Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord wants to make Argentina Olympic team


Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord has stated that he wants to make the Argentina Olympic team.

Senesi was not part of the Argentina team which qualified for the Olympics as his club Feyenoord did not allow him to participate. Speaking in an interview with Ole, Senesi had this to say:

“One dreams of being in the national team and at any tournament. If God wants, I’ll be at the Olympics. And why not, maybe even the senior national team. Not being part of the team which qualified for the Olympics didn’t affect me. There was a very good group and the club didn’t let me participate because the league was going on. Allowing me to go was not an obligation.”



  1. Some of my dream move in next transfer window which will be better for our national team
    1 Facundo cambeses to Ajax as replacement of onana
    2 juan musso to inter
    3 Walter benitaz to Milan
    4 buendia to sevilla
    5 gaich to inter
    6 lautaro to barca
    7 montiel to Valencia
    8 Ortega to sevilla
    9 fausta Vera to any mid club in serie a
    10 almendra to napaoli

  2. Acuna should be discarded he does not have speed,possession skill or consistecy.Only because he is good crosser he should not be in the team.We need a fast and ohysical substitute for Tagliafico

  3. Argentina needs to find a better substitue for Tagliafico because Acuna is not good enough.How Acuna played during the game vs Brazil in Copa he was always loosing the ball and could not control the left side area and there was no danger coming from left side of field so Acuna should not be in the squad anymore. Tagliafico suffers against fast wingers Tagliafico is good in group defending but when any fast winger penetrates the defence Tagliafico can be seen easily outpaced or he goona commit foul on them just like he did to Gabriel Jesus in Copa 2020.Renzo Sarvia is good choice over Foyth who always looks like walking danger specially when he has the ball and tries to dribble opponent otherwise he is good.Foyth is good in one vs one situation.His speed is good to nullify any fast winger but his acrobatics with the ball causes harm to his own team he needs to be good handler of the ball in his own half

    • Lisandro martinez(can play as CB but his height is short for that role in NT or DM(decent for this role) or LB(decent for this role)) of ajax or Jonathan silva of leganes fc can be good substitutes for tagliafico and in case of saravia let him prove himself for one more season and foyth only needs more game time to improve himself and instead of renzo saravia maybe cristian romero of genoa fc could be tried as RB because he can play both as a CB or RB and can be good choice in starting 11 or as a substitute to foyth and maybe even gonzalo montiel could be tried instead of saravia as a RB

      • We should not use make-shift player in Right back position unless player is damn good.Sarvia brings balance to the team.Sarvia and Montiel are good to be in the squad.Foyth needs time to develop.Lisandro Martinez no for right now.

        • Renzo saravia performed brilliantly in a friendly against brazil but his performance was not that good in copa 19 due to which he was replaced by foyth who was like a makeshift RB and performed decently so who knows maybe cristian romero could also flourish in rb position but I hope foyth can be continued to be used as rb or maybe montiel but hopefully not saravia and i would like senesi,C romero,balerdi and perez to be given more chances as CB rather than otamendi and what is the problem with lisandro martinez and jonathan silva as lb for NT both of them are regulars in their clubs and could be decent backups for tagliafico.

    • Lolol Acuna is one of our most essential players. He plays great in midfield next to paredes and de Paul. Hustles to get the ball back and covers tagliafico when he moves forward and on top of that he can sub for tagliafico when needed. He’s good as lcm lb and LW. I highly suggest you actually watch him play before you criticize him. He is ESSENTAL.

      • I watchex whole match against of Argentina against Brazil in Copa and i found Acuna weak link.Watch the game and see how many time Acuna gave away the ball because of his stupidity and how many times he could not control the ball.One or two flashes of good play in 90 minute is not good enough to be a startung player.Acuna can mot use his right foot,therevhe is dead

    • come on the only reason Brazil won that game was because the ref was bought. It’s made even more obvious now that we have VAR and the ref refuses to use it when it benifits Brazil.

      • Against Germany Acuna was good because he had a ton of space before him just prior to cross the ball.Under tight space he always ends up as a looser.Consistency matters even if any below average playe is given regular chances he also goona have one or two good matches.We need talented and dedicated players.Acuna A BIG NO

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