Hernan Crespo: “Lautaro Martinez could be the next Sergio Aguero”


Hernan Crespo was full of praise when speaking about Lautaro Martinez, comparing him to the great Sergio Aguero.

One of the best strikers of his generation, Hernan Crespo scored goals everywhere he went. Be it with the Argentina national team, Chelsea, Parma, AC Milan, Inter or River Plate, he knew how to score. Speaking in an interview with Sky Sport Italy, here’s what he had to say when asked about current Argentina and Inter striker Lautaro Martinez: 

“Lautaro could be the next Kun Aguero. We know about Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dybala but we are getting to see what Lautaro Martinez can do.

“Maybe he’s not as good of a dribbler but he is more of a team player than Aguero, who at times disconnects. Lautaro always participates, he could play alone or with another striker like he’s doing now with Lukaku or even in a trident.”


  1. I would prefer to let Lautoro be another Mario Kempes, score when in need not when comfortable only !

    Lets assume that Crespo message to Scaloni, give more chance to Lautaro instead of Kun, The next striker #9 is Lautoro, Kun is done

  2. I think Crespo is right. Lautaro is a bit like young Kun, maybe not as skilled as him but has shown more Argentine garra than Aguero and seems more hungry and determined overall.

  3. Why Scaloni not testing Buendia still..??

    ” Buendia vs. All Other Players in European Top 5 Leagues:

    Total Dribbles: 92 (5th)
    Assists: 7 (t-17th)
    Key Passes: 73 (2nd) ”

    • For those who have seen him playing this season should agree that he deserves totally his place in the national team, in additional to the stats you just mentioned, he made intensive defensive efforts continuously, always fighting and always in good positions to defend, also need to highlight his capacity of keeping the ball. He’s not just a winger but a great right midfielder. I believe that he can even be a great right fullback.

    • He plays right winger (attacker) or left winger (attacker) in 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1…definitely not a midfielder, where could he play with us without goals in the attacking 3?

      • “Definitely not a midfielder”………..!!
        Just have more information on him. Hes one of the best midfieder we have. He has all the quality to be a good AM\SM\CM.

  4. No, Lautaro will not be the next Aguero, too different playing style even in a similar position and Aguero’s touch of ball is unique. Few strikers have this quality. Lautaro is much more closer to Tevez or mix between Salas(for older fan they may know) and the young Suarez. Technique, agile and play with lot of energy. Unlike Aguero, he seems to be comfortable in all kind of formation and playing style. He can pair with Messi in a 442, or with another striker in a 4312 or even in a 433 as he is quite good in the air and can hold the ball by himself.

    • “Unlike Aguero, he seems to be comfortable in all kind of formation and playing style.”
      The exact opposite is true, Aguero can play as second striker (Atetico), centre forward (Manchester City) or LFW like in Sabella’s 4-3-3 on WCQ’s, Lautaro only position is centre forward and he is not versatile neither, in Inter Lukaku steps back, makes the dirty job, the build ups, Lautaro plays in pure centre forward position just like with Argentina, on Copa Aguero sacrifised himself while Lautaro played CF, who is a pure centre forward with great killer instict but limitations to play in other attacking positions.

      • I didn’t compare Aguero and Lautaro on their versatility, but on the formation and playing style. Aguero is much more oriented to the possession football and prefer to play with 2 wingers in 433. He is better when he is alone at the front. On the other hand, Lautaro can play in a very defensive team with only long ball throwing at him.

    • Why? Because of Guardiola? Lautaro is better off staying with Inter than going to to Man City atm. Remember that they are banned from Champions League for 2 seasons and unless the ban for some reason gets lifted, we can expect Guardiola and several big names leaving the club.

      I really don’t see a reason why Lautaro would choose any other club than Barcelona. He has admitted that it has been a lifelong dream playing alongside Messi. They have already proved to be great together with NT. Now Messi is personally admiring him and asking him to join, and Barcelona have marked him as their optimal long term #9 for the future and offer €10M per year. He can also learn a ton from Suarez before he leaves. For Argentina NT it would be fantastic, and surely they must understand this too with Copa and WC coming up.

      This transfer should simply be a no-brainer for Lautaro. Why join any other team?

      • even in EPL no5 and no6 leading team fans don’t believe Man City 2 year Champion league ban, realistically it’s impossible. In a worst case scenario 1 year UCL ban maximum. Barca is famous for destroying players, Countinho, Griezmaan, Dembele etc, Barca could be risky for Lautaro. On other hand Man City have best squad in Europe, competing with Aguero makes sense in Man City then Suarez, Giezmaan in barca. Pep can develop Lautaro to Lewandoshki even Aguero developed much under pep in late 30. Lautaro isn’t finished product yet therefore developing under Pep as a 2nd fiddle is good at man city than Barca behind suarez who is known for destroying players. Look I would be very happy if lautaro go to barca but if Man City moves on the pipeline Lautaro must chose City.

        • Surely Guardiola could develop Lautaro into something spectacular, but we don’t know how long he will stay with Man City. He has already coached them for 4 years.

          I wouldn’t say Barca is a club that “destroys” players, but under the current board, they have made some questionable decisions when it comes to profiling and positioning of players.
          Coutinho and Griezmann have been played on the left wing, when they are actually CAM/SS. Dembele is a winger, but flopped due to endless injuries and being a profile misfit to Barcas’s style/system.
          Lautaro would replace Suarez as the CF of the team and not play out of position like the other recent Barca failures, so I wouldn’t say it’s a risky move for him.

          • Lautaro is an unnecessary purchase for Barca. They have 2 world class CF, Suarez and Griezmann. Unless Griezmaan is sold, Barca will screw his career, like they did with Coutinho, Carles alena, todibo and many. Suarez played for barca for a year, it won’t be easy for lautaro to replace in barca better go to man city and develope under Pep competing with Aguero. No Doubt, lautaro will be the successor of Aguero both in man city as well as Argentina.

  5. Lautaro has a release clause of €111 million which will activate during the first two weeks of July. Outside of this period, he can not sign for other clubs.

    How will this be affected by the Coronavirus situation? Will the release clause period be moved to after the season is finished or will the dates stick and he could leave before the season is finished?

  6. Man City eyeing Lautaro as Aguero successor as Jesus isn’t the level to carry Man City after Aguero. Considering Lautaro next destination between Barca and Man City, Lautaro must chose City under Pep and it will make him best in the world. Inter happily agree with the deal replacing lautaro wirh jesus. Lautaro is described next aguero that’s why chelsea also desperately want to catch him as chelsea failed to sign aguero earlier.

    • You people will need to change your words.
      Gaich is not a finished product. But he has sll the quality to be the next Big Argentine striker in -2-3 years time.
      Many had doubt on Lautaro also. See where he is now. In 2 years..Lautaro became one of the most valued striker.
      So give Gaich another 2-3 years. We will see where he is.

      I really want him turning into world class as soon as possible. He is different from all other options.

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