Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero praises Paulo Dybala


Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero has come out and praised Paulo Dybala.

The Argentina man has been linked with a move away from the club but Del Piero believes that Dybala is the right man for the team. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia, here’s what Del Piero had to say:

“Dybala has already worn the captain’s armband a few times and if that happened, it’s because at Juventus they consider him to be worthy of it.

“Considering what I know of him, his performances on the field and off, I think that Paulo has matured in recent months. The best show of that was how he dealt with what happened over the summer, his reaction emblematic of how much he has grown.

“We knew he was someone who loves to work and today I feel he has become a complete player.”


  1. Dybala have to build his confidence and deserved better chance by coach.
    ” Unfortunately he is under the shadow of CR-7 at Juve and Messi in the N/T “.

    However, he will be the legend for both teams once he explore and play his full potential

  2. Dybala is an amazing player. Juventus should had treared him better and built around him than Ronaldo instead whose career is at the begining of the end.

    I know that we have an abudance of wealth in terms of attack, but a player whom i really wanted and i still want to play for us is Avila. A special player, really sad for his injury, i hope he returns back to his class.

  3. Yes in recent month Dybla has become very mature and that was fast this is the character a player should have.Dybla and Lo celso has shown it.Foyth also needs to show it.Dybla and Aguero would be best pair.But i can also go with Aguero and Lautaro Martinez.

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