldo-Rivaldo trio together on qualifiers, Ronaldo was injured all long, but still was the world best striker, sky high, Rivaldo a fantastic footballer and big game player and Ronaldinho the next big thing, 3 Ballon Dor winners together…brutal, plus the world best left back Carlos, one of the best right back with Zanetti Cafu, good centre backs and well played midfielders Gilberto Silva or even Kleberson (average footballer btw, but played good).

        • I searched it…Ronaldo played in zero match on qualifiers and scored 8 on WC…Ronaldinho only in 305 minutes overall…only Rivaldo missed two matches, but scored 8 goals alone, and Rivaldo with Ronaldinho and Ronaldo like Messi with peak Iniesta and peak Xavi, but with much more firepower, Iniesta and Xavi were brilliant creators but average scorers, unlike this trio.

  3. @romance king what are u even talking about?……Germany and argentina were equal on the paper sheet.
    We lost that match due to our inability to take our chances at the crucial moments.
    And we definitely missed di maria’s creativity, he would hv exploited the space given by german full backs and more importantly he is a big match player.

    • Dimaria absence was big blow but I am taking about both team playing 11 apart from Messi Higuain no player makes into Germany playing 11 (Dimaria unavailable) and there midfield kroos, ozil, Swinstiger totally dominated with 60% position, not forget Lamh playing like a beast with muller excellent form. Even match gone to try backer Neuer beat Argentina, that Germany team was unbeatable which team raped Brazil on their home soli and they were also favorite. Losing final against Germany was big achievement but Germany were deserving winner I always admit. Same spain in 2010 though Nederland could have win within 90 min.

  4. I like the debate on the world cup 2014. For those who think Germany deserved to win because they had the possession or better players on the paper, I can guarantee that if Argentina scored 2 goals before the 1st half, it would have been a total different match. I think we were ready for attack in corners with those tall players in defense, Higuain and Lavezzi did decent job as well on pressing to cause the opponents’ mistakes, the only thing is missing is a fast striker for counter attack. We had Claudio Lopez and Caniggia in the past, this kind of players is very precious for the teams that play defensive football. But well, that was not something we can control if we don’t have. Overall, I am very proud of this team for their efforts.

    • If roben scored Goal then Spain best team can’t win 2010 worldcup but these things happen and tournament favorite Germany won

  5. Mascherano should have been used as center back by Argrntina because he does not provide creativity in midfield but Mascherano was very acute in sensing the danger that is why he gave anus hurting tackle to Arjen Robben at the nick of time.Mascherano was defender not a Defensive midfielder that is why i respect Guardiola he knows his players well

    • True, Mascherano in midfield lacks creativity still against Germany strong midfield somehow I support but against chile Argentina faced same issue both copa final should have finished before 120 min and Argentina was capable to beat Chile unlike Germany where Argentina had 10% chance of wining on paper, Germany had 90% chance. After comparing both team playing 11 if messi wasn’t in 11 Argentina also destroyed like 7-1 that Germany team was the best ever I have seen in football, in Spain 2010 I was 11 year old

        • Germany era was ended with wining 2014 just like Indian cricket team golden era with 2011 world cup. It’s very easy to show after math results but before 2014 specially 2012-14 Germany was unbeatable

  6. if one team ON PAPER look better than one other team then this team DESERVE to win !!!

    this is one of the most idiotic things i ever read in this forum from April of 2018 that i begin visit this forum.
    i enter it sure to the top 10 of nonsenses inside here.

      • Exactly Canadianroyal! I would also add 94 wc roaster too with Maradona, Batistuta, Caniggia, Balbo, Redondo, Simeone, Ruggeri, Sensini, Chamot, especially our attack. Just to remind that the attacking duo of Batistuta and Caniggia was creating havoc to the opponents of two consecutive copa americas 91 and 93.
        This debate doesn’t really go Argentina’s doubters way as we constantly had exceptional roasters from 1994 up to 2014.

      • Argentina in 2002 wasn’t favorite, just look at odds before the tournament, It was France Brazil and Germany ahead of Argentina. 2002 Brazil team was kafu, rivaldo, ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka where Argentina had finished Batigol along with simione. In 2006 Argentina team was better Brazil still pre world cup odds Germany, Italy, France ahead of Argentina. Admit it or not Argentina wasn’t consider even contender post Maradona era to arrival of messi. Look at Italy team in 2006 vs Argentina and compare their playing 11(messi benched)

        • Germany was a super shit team, with full of trash footballers, a bad joke, but didnt played against one normal side except the final…Italy and Spain would beat them easily, but Fifa cheated them out of the WC.

    • Abbondanzieri < Buffoon
      Ayala < Fabio Cannavaro , Coloccini < Marco Materazzi
      Heinze = Fabio Grosso
      Maxi <Mauro Camoranesi
      Gonzalez < Gennaro Gattuso
      Riquelme < Andrea Pirlo Mascherano < Simone Perrotta
      Crespo < Francesco Totti
      Tevez < Alessandro Del Piero

      • Bad postion comparisions bro, you dont even know where these players played…Crespo CF> Luca Toni CF>Gilardino CF, Gattuso DM=Mascherano DM, Messi>>>>>>>Del Piero and Totti combined (only one, mostly Totti played together), Riquelme and Pirlo even not the same position, but another draw, and Ayala>Materazzi, Sorin>Grosso ofc (one tournament wonder, average footballer).

        • Messi was invincible in 2006 should be counted, Del Piero was in last best year but Italy team 2006 was better than Argentina on paper and odds too Italy ahead of Argentina

  7. Romance, Argentina had only Messi and Mascherano?? They also had Higuain and Aguero, two of the best strikers in the world and both much better than any German striker, they had Lavezzi a speedster and world class forward as well as the best player of the final who created havoc to the German defenders, two of the best defenders of the tournament, Garay and Rojo, a world class fullback zabaleta, a regular and key player of manchester city and of course Di Maria who was injured, arguably the best player in the world in his position at that time. All the above are total of 9 players out of 11 and if you take out the injuref Di Maria 8 out of 11 so things are not really as you are saying. Argentina had cleared chances for goal with Higuain, Messi, two with Palacio and one goal from Higuain that was correctly disallowed due to a marginal offside because Higuain should have waited a little bit more before
    he reveived the pass in order to avoid the offside. Germans on the other hand, apart from the goal they hit the post once. Chances for goals were clearly by our own side, now if you want to change reality and write things the way you want, do so i don’t really care anyway. And if you want to compare teams on paper, you should also compare Argentina to Germany in 2006 wc when we lost in their home soil in the penalty shoot out and tell me if Germany was the deserving team or not.

    • I’m taking about playing 11 just compare Argentina with Germany, on paper Germany was favorite and they won. Similarly for Spain vs Nederland in 2010 and favorite Spain won, Nederland could have won too just like Argentina but both Germany and Spain was outright favorite before the world cup so by wining the tournament isn’t surprising at all. Yes not everytime favorite won just like Grece in 2004 Euro instead of England or Portugal in 2016 Euro instead of Germany. Next EURO France outright favorite but Nederland can win it too, but when favorite team won that’s well deserved

  8. For three overage players for olympics the following three players hopefully are considered and the below mentioned players can also contribute in 2022 WC
    2)Walter Benitez(GK)
    3)Jonathan Silva(LB)

    • Loyalty for country and club is different, Zeneeti was the one who brought Lautaro, in Argentina there isn’t talent how can he favours country betraying club. Zeneeti tried for palacios earlier now trying for musso don’t ask more please

  9. Right now Argentina is missing a winger so for thst Montiel would be good once he starts playimg for Argentina then we can have someone who will penetrate opposition defenders.I think we need our fullback to turned into winger during the game.But to become winger speed is needed most.

    • Montiel would be an excellent addition but since he’d be likely going with and starting for senior team in copa I doubt he’ll even be in the olympics, unless River allows him to do both and I doubt that.

      As for the winger position, I think Buendia would be a no brainer as one of the 3 overage ones (Benitez with either Papu or Icardi would be the other 2).

  10. Let compare 2014 world cup final
    Manuel Neuer >>> Sergio Romero
    Philipp Lahm (c) >>> Pablo Zabaleta
    Jérôme Boateng >>> Martín Demichelis
    Mats Hummels >>>Ezequiel Garay
    Benedikt Höwedes = Marcos Rojo
    Christoph Kramer <<>> Enzo Pérez
    Thomas Müller <<>>> Lucas Biglia
    Mesut Özil >>> Ezequiel Lavezzi
    Miroslav Klos <<< Gonzalo Higuaín
    Final Score: Germany 1-0 Argentina, Position: Germany 60%-40% Argentina
    So 7 vs 3 and Germany was deserving winner on paper even before the match. Even the start of the tournament Germany came as outright favorite with no European team won on south american soil was obstacle

    • It doesn’t mean anything.

      WC 1966 England scores the goal in extra time that never been
      WC 1978 Holland hits the post in extra time when the score was 1-1
      WC 1990 Germany scores penalty on 86′ minute that never been
      Euro 2000 France equalises on 90+3 minute
      WC 2006 Zidane’s missing 100% chance in extra time & sent off after provoking
      WC 2010 On 82′ minute Spain could get red card (Puyol) or Robben could score
      WC 2014 Higuain CANT EVEN SHOOT ON GOAL in 100% chance. 2 years ago M. Ballotelli was exactly in the same position on Euro 2012..
      Euro 2016 France hits the post in additional time when the score was 0-0

      In one single game everything’s possible. Specially when both teams are equal.

      • Greece euro 2004 and Portugal 2016 was upset, Germany 2014, Spain 2010 world cup, Euro 2008,10 was deserving one. Yes upsets can happen but on paper Germany was much stronger than Argentina, look at their midfield swinstiger, kroos, ozil vs biglia Mascherano enzo Perez, Argentina can’t win in penalty against Neuer too, Germany was completely deserving in 2014

        • Neuer should had been send off with red card first of all.
          second what is showing inside FIELD count NOT ON PAPER.

          football is not played ON PAPER.

          for you Germans deserve to win. not for me or others here.
          this is your PERSONAL OPINION.

          AND LAST i remember before world cup of 2018 in one of your posts you said that in 2014 world cup you supported Germany and you change to Argentina after.

          you are free of course to support whatever you want. this place is free for everybody. i like that thing.
          just the only reason i am mention that now is that we was in oposite sides back in 2014 so it is logic you defend the Germans.

        • In Euro 2004, France was by far the best team on paper for this Euro but in the quarter finals Greece played better and was the deserved winning side. I was in the army back then (army in Greece is compulsory for a specific amount of time) and i watched the game live on tv, i couldn’t go and watch live my beloved Argentina in Athens which won the gold medal though.

          Maybe Germany’s midfield was better than ours in 2014 wc but our attack was unmatched and don’t forget that we were missing Di Maria too. Our defence was even with theirs, for me Hummels was not better than Garray who was one of the best defenders of the tournament and the same goes for Rojo as well, Zabaleta was a monster and the same goes for Mascherano too, so on paper things are not as you are saying.

          Besides, if you want us to talk for teams on paper, just go back in 2006, 2002, 1998 and 1994, check out how strong our teams used to be.

          • Yes football played on the field not paper. Portugal was underdog beat France in Euro final because Griezmann missed easy goal scoring opportunity. Same happened with Argentina when higuain missed, On pepper Germany far superior and deserving winner, if Argentina converted chances then it will be disappointment for Germany failed to beat Argentina with lamh, Neuer, Hamuels, boteang, kroos, ozil, swinstiger, khedira, muller, klose. Argentina only had messi and Mascherano where di maria injured. Germany dominated 60% with position

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