Hernan Crespo talks about playing in World Cups with Argentina, Olympics


Hernan Crespo gave an interview with Fox Sports where he discussed not winning a World Cup, the Olympics and more.

A veteran of three World Cups with Argentina, Crespo is one of the all time leading scorers for his country. Playing for the top clubs in football, he is now a manager but did discuss the World Cups he participated in. Here’s what he had to say:

“We know the final results. It costs me to watch the three World Cups I played in. I didn’t acheieve the goal I always dreamed about which was being world champion. There are still some things I can’t watch because you have to see the pain.”

Crespo also spoke about his former coach Marcelo Bielsa:

“With Bielsa, we had a great time. Maybe it was difficult to laugh because of the relationship he had with players. Sometimes we realized he had a weakness for Killy, there were some things and we laugh a lot.”

He also commented on winning silver with Argentina at the 1996 Olympics.

“At the time, I had the idea that finishing in second spot just wasn’t worth it. But I matured over time and it seened outrageous. Today, I’m extremely proud of the medal.”


  1. Romance

    Hey kiddo, without being sarcastic towards you, because i have seen you saying way too many absurd things about old Argentina rosters as well as its players, i wont get you wrong since as you have stated you are barely 20 years old but how on earth you had a clue about 2002 Argentina national team and Crespo who remained at the big stage up to 2007? You were 2 and 7 years old respectivelly!

    This “overrated” player as per your claims, was one of the best 9s ever played the game! Who cares about Chelsea especially when Crespo was at his career downfall at that time, although he wasn’t a flop for them by any means, he played very well for them and scored quite many goals for the time he played.

    Why don’t you ask Parma, Lazio, Inter, AC Milan fans, were serie a back then was by far the best league?

    Crespo was a wonder at his early days in River Plate, just check his goals and his contribution to River’s copa libertadores win in the final.

    Parma back then, was an amazing team! Do you even know the players that were playing for them back then?? We are talking about young Buffon and Nesta, and many other big names that i don’t remember now and Crespo was their best player.

    The same goes about Lazio which at that time they had the best team of their history, an UEFA title winner and a serie a title contender. Check Lazio’s roster at that time and you will understand.

    Do you even remember, you were at about 6 years old back then, the great AC Milan in 2005, with players such as Shevcenko, Kaka, Maldini, Nesta, Dida, Gatuso, Serginho and many others and Crespo’s outstandind performance in 2005 champions league final against Liverpool?

    Do you even know that the player whom you are calling “overrated” used to hold the record of the most expensive transfer ever when he was at his peak?? That means that the biggest clubs back then had different opinion than you.

    Let me give you an advice dude. The team that you are supporting and i am talking about Argentina, has arguably the biggest legacy in football and when it comes to legendary players, therefore you should better search and learn more about it and then you will understand.


    • I am 20+ and 90’s kids. I have never seen Ac Milan fan praising Crepso, no top club fan remember him shows his worth. Immobile atleast won golden boot for Lazio for which he will be remembered but Crepso??? No Club career record he holds reason don’t consider club legend. Higuain, Aguero, Icardi all have/had club records like golden boot etc. Milto is Inter legend. Crepso scored useless goals for Argentina and accepted like Argentina legends where outside noone even remember his name. At least Aguero won Olympic for Argentina which even overrated crepso can’t.

  2. Crepso is overrated in Argentina only, outside noone knows him. D Milto had better club career than flop crepso.

      • Ask any Chelsea or EPL fan, mid table sere A successful club career never make anyone best, D milto is inter legend

        • Well, I’ve nothing against El Principe, but Crespo was more complete as a striker. He was a kind of rolling stone when it came to switching between the clubs and the leagues. And Lazio has never been a mid table club, may be you’re judging them by where you find them at the end of the season these days. Milito is a club legend, Crespo means a lot more to the international football…

          • International career wise Crepso successful agreed but no top club fans remember his name that’s why I told overrated. Outside Argentina noone knows Crepso, not a single record for him in club career which will be remembered. On other hand Milto is hugely successful in club level though not much good like crepso. I told crepso overrated because messi in 2006 was better than crepso even in 2007 still He was the target man which ultimately cost Argentina two tiles.

    • this statement sure enter in the top 10 of nonsense i have ever read in this forum since i first enter here in May of 2018 !!!

      every time i say to myself what i read is idioric and impossible to beat but always coming something new that put the bar even higher !!!

      i wonder who can beat this one !!!

  3. A complete striker ! Playing for 3 WC with Arg Jersey itself says a lot. Although the result also means something to the fans. Disappointed ? No, football is full of fun… Wish ‘el Valdanito’ good luck on his coach career

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